A Beginning

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I was SO excited…it was your first visit in almost 2 months, and I was in the constant state of arousal that you always seem to be able to evoke in me. You always joked about how I had to change my panties twenty times a day, and this visit was no exception. Tonight I had a special treat for you- I’d recently made a “friend” online, and I wanted you to meet her tonight. Giving you a kiss for a promise, I headed upstairs for a bath and to change as you settled yourself in front of the computer.

Half an hour later I came downstairs, dressed in a red camisole and stockings that I knew that you liked…the sight of my long legs and just being able to catch a glimpse of my freshly shaven pussy under the red silk never failed to get you as hard as rock. I paused for an instant in the doorway, wearing that evil grin that you love so much, and when I saw the answering smile light up your face I crossed the room towards you. You turned the chair to face me, and I settled backwards into your lap, leaning back into you as I felt your strong arms come around me. Feeling your hot breath on the back of my neck, combined with your dick just pressing against my already aching pussy, I began to squirm as you brought your fingertips up and just brushed against my nipples.

“Mmmmmmmm,” I moaned as you began to gently tug on them, leaning as far back into you as I could…”feels like someone is ready for something special.”

“I’m ALWAYS ready for you, baby,” you whisper, sending chills of desire and love through my body.

“Wait a second,” I say, “I’ve got someone that I want you to meet first.”

You looked around, a bit confused. “We have company? THAT sounds like fun!”

“Not exactly,” I reply. “You know that I’ve been trying to meet a woman, and haven’t been having much luck lately. Well, a few nights ago I got chatting with a woman that I met on the bi site, and although she doesn’t live around here, we really had fun…and she’d like to meet you too.”

You gave me a kiss on the back of the neck… “Well, bursa escort it wasn’t exactly what we’d hoped for, but let’s talk to her and see what happens, shall we?”

I called up Netmeeting and dialed her right away- we’d had this planned, so she was waiting for us. Her face came on the screen…pretty, brunette hair softly curling around her shoulders, just a glimpse of breasts above what looked to be black lace. You leaned forward to get a better look at I adjusted the microphone and said hello.

“Wow, Cassie! You weren’t kidding!” Laura said, as she caught her first glimpse of you on the webcam behind me.

I blushed a bit…I’m always so proud when people look at you.

“Hey, gorgeous,” I said… “up for a little action? Because I sure am!” “How about an introduction first?” she asked, giggling a bit at my obvious impatience to get started.

“Oh, I said,” blushing, a bit…”Laura, this is my Husband. Adam…Laura. We chatted for the first time the other night, and had a good time to say the least, and she thought that maybe the three of us could play together while you were here. She likes watching, and you KNOW how I like performing!”

“Cassie, why don’t you pull those little nipples of yours for me for a bit,” she said, “while Adam and I become a bit better acquainted.”

Always happy to oblige, I began to stroke my hard nipples softly, listening as the two of you introduced yourselves a bit more…your eyes fixed on her as she lifted one breast out of her corset and began to pinch her nipple in time with my stroking. I could feel how hard you were getting underneath me, watching the familiar sight of my hand on my own nipples and listening to my quickening breathing, but mesmerized by the sight of her slender hand on her large nipple, pulling it until we could see it harden in front of our eyes. I liked watching her face…she got a dreamy expression as she half-closed her eyes, but I knew that it wasn’t her face you were watching.

“God, Cassie…what would you bursa üniversiteli escort do to her if she was right in front of you?” you almost moaned.

Almost completely lost in my own rising excitement, I gave a small moan. “Laura, would you like it if I was kneeling over top of you, with my mouth fastened on your breast, just flicking your nipple with my tongue?”

Her intake of breath was answer enough. “Could you suck it for me please?” I asked her, “since I’m not there to do it myself?”

She lifted her breast to her mouth, sticking her tongue out and just gently rubbing her nipple. Since I knew that this was just about your favorite thing in the world, I asked her to continue as I moved your hands down to my pussy. Your finger absently stroked my clit as you watched her, entranced at her look of total absorption.

“I think that Adam likes that Laura” I said. “You should feel how hard he is. My pussy is soaking wet, and I can feel him through his pants…do you think that it’s time we got those off of him?”

You couldn’t get me off of your lap fast enough…dropping your jeans and boxer briefs around your ankles and kicking them off, you stood in front of the webcam and showed her …stroking your dick just inches away from my face. Grabbing a pillow from the couch, I sank to my knees in front of you and took you into my mouth as you watched her. Taking my hair in your hands, you began slowly fucking my face, taking control the way that only you could.

“You like watching, do you Laura?” you asked her, making sure that the webcam was angled so that she could see what I was doing. She dropped her hands between her legs as she watched me take all of you into my hot mouth.

“Keep sucking that breast for me” you told her, that note in your voice. “And work that clit with the other hand.”

She looked at you with a bit of astonishment, but did as you asked. As you drove in and out of my mouth, I dropped one hand down to my own clit karacabey escort and brought myself to the first of many orgasms…the feel of your excitement, the heat and hardness of your dick in my mouth, and knowing how much SHE was getting off on this was just too much for me.

As I was still shaking you pulled me up to a standing position and bent me over so that my ass was facing the camera. Reaching down, you stroked my clit, spreading my pussy wide with one hand as you worked my clit with the other. She looked at me, obviously dripping wet and shaking from my constant orgasms, and began to cum herself…her gasps filled the living room as she watched you work me.

“God, Laura,” I said…”don’t stop. Please don’t stop.” I could see her legs wide spread as she began to fuck herself with one hand…inserting three fingers into her pussy as she pulled her nipple hard with the other hand, throwing her head backwards. You turned me so that she could see us from the side, and with one motion, drove yourself all of the way into me.

I was almost beyond thinking at this point…watching her getting off on watching us, combined with the always overwhelming feeling of you moving back and forth inside of me, were too much for me. You were holding me up as my knees trembled, fucking me as hard as you ever had, watching her fuck herself. Her hand moved faster as she fucked herself harder, her chest rising and falling as she screamed out her pleasure.

“Fuck her harder” she yelled, “I can’t stand it.”

I could feel you tensing inside of me, and pushed myself harder back into you as another wave of pleasure rolled through me. You gave one more tremendous push, and I felt you spurt hot cum inside of me, filling me up with it as I collapsed against you. You recovered for a minute, and then knelt down behind me, gently licking your cum out of my pussy as I moaned against you before settling back into your lap on the chair.

We all grinned at each other a bit tiredly over the camera.

“Hmmmm, Cassie”, she said. “I can certainly see why you were so excited about him getting there.”

I nestled back into your arms. “Well, we have another week of his visit…any chance you’d like to do this again sometime?”

“Oh, I think so,” she grinned… “maybe next time my boyfriend can join us too.”

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