A Cottage Caper Ch. 04

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They enjoy watching each other outdoors.

If you are offended by affection between men in a loving MMF threesome – then this story is probably not for you.


We didn’t wake again until the morning mists burnt off, and bright shafts of sunlight streamed in through the bedroom windows.

We got up sexually satiated – and even a little sore: but very pleasurably so. Buttocks, thighs, and back felt as though we’d worked out far too long the day before.

Nudity was the order of the day. Not a stitch of clothing was put on as we cooked up a large, late breakfast, and the smell of bacon dispelled the faint, musky odor of sex that had permeated throughout the cottage.

At one point I used the bathroom, and while there, I noticed a prescription of tadalafil (Cialis) on one of the shelves beside the mirror.

Ah, so! I thought to myself, remembering my brief episode of erectile dysfunction the evening before. Perhaps that’s how Mike’s cock got so hard – and how he managed to keep it up that long. I made a mental note to contact my own physician when I got home.

Throughout the day, we were totally comfortable with each other’s nakedness, occasionally brushing against each other – reaching out to caress a half erect cock, breast, pussy or butt: along with frequent random hugs and kisses amongst the three of us.

After breakfast, we went down to the beach. All of us that is, except for the kitty-cat, Sam, who elected to remain in the safety and comfort of his basket on the window-seat, warmed by the sun.

Mike and Angela each put on knee-length terry towel robes. I was told to leave my swim trunks where they were: packed in my suitcase! Instead, Angela gave me a large, multicolored beach towel which I doubled over and wrapped around my middle.

We found a sun umbrella and packed a couple of baskets with additional beach towels, suntan oil, snacks, drinks, washcloths and books to lounge away the day in Adirondack chairs down on the beach, or at times out on the end of the dock which was located over the rocks, off to one side of the beach.

Once we got to the beach both Angela and Mike casually loosened the belt of their robes letting them fall open just as they would, and I elected to use my towel more as something to sit upon than a wrap around my waist. We sunbathed nude for a while but mostly sat around chatting or reading. We were perfectly comfortable in our nudity. I was fascinated to watch the subtle changes in their genitals with shifts of posture – and mood. And I’m sure that my own pudenda were studied as much as I did theirs.

At one point, Angela and I sat beside each other at the end of the dock dangling our feet in the water, with Mike about shoulder deep facing us at the end of the dock. I reached over to play with Angela’s pubes: swirling them through my fingers.

“You seem fascinated with my bush,” she said, spreading her thighs a little more for me.

“Indeed, I am,” I answered. “I just love the way the glossy hairs sparkle with coppery-red tints in the sun, and the crisp, springy feel of your pubic hair in my fingers – that is, when not all matted down with jizz or pussy-juice. Your bush is so very thick, Angela. It so perfectly screens your lady-parts: which only adds to your natural feminine mystique.”

She smiled and responded by gently stroking along the length of my flaccid cock with tips of her fingers.

“And you seem fascinated with my cock,” I said.

“Oh … Yes,” she sighed. “Yes, I admit it. So very much like Mike’s, and yet . . . so different too.” And she went on to elaborate in some erotic detail.

Then, out of the blue, she asked: “Are you always so cheesy Tony?” Obviously alluding to the smudge of cock-cheese (smegma) she’d found under the rim of my cock’s head the evening before.

“Not always,” I replied, “only when I’ve not had sex in a very long while; or perversely, when I’ve had way more than usual. It’s one extreme or the other, I guess.”

“You taste delicious,” she said with a dreamy expression. Referring, I supposed, to my cock-cheese.

“You know, I’ve often wondered about that . . .” I mused. “They say that there are tiny glands just under the rim which produce a protective secretion for the sensitive skin around and under the foreskin. I bet that those glands also produce male pheromones.”

“Hmmm, you could be right, there,” said Mike. “I noticed how much the taste of your cock seemed to hype Angela’s arousal last evening.”

“Oh, don’t be silly!” muttered Angela, blushing a little at the suggestion.

“It’s true,” I contended. “After all, pheromones are extremely powerful in many ways – including enhancing sexual arousal. Many animals, such as cats and horses, are unable to even get an erection if their ability to sense female pheromones becomes impaired. If that little nub just behind the front teeth of a stallion (called the vomeronasal organ) is damaged or scarred görükle escort by an ill-fitting bridle he is effectively unable to breed – because he can’t get an erection – not even with human manual stimulation. That nub is also why animals such as horses, cats, and many others, roll up their upper lip with such a goofy expression (called flehmen) whenever they smell a female in heat. You see, that sexual grimace exposes her pheromones to a sensor on the roof of the mouth.”

“And, related to that, I’d even be willing to bet,” I said, warming to the topic, “sexual pheromones might be one of the reasons we humans have pubic hair: to hold secretions loaded with pheromones, then act like a perfume-wick sending them out to a potential mate.”

“Which in Angela’s case would be sending out one heck of a heady dose,” chuckled Mike, obviously referring to the size and density of Angela’s briar patch.

As we chatted, I took a tuft of Angela’s pubic curls and tugged on it gently.

“Oh-h-h-h, I love that,” she purred, spreading her legs a little, and her response made my cock bob up in arousal.

“Down boy, down. We can’t play here: all exposed out on the end of the dock. Whatever would the neighbors think?” She said with a giggle. And gave my cock a playful slap. But that only made me even harder: my boner rising between spreading legs.

“In you go to cool off!” said Angela. She reached around behind me, and literally pulled us both into the lake.

When we surfaced, she turned to me, put her arms around my neck, and gave me a tongue flashing passionate kiss. Underwater my tumescent cock bobbed against her mons. But she only kept her legs closed until my erection began to subside in the chilly water.

Mike came over for a three-way hug. As he did so, I reached between us and gently pinched one of his nipples which hardened almost instantly. Then I switched to his other nipple, which induced him to move in a little closer. He’d not shaved that morning, I loved the coarse rasp of his beard on my cheek and hunger in his kiss that followed.

Perhaps because she felt left out, or perhaps just for fun, without any warning, Angela grasped my flank and tickled me. I all but doubled over in response. She had just discovered one of my greatest weaknesses: I am incredibly ticklish. So, to fight fire with fire, I lunged back at her and tickled her right back. Her response was even greater than mine had been. I was thrilled to discover that she is equally ticklish, perhaps even more so. Amidst laughter, and as much splashing as shoulder deep water would allow Angela and I spared off in a ticking match that lasted several minutes. Apparently, Mike is hardly ticklish at all, so acted as moderator of the game.

Eventually out of breath, Angela climbed up the simple wooden ladder attached to the end of the dock, leaving Mike and me in the water. She gathered up a couple of large, thick towels, She spread one out at the end of the dock and rolled the other up as a pillow. Then she lay on her back with her feet towards us. As we watched, she spread her legs and began to rub her pussy.

“Hey, no fair!” I playfully chided her. “You pulled me into the lake claiming a neighbor might catch me with an erection, now here you are blatantly masturbating. What the heck? What if a neighbor sees YOU?”

“The essential difference,” she countered, “is the fact that I have two guys to keep a look-out for me!” It was a slim excuse at the best of times, but we played along with her.

“So, turn around and keep watch for me, while I relieve a little pent up horniness.” She commanded us.

Which we dutifully did – for all of about three seconds. Her lookouts preferred to be looking in.

When we turned back to her, Angela had her head back and eyes closed, feet together but knees up and spread giving us an eye-level view of what she was doing. Her mound was cupped in the palm of her hand and her long fingers were laid flat slightly spread over her pussy. Pressing down she swirled her entire pussy and mound in large lazy circles. As she did so first one side of her pussy then the other formed brief deep creases as though smiling at us. As we watched her outer labia slowly swelled, flushed and flattened out. And as they did so, dark red ruffles of her inner labia poked out which she gently trapped and squeezed between extended fingers. With her other hand, she pinched and pulled, rolled and teased one nipple after the other.

She must have sensed that we were watching her. She opened her eyes and raised up on an elbow, still vigorously rubbing her pussy.

“So, boys, like what you see?” She asked rhetorically spreading her legs a little further. Deepening dimples and a blush in her cheeks confirmed that she was enjoying us enjoying watching her.

“Hell, YEAH, Babe . . .” Mike replied for both of us with a catch in his voice.

“And I just bet that you’re getting off being watched?” he added.

“Uh-huh bursa sınırsız escort bayan . . . ‘sexciting” she said with a sparkle in her eyes. She bit her lip, then laid back again, rubbing her pussy with more urgency.

After a while, she slipped one, then two fingers into her vagina, thrusting in and out. Soon she abandoned her nipples as she focused on her pussy with both hands. She rocked and rolled, and thrust her pelvis high up off the towel which exposed her winking anus to our gaze. Before long she cried out in orgasmic release. Her thighs shivered and jerked in spasm several times before she closed her legs, and slowly her breathing returned to normal.

At that point, Mike could take it no longer. He climbed out onto the dock and went over to Angela. The long stint in chilly water had so shrunken his cock so that it appeared to have contracted right into his belly. It was only half of its normal resting size and stuck out horizontally. His generous foreskin was all scrunched up and extended a full inch beyond the head of his cock. His scrotum was all wrinkled and empty because his balls had drawn up tight into his groin. At that moment, his manhood looked more like that of a little boy.

Angela reached out to him, and with warm, loving hands transformed his cock from its baby-like shrunken state to a tumescent, magnificent erection. Amazingly, his cock more than doubled in size. The rate of change was quite remarkable and very exciting to watch.

She sucked him and stroked him for a while before saying:

“Now fuck me, Mike. I want to feel you in me. And I’m sure that Tony would like to watch us.”

“Wouldn’t you, Tony?” she asked, looking directly at me.

“Oh, yes . . . please. . .” was all I could utter in my state of extreme arousal, yet with a cock in about the same state as Mike’s had been earlier, an erection held back by the chilly water of the lake.

Fascinated, I watched as Mike got into position between Angela’s thighs. He kept his knees apart so that I had a clear view of their genitals. He held his body up on extended arms so that Angela could reach down between them to grasp the shaft of his cock and guide its head into the slick opening of her vagina.

Then Mike slowly thrust into her. As he did so, Angela’s whole pussy seemed to retract as though grasping and sucking him in. He paused a moment then slowly pulled back. The vellum around the opening of her vagina clung to his shaft and rolled out with him, a bit like the cuff of a sleeve, sliding down the length of his shaft. Then he thrust back into her once again. Each subsequent thrust went in deeper, and with each out-stroke, her pussy evaginated ever a little more as though trying to hold him back within her.

“I love you, Mike. Now FUCK me.” Angela commanded in a quiet, but urgent voice.

At first, his strokes were slow and rhymical, in almost perfect sync with the upward rolling of her hips and wordless cries of passion.

“I love you too, Babe,” Mike grunted, then between strokes said:

“You – getting this – Tony? – Are you – enjoying – watching us?”

“Absolutely, Mike,” I responded with emphasis. “More than you can imagine, more than words could describe.”

He thrust into her again and again with gathering vigor and urgency, His balls slapped against the smooth firm tissue between her vagina and anus with every stroke. Soon wet squishing sounds from her pussy added to the clapping of his spanking scrotum – in concert with her whimpers and cries of pleasure. After a while, a scant white foam appeared at their point of juncture lightly coating her inner labia and formed a gathering ring around the base of his cock.

Watching them was more exhilarating than I could ever have imagined, especially from my eye-level perspective. I was in seventh heaven as I stroked my cock, even though the best it could achieve was a half-mast erection thanks to the chill in the water.

Mike reached orgasm with a crescendo. With his last stroke, he plunged full depth into her. Pulsing contractions were clearly visible at the base of his cock as spurt after spurt of his cream flooded the depths of her vagina.

When the moment passed, Mike withdrew, stood up, and then knelt beside her shoulder offering her his messy, glistening, softening cock to suck on. Which she did, greedily cleaning him up.

Then Angela reached down to her pussy. She placed a hand on either side and spread her labia wide. Her vagina was still stretched so gaped about three fingers wide. I had clear a view right up into her dark recesses beyond the opening.

“Watch this, Tony,” she said. Then she contracted the muscles of her pelvic floor. Her pussy and anus drew back into her, and her vaginal opening all but closed. Through her pregnancies, Angela had obviously learned to do pelvic floor (Kegel) exercises very well: and just as obviously, continued to do them bursa otele gelen escort bayan frequently.

She relaxed then contacted again. This time a pearly white blob of jizz the size of the end of my thumb oozed through her vaginal opening, flowed down over the smooth skin below her pussy, and began to disperse into the winking folds of her anus. Angela caught the blob with her fingertips and smeared it into the pubic hair over her mound. Then she replaced her hands on either side of her pussy, spreading wide open, and bore down again. This time a smaller trickle of white goo flowed from her vagina, which she also caught and smeared over her mound as before. Her third contraction produced only very little, so she inserted a finger deep into her pussy and scooped back out along the floor of her vagina. She drew out a pea-sized glob of jizz on a fingernail, which she held up for Mike to suck on. That was Mike’s signal to move in between her legs and lick her clean.

Once done, Mike moved aside. As he did so, Angela straightened her knees and closed her legs. Her rosy-red outer labia plumped up to close over inner pussy lips which disappeared deep below, and thus her perfect, naked cameltoe was gloriously evident once more, peeking out through the moist curls of a generous, glistening pubic bush.

“Now Tony, it’s your turn,” Angela said. “And it’s Mike’s turn to watch YOU cum. But this time I want you to come between my breasts.”

Mike dragged over an Adirondack chair and sat back to watch us. I climbed out of the lake and, at Angela’s suggestion, straddled her chest. In no time, Angela worked her magic on my rather limp cock as she had done for Mike. She stroked my stiffening shaft and sucked its head until my cock filled out and arched upward in growing arousal.

She had Mike rub coconut oil all over and between her breasts then placed my cock into her cleavage. She pushed her breasts together around my cock and I began to thrust up and down the shallow valley between them. However, I kept popping out. Which was really not a bad thing at all, because each time I popped out she caught the head of my cock between her lips and lashed its underside with her tongue, relentlessly driving me ever closer to orgasm.

Even though Mike was in still refractory recharge, he was obviously aroused watching us. His cock came up to half-mast, and he casually stroked himself while he watched us.

After a while, Angela suggested that I turn around the other way to face her pussy. As I did so, she pushed against my back urging me to lean forward. Then she spread my butt cheeks, lifted her head, and began to rim me. It felt wet and wonderful. While continuing her assault on my anus with lips and tongue, she extended an arm between us down to her pussy and resumed masturbating once again.

“Stroke yourself, Tony. Make yourself cum on her tits like she wants you to,” Mike encouraged me. I was only too happy to oblige.

Perhaps Angel’s neck was getting tired, or perhaps she just decided to kick things up a notch. Because she stopped licking my ass, and let her head fall back onto the makeshift pillow. Then she massaged my ass with a saliva-slick finger for a while before she plunged it into me as deep as she could. Her long finger found my prostate and massaged it rhythmically. The feeling was vague and deep, but heavenly. My orgasm was not far away.

“Hold on, Tony,” commanded Mike. “Try not to cum just yet!”

It took all I had in me to stop stroking. Angela took her finger out of my ass and wiped it on the wet washcloth Mike had thoughtfully handed to her.

“Now let’s see if we can get Angela to squirt,” suggested Mike.

“Like, for only about the third time ever. . .” murmured Angela, still vigorously still rubbing her pussy.

Mike got out of his chair and knelt beside her. He thrust two upwardly curled fingers into her vagina. Then he finger-fucked her vigorously, almost slapping her mound with each inward stroke, and lifting sharply upward within her pussy on each outstroke, the curved tips of his fingers running like a rake up the front wall of her vagina. After a short while, her pussy relaxed and became very wet. Initial squishing sounds became noisier, wetter, sloppy, almost sloshing.

“Yes,” she cried out.

“Oh yes, yes, yes. . .

“YES. Fuck!” It was clear that her orgasm was imminent.

“If you feel you need to pee, Babe, just do it,” Mike instructed. “Let it out, pee for me, pee it out!”

Angela’s fingers gouged into my butt cheeks and I resumed flogging my cock as hard as ever. Our sexual tension built, and built, and built. Mike’s rapt attention shifted back and fore between Angela’s pounded pussy and my flogging cock.

Suddenly Angela cried out in an orgasmic release. Simultaneously her pussy gushed a few tablespoons of a clear, goopy liquid.

But Mike wouldn’t let up, he kept thrusting into her mercilessly. Angela cried out, thrust her pelvis high and gushed another smaller glob of goop. Mike would have continued but Angela grasped his wrist to stop him and lowered her pelvis back down to the soiled towel below her.

“Atta-girl!” Mike cheered. He licked some of the slimy goo off his fingers declaring that, without a doubt, it was clearly girly-goo. And not pee.

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