A Way of Life

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Julie woke up naked on the floor next to the bed. She groaned softly, and then yawned and stretched. A smile crossed her face as she felt sore tight muscles in her lower back, thighs, and belly. It had been a rough night but one that had been well worth it.

Orgasms had piled on top of orgasms until she could not take anymore. That is when they had rolled off the bed and onto the floor. That’s when Jake had really begun to fuck her, to take her even higher, higher than she ever thought of going.

She felt a stinging sensation along her spine and on the back of one shoulder blade as she squirmed at the memories. She giggled at the thought of the scars she would have from the carpet burns. She wondered how Jake’s knees looked when he left. Would they scar to match her back?

That thought made her shiver. He would be as branded as she was. He would not think of it the same way she did but he would think of her every time he looked at his knees. She smiled at that, sat up slowly, and groaned softly as she did. Jake had been rough with her and she with him. They would both have bruises and scratches.

Julie got to her feet slowly, in stages. She relished the feel of more sore stiff muscles. Memories of wrestling around on the bed and being pinned and fucked in a dozen positions filled her mind. Sex with Jake had been almost like a series of rapes; it was just that animal like, ferocious and overpowering.

With a grin, Julie surveyed the bed and the room. Covers, sheets, and pillows were strewn everywhere. The bed was completely unmade right down to the fitted sheet. She remembered him tying her arms behind her back painfully tight at one point. He had held one leg down with his leg and placed her other leg on his shoulder. He had lifted her lower body until he could fuck her with powerful deep strokes.

Julie made a soft whimpering sound at the memory. She had been totally helpless, powerless to stop him. Not that she wanted to but it had been so scary and so exciting at the same time. She came three times before he suddenly dropped her and moved back to look down at her. He had been panting for breath from his exertion.

Between breaths he had said, “You are one crazy kinky bitch.”

Julie had rolled sideways and kicked him as hard as she could in the shoulder. She had been aiming for his head but could not get her foot high enough. As it was he was knock off the side of the bed with a loud thud and several dozen cuss words.

When his head appeared above the edge of the bed, she tried to kick him again but he caught her ankle. “Bitch!” he yelled as he dragged her to the side of the bed by that ankle. He grabbed her other ankle and forced her legs over her head. The pain in her arms made Julie scream.

The scream died as he rammed his dick home in her pussy and fucked the hell out of her. Julie could not catch her breath for nearly a minute from the savagery of the attack and then she was coming her brains out. His dick was pounding into her at an odd angle and rubbing her g-spot as his pelvic bone hammered on her clit.

She half remembered being turned on her side, her right leg held down by his again and her left leg over his shoulder. He pounded her pussy unmercifully deep and hard. She was almost doing the splits by the time he dropped her and rolled her over on her belly. His large hands grabbed her thighs and lifted her to the bed.

Julie found herself on her knees with her ass up in the air and her face buried in the covers. Jake grabbed her hips and rammed his dick deep into her soaking wet pussy. He spanked her ass hard with his hips as he drove into her deeper than ever. Julie found herself coming again and again from his hammering blows and pounding dick.


With a shiver, Julie came up out of her memories. Looking down at her hips and thighs, there were finger bruises on top of finger bruises. They were a light brown color now but she knew they would darken and color as the day went by. She whimpered softly as she ran her hands over the areas. There was little pain now but later…. She smiled at the thought of later.

She took a couple of steps toward the master bath and then turned to walk out the bedroom door and down the hall. Muscles in her calves and thighs protested as she walked. Her pussy felt swollen between her upper thighs and there were little stinging places where she had been rubbed raw.

With a shiver running up her spine, she was kuşadası escort followed the trail of her clothes to the front door where the night had started, at least the sex part of it. She had met Jake at an art gallery opening uptown earlier in the evening and fell in lust with him immediately.

Jake was just her type, large, muscular, and a bad boy. He had made a run at her before she even got a glass of wine. She had laughed and walked away from him, but not before, she noticed his nametag.

Her walking away only made him want her more but she had planned on that. He made three more passes at her before she ever said anything back to him and then she had been rude and crude.

He had leaned over next to her ear and whispered, “You look good enough to eat.”

“And you are a horny asshole, who is only after one thing.”

“No, not just one thing. I want the whole thing, all of you, mind, body, and soul,” he had whispered fiercely.

“You couldn’t handle it,” she challenged him and then walked on down the row of paintings, taking her time.

When they reached the end of the row, he put his arm around her waist and pulled her behind the curtain in the corner. Julie put up a token struggle until he pulled her tightly to him and kissed her. The kiss was fierce and hot. His embrace was strong and tight. Julie struggled again but he only squeezed her tighter and kissed her harder.

Somewhere around that point, she had moaned softly into his mouth, her tongue suddenly dueling with his. He broke the kiss, turned and shoved her roughly up against the wall. His knee and thigh forced her legs apart roughly; Julie’s dress riding up around her hips as her feet came off the floor.

Jake bounced her up and down on his knee as he went back to kissing her in that fierce animal like way of his. The kiss, plus the way his knee was rubbing her pussy had Julie whimpering and moaning quickly. With her arms pinned at her sides, Julie was helpless to do anything but kiss him back.

Jake broke the kiss again and grinned at her. “I want to fuck you right here but there are too many people around and I have a feeling you’re not quiet when you come.”

“Who said I’d let you fuck me?” Julie asked softly.

“I don’t remember asking you one way or the other,” was his reply. “I’m going to fuck you, it’s only a matter of when and where.”

“I could scream for help.”

“If you didn’t want me to fuck you, you would have already tried to yell. So don’t fuck up the game with bullshit at this point.”

He still held her off the floor on his knee, so Julie chuckled and leaned in to bite him hard on the neck.

He yelled, “Fuck,” and slammed her back against the wall hard enough that her head hit it and her ears rang. “You bitch,” she heard him say and then he laughed. “I was right, you do like things rough.”

“Can you handle it?” Julie asked as she leaned forward again.

Jake grabbed her arms and forced them above her head and against the wall. His head forced hers to the side as he bit and nibbled on her shoulder and then her neck. Julie was moaning by the time his lips reached her ear. “The question is, can you handle it? I can fuck all night and then half of tomorrow.”

“Promises, promises,” Julie whispered.

“Lets go to your place and you’ll find out.” He had whispered back as he lowered her to the floor and released her.


Jake had teased her unmercifully on the ride home as she drove. His hands had been on her breasts, between her thighs, and everywhere in between. He had even shoved a finger roughly into her pussy, pulled it out, and then stuck it in her mouth.

Tasting her own juices always excited Julie and tonight was no exception. The forceful way Jake held her chin and worked his finger between her lips, made her whimper. She spread her thighs wider as he dropped his hand back to her lap. She expected him to ram the finger back in her pussy but instead he laid his hand on her thigh.

After a few blocks, Julie squirmed and reached over to run her hand over the large bulge in the front of his slacks. Jake caught her wrist and moved her hand back to the steering wheel. “That’s for later,” he said and then grinned. “If you can swallow it, I’ll think about fucking you but not before.”

“You’re a real asshole,” Julie said and then grinned.

“Yes, I am,” Jake said as his hand slipped between her thighs and his finger slipped into her wet slipper pussy. The tip of his finger found her g-spot unerringly and massaged it.

Julie groaned, spread her legs wider, and rolled her hips up. She had a two handed death grip on the wheel as he continued to massage the sensitive spot. Julie felt her body rock as she neared a very large orgasm.

Suddenly, the finger was gone and Jake was sucking on it. Julie groaned again and closed her knees, pressing her thighs tightly together. She was so close to coming that it hurt. She strained to get off, rocking in the seat and squeezing her thighs.

“Drive,” Jake said. “I’ll take care of your little problem when we get to your house.”

“Apartment,” Julie whispered and then groaned as she realized she had passed the driveway a half block back. She made a u-turn at the corner and turned into the drive. As she parked in the covered carport, Jake reached over and squeezed her breast firmly.

“I should make you walk to your apartment naked but I’ll be nice,” Jake said softly with a grin.

“I should tell you to get out of my car and get lost,” Julie said with the same type grin.

“Yes, but you won’t. If you did, then you would have to get yourself off and you don’t want that. You want me to fuck you and fuck you hard and rough. You like it that way and so do I.” Jake replied with a more serious look on his face.

“I give as good as I get,” Julie said and opened her door.

Jake chuckled and nodded. “I can believe that,” he said as he got out of the car.

He followed her to the stairs. As she started up them, he grabbed her by the hips and turned her around. Slowly, he rolled her dress up her thighs and then kissed her smooth mound as it came into view. Julie moaned and took a small step to the side, spreading her legs. Jake licked her smoothly shaven outer lips and then flicked the tip of his tongue against her swollen clit.

When Julie pushed her hips forward to make firmer contact with his tongue, Jake rolled the dress down and grinned at her. Julie made a sound of frustration and turned to climb the stairs. Jake chuckled and slapped her on the ass as he followed her.

At the door, Jake squeezed and massaged her breast through the dress as she fumbled with her keys. He unzipped the back of the dress as she unlocked the door. He was pulling it down off her shoulders as she opened the door. Pushing her forward, he held the dress, pinning her arms. He kicked the door shut and deftly unhooked the snaps on her bra.

Still holding her arms pinned, he reached around to caress her breasts as he nibbled and bit her neck. Julie groaned loudly and shivered as he pinched and twisted a nipple. He rolled the nipple firmly between his thumb and forefinger as Julie arched her back and whimpered. She whimpered even louder when his left hand came up and his fingers closed on her other nipple.

Between the teeth on her neck and shoulder and the fingers on her nipples, Julie was in heaven. Pain and pleasure were always so close together for her. Then she found herself being forced to her knees as Jake unzipped his fly.

“Show time, bitch. You’ll only get fucked with what you can swallow.”

“What if I swallow it all and then bite it off?” Julie asked with a wicked grin.

“This I’ve got to see,” Jake said as he hauled his long fat dick out. Julie’s eyes grew wide and Jake chuckled. “Do your worse or best, whichever you think is right,” he added as he slapped his dick against her cheek on first one side and then the other.

Julie grabbed his dick with both hands and still had a damned fine fuck left over. This thing is going to hurt so good, she thought as she squeezed his dick hard with both hands. Hungrily she sucked on the head, her tongue swiveling and swirling as she did.

A groan from Jake made her look up but she didn’t let go of the dick with her hands or mouth. Holding eye contact with him, she started to slowly bob her head up and down taking more and more of him into her warm wet mouth. Jake groaned again as the head of his dick touched the back of her throat.

Julie had mastered her gag reflex early in life. Pulling his dick farther down, she bounced her head up and down in short jerks. More of his dick disappeared and Julie could feel it slowly entering her throat. From the long loud groan that Jake made, she knew she now had his full attention, not to mention most of his dick in her mouth.

She didn’t swallow the whole thing but by the time, she came up for air and to let her jaw muscles relax, she only had room for two fingers around his shaft. She was thinking about trying for the rest of it but Jake didn’t give her time.

He lifted her to her feet. “Close enough,” he said huskily as he picked her up and then kissed her hungrily.

Julie’s head was spinning by the time he broke the kiss. Her legs were wrapped around his hips, his hard dick pressed against her hot wet sex. She had been hunching that long thick shaft the whole time.

Jake shifted his body. It took Julie a second to realize he was getting his feet out of his slacks. A moment later, Jake asked, “Where’s the bedroom?”

At the end of the hall,” Julie replied and pointed over his shoulder.

Jake turned and started to walk that way. Julie leaned back and ripped at his shirt, buttons flying as she did.

“Bitch, that was a new shirt.”

Julie laughed as she dropped her bra and wiggled to get her dress off over her head. As she dropped the dress, Jake turned and slammed her back against the wall. They were kissing passionately as Jake hunched firmly against her sex. His dick was rubbing her clit roughly.

She flexed her hips trying to get her clit away from his dick for a moment so she could catch her breath. His hips moved back, his dick moved down. Julie’s hips tilted forwards and then back. Her clit was away from his dick but….

As Jake thrust forward again, the head of his dick rammed against her opening. Julie gasped loudly at the pressure on her sex and than let out a muffled yell as the head popped through and his dick plowed into her vagina. She was filled as never before and he wasn’t even halfway in. She yelled even louder as he flexed his hips back and then quickly thrust forward again.

Thoughts of a baseball bat were replaced with thoughts of a telephone pole as more of his dick entered her tightly stretched pussy. She was being slammed against the wall as more and more dick filled her throbbing, aching vagina. Pleasure/pain shot out in all directions through her body.

She was being fucked long, hard, and deep against the hall wall. She had never had sex this way before. His big dick stretched and then emptied her pussy as her clit rubbed along its length. Her g-spot was being rubbed also. Pain and pleasure, the two mingled together so sensuously, so erotically. A monster of an orgasm was building and building quickly.

Pleasure won out as Julie’s orgasm broke over her like a tidal wave. Jake fucked her even harder as she tried to break their kiss so she could scream. She screamed into his mouth as he continued to pound her pussy. Her body dissolved into pure light and energy.


Julie stood in the living room looking back down the hall. Memories of the fuck against the wall made her shiver and clench her thighs and inner muscles up. Her poor abused pussy stung in places and quivered in others. Her clit felt raw where the hood moved over it.

With a grin, she bent to pick up her bra. She kept her feet together as well as her knees. The muscles in the backs of her thighs and calves protested as they stretched. She bounced her upper body and moaned softly as the pain increased in her legs and her lower back protested.

Then she took small half steps to the side with each foot. Bending farther, she grabbed her calves and hugged them pulling the muscles even tighter. She felt and heard small pops in her back. They felt so good.

With a groan of pleasure, she released her legs and slowly straightened up. Her hand found her pussy and she ran her fingertips over the swollen outer lips. A fingertip brushed her clit. It was completely un-hooded and standing up. She licked the finger and rolled the nub around gently. When her hips quivered, she grinned and dropped the hand away.

“I’ll take care of that in the shower.” She told herself.

She sighed deeply and started to turn back toward the bedroom. A card pinned to her front door made her pause and then go get it. It was Jake’s business card, with his home number and address. She smiled and turned the card over.

“For a bitch, you’re not bad people. Call me some times, you do give as good as you get.”


Julie grinned and tossed the card in the wastepaper basket.

“One shot is all you get,” Julie whispered as she turned to walk down the hall, a hot shower on her mind. He hips swayed seductively and her hands once more found the bruises there.

“Damn, what a night,” she whispered with a grin and then a laugh.

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