A Day at the Beach

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I stood there on the deck, the binoculars to my eyes, slowly scanning along the beach. It had become a daily ritual that I could not explain.

I had rented the beach house for the summer. It sat on a corner of a quiet, secluded beach; simply a place for me to regroup. I saw the binoculars on the shelf by the sliding glass door that led to the deck on the morning of my arrival.

I had unpacked my belongings and was carrying a few things to the deck when they caught my eye again. I set the box outside the door and picked them up. I had never held a pair of binoculars before, I only knew what I had seen on television and in the movies. I held them to my eyes, pointing them to the lighthouse at the end of the beach. I saw only a blurry outline.

“Broken,” I thought. I turned to replace them on the shelf when I noticed the knurled lever between the lens tubes. I tentatively pushed it one way, then the other. A focusing lever.

I turned back towards the lighthouse bringing the lenses to my eyes again. Again the blurry outline appeared. But as I pushed the lever to the left it slowly came into focus. Standing on the deck, I spent nearly half an hour looking through them, watching gulls diving at the water, the wind blowing the rushes on the dunes, and ships on the horizon.

I returned the glasses to the shelf and set up the stand for my laptop near one of the deck chairs. I returned a few minutes later with the small computer, set it up and began to write.

It was late morning three days later that I saw her. A movement in my periphery caught my attention. It was the first person I had seen since I had arrived. Standing, I raised the binoculars to my eyes again. I watched as she danced on tiptoes quickly down the dune and scampered across the cool wet sand to the water’s edge. Not hardened and muscular, but slender, with soft curves and just a hint of jiggle. Short blonde hair bounced in the breeze with every step. A sheen of sunlight reflected off the light film of sweat and played across her tanned skin. But it was the tattoo that intrigued me. An intricate vine with flowers that grew from her ankle up her leg, past her hip, around her back and into the hem of her small bikini top. The triangles of thin black fabric covered small round breasts that fit well with her slim waist and the full globes of her nearly bare buttocks.

She was carrying a kapok raft and a thin stack of papers. Tossing the raft on the water, she arranged herself on it and pushed out from the beach, the stack of papers on her belly as she backstroked away from shore. At about a hundred yards out she shook the water off her right hand, picked up the sheaf of papers and began to read. Her left hand continued to slowly stroke the water, turning her in lazy circles on the surface, stopping only to change pages.

I was aroused to say the least and even more so when I saw her nipples poking up under her wet bikini. I stood frozen, watching, mesmerized by the sight of her.

The phone rang. I hesitated. It rang again. Reluctantly I put down the glasses and turned to the phone, answered it and was drawn away.

My client, asking a dozen questions about formats and fonts, yadda, yadda. But once started, he couldn’t seem to stop. When I hung up I picked up the binocs and did a quick scan with my eyes. Not on the water. I turned just in time to see her crest the dune from which she came and disappear over it. I’m sure the disappointment was obvious on my face.

Writing technical handbooks is boring, even more so than reading them. While I have been known to pound out pages non-stop for hours, I’m easily distracted from it. In the next three hours I managed to finish only a single paragraph. Thoughts of her beautiful form floating calmly on the water pervaded my consciousness to no end. I studied the images in my mind, noting the curves, the way she moved, her serene smile as she read.

I was lost. Unable to focus I shut down the laptop and put it away. I showered, dressed and went out for an early dinner.

Sitting alone, my thoughts again wandered to the beautiful woman on the beach. I had two choices, forget her, or meet her. Being a guy that really only left one choice.

Later I kicked off my shoes and went for a walk on the beach. Sitting atop a dune, I watched the sun sink into the sea. Listening to the sounds of the night I lingered for a while longer before calling it a night.

Early the next morning, I was back at work, pounding out pages. The beautiful blonde from the previous day had the courtesy to stay out of my thoughts for that long anyway. I finished another section by lunch and sat eating a sandwich when she appeared again.

I quickly traded the sandwich for the binocs as once again she danced quickly down the dune. She was halfway to the water when she stopped on the sand, hung her head for a moment, then turned and once again disappeared over the dune.

I was beginning to lose my mind. I had seen her only once before https://bursali.org and yet here I was disappointed that I didn’t have the opportunity to secretly stare at her from a distance. Was I just lonely or desperate for company? No, it had to be more than that. I would have noticed her in a crowd, I’m sure. And she looked like someone I would want to know even if the beach were full. Was it love? Hell, I don’t even know her name and had never spoken to her. Love? Lust is more likely but it’s a good start. I shook my head, chuckling to myself. I must be losing it.

I worked longer on the manual, chasing the woman from my head on a constant basis, but making decent progress. I scanned the beach occasionally hoping she would return. She did not. I had dinner in and again walked on the beach before watching the sunset.

In the morning I woke with an erection. A pleasant surprise as that had not happened in years. Perhaps the blonde beauty was invading my dreams as well. Or perhaps it was my sub-conscious trying to tell me that I have been taking work too seriously and it was time to come out of my shell.

I showered, dressed in old jeans and a loose pullover, fixed a pot of coffee and a light breakfast. Looking at the laptop, I somehow couldn’t bring myself to turn it on. Instead, I took the steps down to the beach and had an early stroll. The light fog and slight chill in the air was refreshing. I returned to my work an hour later with a clear head and pounded out another section before noon.

I went inside for another cup of coffee and on returning I saw her again. She was already at the water’s edge, wearing that black bikini that hid little. I grabbed the glasses again. I watched as she bent to place the raft on the water, pulled it out from the beach until she was in a little over a foot of water then, carefully, placed one foot on the end of the raft, sat and pulled her other leg on. Lying down she again placed a thin sheaf of papers on her belly and stoked out a good distance from shore.

I stood in quiet awe, unable to look away. I was mesmerized by the graceful motion of the muscles in her arms and shoulders; drawn deeper into the hypnosis seeing her nipples perk up as the cool water found them.

I was too deep in the scene to even notice my own erection until I found myself absently pressing it against the deck railing. Looking down I noticed there was already a small wet spot on the front of my jeans. My heart was pounding, my breath slow and deep. What the hell was happening to me? I didn’t matter. It felt good, so it couldn’t be all bad.

My gaze returned to the water. She was drifting closer to shore though she was no longer turning the lazy circles. Her left hand lightly rubbed up and down her belly. I could see by the rise and fall of her chest noting that her breathing was deep and slow as well. She quickly changed pages, her left hand falling back to her belly just below her breasts. But it didn’t slide downwards again. Instead it slowly crept to her right breast, cupping it briefly, lightly rubbing it. Her fingers played over the erect nipple rolling it back and forth then pinching it firmly. Her lips parted as she took in a deep breath.

I couldn’t help but notice that I did as well. I also found my left hand somewhere unexpected, rubbing my stiff cock through the front of my jeans. There was a nagging voice in my head that said I shouldn’t be watching her. There was another voice telling the first to shut up.

Her hand slid slowly across her chest and slipped just under the cloth that covered her left breast. I could see it circling, the nipple standing tall and proud, jutting between her fingers. She gasped visibly, her head rolling back momentarily before returning her eyes to the thin wet papers in her hand. Her left hand fell slowly across her tummy again, reaching toward the valley between her legs.

She was close to shore now and my attention was suddenly drawn away. She was not alone. Another woman was standing at the water’s edge, watching her as intently as I. A tall brunette, her hair was pulled back casually behind her ears showing a very pretty face. She was darkly tanned and voluptuous. Her breasts were full, round, firm and threatening to overflow the cups of her own bikini top. A well-rounded butt topped long shapely legs that were spread slightly, her toes wiggling in the wet sand.

The raft had bumped against the sand near the beach, the sensual beauty on it seemingly unaware. Her hand rubbed at her pussy through her bikini bottom then slithered inside it. Her back arched slightly at first, then more so as her fingers rubbed at the aroused flesh under them. Her head began to slowly roll from side to side. She tucked the papers under her ass, soaking them. She pulled her feet back a little spreading her thighs, allowing better access to her pussy. A tremor rippled through her as her hand worked faster inside her bikini.

The brunette moved closer, pulling her sunglasses bursa escort kız down her nose and watching over the top of them. My hand grew noticeably warm from the friction against the rough denim. Throwing caution to the light breeze, I shucked them. Reaching into my shorts, I stroked my cock, answering its call for attention. A few drops of my own juice wetted the head allowing it to slide easily in my hand.

The blonde writhed on her raft now, her hips bucking as her orgasm encompassed her. A few more quick thrusts of her hand, a little shudder and she slumped back. The brunette’s shadow slid over her face. She slowly rolled her head back searching for the source. I could see them talking, the blonde raising her hand and offering it to the other woman.

Even at this distance I could see her blush. I almost spilled my load right then.

The two women talked and laughed for a moment, the brunette taking a seat on the sand, the blonde rolling onto her belly closer to the woman. Seeing the globes of her curved ass lit by the sun spurred me on. The blonde reached beneath her, retrieving the wet rumpled pages she had been reading and offered them up. The brunette carefully peeled them apart, rearranged them and began to read.

The blonde kicked playfully at the water while watching her friends face. I noticed that she was studying more than just her face. I also noticed that I was not alone in my admiration of the luscious butt in the black bikini. After a few minutes the brunette put down the papers and more words were exchanged. Then the unexpected happened. The brunette leaned down and kissed the blonde full on the lips. This was not the peck a friend would give another. There was passion there. The blonde rolled to her side returning the kiss with equal vigor.

My heart sank. It was just my luck that I would fall for a woman who was already in love, and with another woman at that. And yet, I still could not take my eyes off of them. Nor could I seem to stop stroking my erection.

The brunette leaned closer as the blonde’s slender fingers combed her hair back. She lifted her leg just enough to straddle the blondes left thigh. My jaw dropped as the blonde began to rock her hips again rubbing her pussy against the dark woman’s thigh. The brunette reached into the black bikini top teasing at the nipple that quickly stood at her touch. She moved the cloth aside laying bare the breast once hidden there. The erect pink nipple, damp from the wet suit rolled under the playful fingers like a puppy starved for attention. It was another minute before I realized I had stopped breathing. I consciously took a breath.

The blonde reached her fingers inside the other woman’s bikini, and yanked it down, exposing smoothly shaved skin. Her fingers explored tentatively at first then more aggressively. The dark haired woman countered in like fashion. The blonde rolled pushing her companion down on the wet sand, kissing at her neck and breasts. An almost audible gasp escaped the darker woman in response to the slick tongue across her skin. My legs began to shake in response to it all.

The blonde slid lower, licking and kissing down past the brunette’s belly button pausing only long enough to play teasingly at the ring she found there. And then her face disappeared between the woman’s thighs. The brunette’s mouth was agape, her eyes, hidden by the dark glasses, were no doubt closed tightly. Her head rolled on a blanket of dark hair as the blonde played tongue and fingers inside her. I could just make out the motion of the blonde’s free hand playing in her own sex her hips rose and fell. The brunette’s undulations became erratic as she neared her climax. And I reached mine. My hips thrust forward uncontrollably as my own hot cum spurted over the railing to land on the sand below.

When my eyes refocused the women were lying together on the sand, kissing between softly spoken words. I suddenly felt embarrassed and ashamed. I went back inside, took a cool shower and dressed in fresh clothes. I poured myself a stiff drink and returned to the deck. The women were gone.

I spent several hours pacing back and forth, inside, outside, searching the beach from time to time. I wanted to sort out what I saw and what I felt, but my mind was a swirl of images and emotions. Unable to make heads or tails of it all, I gave up. I got in the car and took a drive. It was hours later when I pulled into the driveway again, with no idea where I’d been and no closer to sorting things out than when I left.

I stepped inside, looked around and decided I didn’t want to be there. I walked quickly to the deck. Staring at the laptop for a long moment, I knew work was out of the question. Sleep was probably the best idea but I was too wound up to close my eyes and terrified of what I might see if I did. I kicked off my shoes and socks, walked down to the beach and stood at the waters edge, staring out at the water. After some time bursa anal yapan escort I turned and started walking toward the lighthouse. I was halfway there when a voice behind me called out.

“Repeat! NO!”

I could hear the sound of four paws beating the sand, they were close behind me. I turned just in time to see a large white blur, in mid leap, coming directly at my face. The force of the dog’s impact knocked me to the ground. I threw my arms up instinctively to protect my face, but it took only a moment to realize I was in no danger other than being suffocated by a large wet tongue. My eyes were closed against the slobbery onslaught, but my ears could not help hearing the voice above me.

“Oh, my god, I am so sorry.” She said quickly, trying to pull the dog off me. “She’s never done that before. She’s a good protector but she has never run off after someone like that. Are you alright?”

I chuckled, getting back to my feet and brushing myself off. “I’m fine. She didn’t bite me, just a lot of slobber I…” Looking up I saw who I was speaking to. The blonde.

“She licked you? No bites? Are you sure?”

“Ummm… yeah… pretty sure.” I stammered still brushing sand and dog slobber from my face. I laughed, “No harm done.” I reached a hand out to the dog, she jumped startling me for a second but I kept my hand still. The dog licked at my hand as I scratched under her chin.

“Well, I don’t know what to say. I… I’m glad you’re alright. I’m just surprised. The way she took off I would have sworn she meant to kill you. She’s never done that before but she has always been protective and growls at strange people. I’m Rita.” She offered her hand, I took it.

Firmly but lightly I shook once and let go quickly.

“Are you sure you’re ok?”

“Yes. Fine. I… I’m Greg. I’m staying in the beach house down there.” I pointed, she didn’t even glance back.

“I know.” She smiled and I relaxed a little. “I saw you move in. Of course, I was alerted by the nice old lady that lives across the street.” Her smile crept a little closer to her ears. My tension eased considerably.

“Did she?” A hint of sarcasm attached itself to the question. But I could feel the warmth of my blush.

She also blushed, “She’s a little nosey, but harmless. I live in the…”

“I know.” I interrupted, “The nice old lady mentioned you too.”

The blush turned to red embarrassment for a moment before fading back to the blush, “She didn’t! Why that woman…”

“No. She didn’t.” I laughed. “But I didn’t want you to feel left out.”

Her face turned a darker red again and her hand covered her mouth, her index finger under her nose as she laughed quietly.

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Actually I saw you on the beach.”

“Fair is fair and I suppose I deserved it.” She stopped dead for a second a shocked expression crossed her face. “You saw me on the beach? When?”

Now her face was blood red. But I had spilled the beans and it was too late to save them. “I saw you day before yesterday on your float reading out on the water… And then again this afternoon.”

“You… What did you see? Did you…”

“See you with your… friend? Yes. I did.”

There was a long pause as she studied my face. “And?”

Another long pause as I studied her. I decided good, bad or ugly, it was best to come clean. “And… you are both incredibly beautiful women. I’m sorry, I couldn’t stop. I found a pair of binoculars on the shelf by the door when I moved in. I was just looking at the landscape when you went out the other day. When I saw you I couldn’t take my eyes off you. I watched you paddle out and read for a while but then my client called with a hundred questions and when I came back you were gone. But I couldn’t seem to get you out of my head. I had planned to come down and introduce myself at the next opportunity. I saw you again today but you were already paddling out, so I waited hoping to catch you when you came back in.”

Her gaze was no less intense and I knew I was about to be slapped.

“You watched the whole time?”

“Yes. But I admit as much as it aroused me, I felt embarrassed and ashamed of myself at the same time. I honestly don’t know what came over me. In fact I’ve spent the rest of the day trying to sort it out up until now.”

“And have you?”

“No. Not really. Not at all, actually.” My head dropped, “Look, I… I know you probably think I’m a complete degenerate pervert and probably psycho to boot. I’ll just go now and I promise you I won’t bother you anymore.”

I stepped past her and started down the beach towards home. I began to think maybe it was best if I just canceled the lease, packed and found another beach far away to finish the project. I had walked less than fifty yards when, again I heard the pounding of multiple feet on the sand.

“Wait!” she called out.

I stopped, unsure if I should turn around or just keep walking.

“Stop! Please!”

I turned. She and her dog were running towards me. She stopped again directly in front of me.

“Repeat, sit! Stay.” The dog sat. It’s tongue lolling out of its mouth. “Don’t go. Please. Look, it’s partly my fault… Mostly…my fault you were watching. I should have had a little more discretion…”

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