An Evening Swim

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Paul and Linda headed down to the hotel pool for an early evening swim. It was their favorite time to enjoy the pool – most of the resort guests were in their rooms getting ready for a night out at one of the clubs. The setting sun cast a warm glow on the water, the soft music was just right and the other swimmers paddled lazily though the water – a marked difference from the loud party atmosphere of the afternoons. This was the third night they had come to this pool, and they nodded hello to the familiar faces as they sat at the edge of the pool, feet dangling in the warm water.

Linda slipped into the water, and Paul admired her as she slowly moved across the pool. Tonight she was wearing her new black one piece suit, and it accentuated every curve of her body. He glanced around, noticing that she was getting some appreciative glances. He smiled to himself, enjoying the moment. He wasn’t sure why, but he’d always found it strangely exhilarating when other men looked at her. He looked over at the bar, and saw that Carlos, their usual bartender, was watching her as he had on the previous night. He strolled over, taking a seat at the empty bar.

“Good evening Carlos”, he said. “another lovely night.”

“Good evening Mr. Naven” Carlos replied. “It is a beautiful night, the weather has been so good lately. What can I get for you?”

“A nice pineapple juice” he replied. Since arriving at the resort, he had been drinking the local fruit juices almost exclusively, so taken with the tropical flavors. He watches Carlos preparing it, admiring the way he deftly peeled the fruit before tossing into the juicer. They had gotten friendly with him the previous nights, learning that he was a 25 year old arts student who worked at the resort to pay his tuition. They had both taken a liking to him, enjoying the easy going way he engaged in conversation, unlike the bulk of the waiters who seemed to think of nothing but their tips. “Working late again Carlos?” he asked.

“Until the bar closes at midnight. Just a few more hours!” he smiled as he answered. “And then I am off for three days. It will be nice to relax a little”. Carlos looked up as Linda made her way over, taking a seat beside her husband. “What can I get for you Mrs. Naven?”

“A glass of white wine please Carlos” she replied, as she wrapped her towel around her. She gave Paul a quick kiss and a big smile. “The water was perfect! So warm… I have never liked swimming so much.” Carlos nodded as he handed her the glass. “Do you ever swim Carlos?”

He smiled at her. “Oh yes, sometimes I do. Employees are allowed in the pool once the bar is closed, so sometimes I like to jump in before I head home, especially when I don’t have to work the next day.”

“Maybe you can take a swim with us later tonight” said Paul. Carlos gave a non committal nod, looking almost embarrassed. Paul was about to ask him about it, when another guest stepped up to the bar to place and order.

After finishing their drinks, Paul and Linda swam together, enjoying the warm water. Again, Paul noticed Carlos stealing glances at Linda as she swam, and teased her about it. “Your admirer is watching again…” She smiled at him, knowing that he got a secret thrill from it.

“Next time I will have to come swimming topless then.”

Paul smiled at her, loving the way she teased him. “Maybe you should… it seems unfair that I’m the only one who gets to admire your breasts.” She grinned back, playing along. Although she would sometimes wear revealing tops when out with her husband, actually going topless was something she had never done. She thought to herself that if there was ever a time to try it, it would be here, in this tropical world so far from home. Still, she wasn’t sure she’d bring herself to do it. Maybe after another glass of wine…

Paul and Linda got out of the pool, sitting down at the bar again. Paul looked around, realizing that all the other guests had gone. “What time is it Carlos?”

“Elven forty-five Mr Naven. The bar will be closing in 15 minute – can Onwin I get you something?”

“Another juice for me and a glass of white wine for Linda please.” Linda got up, telling Paul she needed to go to the room for a minute, and that she’d be back, giving him a kiss on the cheek as she went.

As Carlos went about closing up the bar Paul asked him about swimming. “You didn’t seem sure about swimming – I am sorry if I said something inappropriate”.

“Oh no Mr Naven, it’s nothing you said. It’s just that… well… when I do swim after work, I just… you know… strip down and jump in. I don’t have a swim suit with me.”

Paul laughed. “Oh don’t worry Carlos, I’m sure Linda and I won’t be bothered. Look, if it makes you feel better, why not jump in the water now before she gets back?” Carlos nodded, smiling.

“Sure Mr. Naven, I can do that.” He stepped out from behind the bar, and began taking off his clothes. Paul watched him, finding the way he was so casual about it intriguing. Soon Carlos was down to his boxers, standing there with his thumbs in the waistband, ready to pull them down. Paul looked him over, noticing his smooth, even skin. He was fit, although not particularly muscled. Carlos looked at him for confirmation. “Are you sure it is OK?”

Paul nodded. “Yes, go ahead.” He watched Carlos slowly slide his shorts down, strangely curious. As Carlos revealed himself, Paul couldn’t take his eyes off. This was the first time as an adult that he had been so close to a naked man, and he found it fascinating. Carlos has a thick penis, darker than the rest of his skin. The head hung down below his balls, slightly thicker than the shaft. His pubic hair was trimmed short, not hiding a thing. Paul sat silent for half a minute, just looking. Carlos seemed perfectly comfortable with the silence, and at ease. Eventually Paul looked up, with an embarrassed grin. “Well… I guess you are ready for swimming”.

Carlos smiled back at him. “Are you sure it’s ok if I swim with you and your wife like this?”

Paul hesitated, not sure if there was another meaning to the question. He stole a quick glance downwards, the looked into Carlos’ eyes. “Yes, it is fine” he told him. “I think it would be nice to take a swim”.

Carlos jumped into the water, moving into the deep end and treading water. Paul dove in after him, swimming a few lazy laps, then lay floating on his back, enjoying the soothing sensations.

Minutes later, Linda returned. Paul and Carlos both looked as she made her way to the edge of the pool. She had changed, and now wore a pair of bikini bottoms and a loose fitting while blouse. From the way the fabric moved with her breasts, Paul suspected that she had nothing under it.

She sat down at the edge of the pool by the steps, feet in the water. She grinned at the two men, feeling mischievous. She moved as though to remove her shirt, and the stopped. “Oh Carlos… one question. Is it OK for a guest to be topless at the pool?” She knew perfectly well that the hotel tolerated nudity, but loved the look she got from her husband as she asked.

“Oh yes Mrs Naven… it is perfectly fine. In fact,” he said with a wink, “I think that it might even be required at this time of night.”

Linda laughed, feeling bolder by the minute. Whether it was the two glasses of wine, the tropical setting or the attention from the handsome bartender that gave her the courage she would never know. Slowly removing her shirt, she saw the admiring gazes from Paul and Carlos. She sat there, chatting with them, slightly self conscious. She was still holding her shirt in her hands, ready to put it back on. After a few minutes, the casual banter relaxed her, and she tossed it to the side, leaning back and letting the men enjoy the view. Paul swam over to her, and stood in front of her, his head and shoulders above the water, fascinated by her. Although he had always enjoyed her wearing revealing clothes, he had never been sure how he would react to someone else seeing her like this. He was surprised at how Onwin Giriş excited he felt, at the thrill he got from Carlos seeing her.

Carlos came up beside him, and said quietly “I think I’d like to get out of the pool now, and sit on the edge of the water beside your wife. Would that be OK with you?”

Paul felt a surge of excitement – a mixture of fear and delight. He swallowed hard, and the turned to Carlos and nodded. “Yes Carlos, why don’t you sit beside her where you’ll be more comfortable.”

Carlos slowly made his way up the steps, and Paul felt a stirring as he saw that Linda was watching closely. Her eyes went wide as Carlos emerged from the water, and she saw his naked body. She glanced at Paul, questioningly, wondering if he knew that Carlos had been nude the whole time. He nodded back, letting her know everything was OK.

Carlos sat down beside her, his leg lightly touching hers. Paul stood in front on them, eyes going back and forth between them. He watched Linda as she looked him over, seeing her smile as her gaze rested on his thick cock. She leaned into him a little, and he pressed his shoulder back against her.

Paul moved closer, looking up at them. Carlos met his gaze, smiling at him. Paul gave a subtle nod, silently letting him know he could continue. He stepped closer, standing directly in front of his wife, inches away. Carlos slid an arm around her shoulders, and she turned her head to him, lips parted slightly. Paul put a hand on her leg as she brought her lips up to kiss Carlos. They kissed softly at first, exploring each other’s mouths. Paul could feel the heat from between his wife’s legs as she looked up at her, slowly stroking her thigh. He felt himself harden as their kissed became hungrier, and almost moaned out loud when he saw her guide Carlos’ hand to her breast.

Lina moaned into Carlos’ mouth as he fondled her breast. Her hand found Paul’s head, and drew him closer, guiding him between her legs. Paul slid her bikini to the slide, and brought his lips to his wife’s beautiful pussy, lightly kissing her. She moaned, and he began to tongue her, tasting her, loving her with his mouth. He felt a heat from her that he hadn’t felt before. As his tongue made it’s way lower, penetrating her, he felt her so wet and so hot. His own cock was aching in his shorts now.

He looked up as he licked her, watching their mouths together, seeing Carlos’ hands on her, fondling her breasts. He felt her legs trembling as he pleasured her, feeling the excitement wash over her. His eyes locked on her hand and she slid it down Carlos’ smooth chest, then his stomach, then between his legs. He felt her clit swell between his lips as she started to stroke him, slowly making his cock thicker and harder. Paul licked her hungrily, feeling so excited as his wife stroked the other man’s thick penis. She began to tremble, and he knew she was about to orgasm. She held Carlos’ cock in her hand and she kissed him hard, moaning into him. Her hips bucked as she let go, flooding Paul’s mouth with her juices. He sucked her gently, prolonging the orgasm, until he felt her start to relax.

Linda looked down at him and smiled, easing his head out from between her legs. She and Carlos looked at him as they lightly kissed and touched each other. Grinning, she slowly guided him towards Carlos. “I think Carlos deserves some of the same attention” she said with a wink. Paul looked up at Carlos, who seemed perfectly relaxed, and smiled down at him.

Paul gulped nervously, not sure what to do… it seemed so easy to go along with it, but he hesitated. Although he had natural curiosity, he never imagined he’d be in such a situation. He stared at Carlos’ hardening cock, feeling drawn to it. His mind was made up when Linda took it in her hand and held it up towards him. “Let me see you kiss it baby… just one kiss.”

Paul couldn’t resist, and brought his lips to the head of Carlos’ cock. He kissed it, then kissed it again. Linda slowly stroked it, and before he knew it Paul was licking the head, Onwin Güncel Giriş getting it slick and wet. He was amazed at how it felt, so silky under his tongue, nothing like what he had expected. As he saw Carlos lean over and start to kiss Linda’s breast, he opened his mouth wide and wrapped his lips around the head. He could feel Carlos grow harder in his mouth, making him hungrier. As the head swelled up, Paul found that he could just barely contain it. He tried to slide his mouth further down the shaft, slowly feeling it fill his mouth. He got almost half of it in, but couldn’t get further. He held it there, feeling it pulsing, while he watched as Carlos ran his hands over her body, licking and nibbling at her nipples. She moaned as Carlos’ hand made it’s way between her legs, massaging her, and the slowly pushing two thick fingers inside her. Paul felt Carlos’ penis harden completely as he fingered Linda, hearing her moaning and murmuring.

“Oh yes Carlos… that feels so good” she told him. “God… I love seeing him suck you” She took hold of Carlos’ cock again, stroking it while Paul slowly slid his lips up and down. Paul stopped with just the thick head in his mouth, running his tongue around it in circles while his wife stoked it. “Oh fuck Carlos… your cock is so big… so hard. Is he making it feel good for you?”

Carlos throbbed in Paul’s mouth. “Oh yes… it feels good” Carlos moaned. He worked a third finger into her, and was rhythmically thrusting in and out. Paul could sense Carlos’ excitement, and from the way Linda was talking he knew she was getting close – when she was on the verge, she would talk dirty in a way that he loved.

“Yes baby… suck his big cock… make him cum like you make me cum” She moaned, frantically stroking Carlos’ rod. She was bucking her hips now, driving herself against his hand as his fingers filled her. She grabbed Carlo’s head, kissing him deeply and then pressing his mouth to her breast. “Oh yes… oh yes” she cried, ready to lose herself.

Paul felt the cock in his mouth heat up, and he knew what was about to happen. He wanted to take his mouth off it, but couldn’t bring himself to do it. Instead, he held it there, flicking it with his tongue while his wife came on Carlos’ hand. She moaned loudly, incoherently. She brought Carlos’ mouth up to hers, kissing him deeply as she writhed against his hand. She held his cock hard in her hand, feeling it pulsing and twitching.

Suddenly, Carlos groaned, and Paul felt the hot liquid in his mouth. He was surprised by the taste and texture of it, surprised at how easily it slid down his throat. Linda stroked it slowly, and each stroke brought another spurt into Paul’s eager mouth. She broke from her kiss with Carlos as she recovered from her orgasm, and leaned down to Paul. Paul took his mouth from Carlo’s cock, and she kissed him, shivering as she tasted him. “Oh baby, he tastes so fucking good on you.” She kissed him again deeply, fondling Carlos as she did.

She leaned against Carlos, and stroked Paul’s hair. “Oh wow… thank you both so much. I’ve always wanted to see that, two men together.” She smiled down at her husband. “That was the hottest thing I have ever seen.” She kissed Carlos again, while his hands lazily roamed over her body.

She leaned down and whispered into Paul’s ear: “There’s something else I want to do baby – I want to have his cock inside me” Paul shuddered, an unexpected wave of pleasure almost overcoming him.

“Oh yes Linda, yes.” He trembled as he looked into her eyes. “I want to see him in you”.

Linda turned to Paul, playfully grabbing at his softening cock. “I want to fuck you Caros – I want to feel you in me.” He smiled at her, clearly willing to go along with it. “There’s just one thing” she said, a concerned look on her face. “We don’t have any condoms with us, do you know where we can get some?”

Carlos smiled. “Well, I have some at my place, it’s just behind the offices.” He hesitated for a second. “There’s one thing though – I do have a room mate, and he might be home.”

Paul and Linda exchanged a glance, communicating silently. “That’s fine,” said Linda with a grin, “we’ll try to be quiet.”

Carlos lead the three of them towards his apartment, and whatever adventures the night held in store.

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