The Cabin Trip Ch. 1

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The cabin was warm and dry, thanks to fire place. The snow was lazily falling on the wilderness outside the walls of the cabin. Gently ticking against the picture window, building up on the porch. My wife, I, and our girlfriend / slave had just arrived & were beginning to make ourselves at home, taking drinks, then sitting on the couch, the slave on the bear skin rug at our feet, looking out to the wilderness beyond. (My wife after hitting her sexual prime, about 8 months ago had really entered a state of all out sex, we then took on a friend of hers about 3 months later, who my wife & I had fantasized about on many occasions before her awakening.).

This was going to be a nice slow pleasant weekend of relaxation & pleasure. In my wife’s words: “This is a weekend that we will fiend new pleasures & extremes, that will regenerate us for the coming days.” Later I would find out what she meant by this comment. I had thought that we already had found her extreme, by having a girlfriend, & to finally find the pleasures of anal sex. I couldn’t think of anything more that she would do.

After a few minutes the slave decided it was time to start. She was looking forward to this weekend, & couldn’t wait any longer. (She has very little patience). Looking up to us she ask in her sultry voice, “Masters is there anything I can do for you”

My wife answered by telling her to get the toy bag from the bedroom & bring it to her. She then looked at me, “Our slave is impatient, we will have to teach her how good things come to those who wait.”

I just simply nodded & grinned, as the slave returned with the medium sized duffel bag. My wife took it from her, told her to undress, to turn around, & to get on all fours sticking her ass in the air. She them removed a semi large butt plug from the bag, one that I have not seen before, & after applying a generous amount of lube, pressed it to the slaves unprepared ass opening, which of course didn’t even allow the tip to enter. Now usually my wife is easy going, soft & sensitive, but to my dismay she immediately slapped the slave, hard on the ass, who responded with a yelp & a quick look back. That’s when I noticed the wicked smile on her face & knew she was going to enjoy this weekend no matter what we did.

Then my wife said, “We haven’t even been here an hour, & you already have displeased the masters with your impatience. For that you will be punished, severely. Now relax your ass & take your punishment.” With a great deal of concentration, & a lot of force from my wife. The plug slowly began to enter her ass. The slave started to squeal, “god it’s to big, please wait a little”. But my wife didn’t ease up at all. The plug continued bursa eskort to enter. Sweat started to appear on the slaves fore head, & I noticed moisture beginning to appear at her pussy lips. You could tell by the look on her face she was both hating & loving what was happening. After an exhausting minute it was finally in & locked into position. My wife then slapped her again on the ass, hitting her ass & the plug at the same time, in return receiving a moan from the slave. “How does that feel slave, do you like that in your ass?”

“Yes master” she said through clinched teeth, as she tried to get accustomed to it. “I feel so full.”

“Good now I am going to fuck you”, as she reached into the bag & pulled out her strap-on, “while you suck my husbands dick. You will know what full is by the time we are done.”

My wife was in control, calling the shots, so I decided to relax & enjoy it. My day will be tomorrow. So I started to undress as the slave turned towards me & my wife knelt behind her. The dong connected to the strap-on was not particularly large but because her ass was so full, her pussy was extra tight as my wife pressed the dong into her moistened pussy. The slave was having a hard time taking it in & tried to squirm & move away from the intruder. But my wife put one hand on her hip & the other took the plug & wiggled it. “Stop your moving orhangazi escort or I’ll slam this dong into you hard & fast, then I will start fucking you with this plug at the same time. Your ass will be so loose by the time I’m done I’ll be able to fist fuck it.” God my wife was being a real bitch. The slave & I were loving every minute of it.

The dong was soon fully into her sopping wet pussy, then my wife started fucking the slave with long, slow, deep strokes, with ever-increasing speed & force. Each time she shoved into her, my wife would bang against the plug driving it in as well. The slave tried to squeal but with a mouthful of dick she was having her problems. She was deep throating my raging hard cock. This is one thing the slave did better then my wife, sucking dick. She seemed to be addicted to it.

She loved it all, deep throating, swallowing, facials, everything. She just loved having a dick & then sperm in, on, or around her mouth. With my wife still pumping away, the slave was soon cumming hard. She couldn’t help herself, & with that I soon blew my load deep down her throat. Sensing that the slave had cum, my wife stopped fucking her, but instead of pulling the dong out she just simply disconnected it from the harness & left it in the slave. “Now leave those in you, you will need to be really loose for later.” My wife said as the slave settled onto her side, trying to catch her breath as she came down from her orgasm. My wife then looked at me, smiling, she reached into the bag again & pulled out another plug, identical to the one she used on the slave. “Master I have also been very bad. Please punish me.”

To Be Continued…

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