A Motel Fantasy

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You arrive, check in and wander up to an empty room, and an empty bed. At least it’s warm. You unpack a few things, just enough for a couple of nights. Oh well, will be home by the weekend, and Saturday night!!! You just love your weekend nights. Logging into Second Life and waiting for your lover. Waiting for the little cloud to appear telling you that he is logging on. Then the wonderful times you have together. But until then you will just have your memories.

There is a gentle tap at the door. At first you think you’re hearing things and ignore it. Then, there it is again, a soft tap. You go to the door and ask who it is, no answer. Another tap. You look through the spy hole. All you can see is a cloud. Your heart skips a beat. You wipe your eyes and look again. Yes, a small cloud, just hovering in the corridor. A shape begins to materialise. You tear the door open; I’m there, smiling into your lovely face. You stammer, what? how? You just can’t form words. I put my finger to your lips quietening you.

We move inside and I close the door behind us. Pulling you into my arms, holding you close. My lips brushing over yours, then. Hard, wanton, needing. We just stand there, lost. Just the two of us, devouring each other. You pull away a little and look at me questioningly. All I say is “Don’t ask”.

I lead you towards the bed, turn and face you. Pulling you close again. Holding your face I begin to kiss you again. Your lips, your cheek, your neck, your throat. My fingers begin to undress you. Material slipping from your body as the tips explore you. Clothing dropping from our bodies to the floor. Then, both of us naked, I lift you and lay you on the bed. Leaning over you, smiling into those moist eyes I begin where I left off. Starting at your throat, kissing moving over your body. Covering your body with mine, I slide over you, slipping between your opening legs. My already hard cock brushing over your mound. I start to move down. My lips brushing over your chest, then down onto your breasts. Closing in on a nipple you raise yourself, pushing it into my mouth. I suck greedily on it, feeling it swell between my lips. I move to the other. Sucking, flicking it with my tongue. Lifting my head, letting the hard nipple slip from my lips. I smile up at you and begin moving down again.

My hands slide under your thighs. Lifting, separating further. Bending your knees outwards. Kissing your belly, pushing my tongue into your kuşadası escort belly button, you squirm. Leaving, moving downwards, tongue flicking your skin. Closer, closer. My chin brushing against your mound. Feeling your heat, smelling your body. My tongue slides over your clit. You gasp, but I don’t stop. Sliding further down, avoiding your lips, I begin to kiss your thighs. You moan, I smile, both of us knowing what is to come. Teasing, kissing, licking. All the time you moaning. Then I begin to move up. Hands sliding up the underside of your thighs. My thumbs coming to rest on your outer lips. I begin to open you. Seeing you for the first time. So wet and ready for me, I plunge my tongue deep inside you. Pushing my face hard against your pussy. You scream. My tongue begins to piston in and out of you. Lifting my face. Flicking my tongue over your lips. Tasting you, then moving up slightly. Licking at your lips. Then gently sucking each one. Moving closer and closer to my final goal. I’m there. Kissing your clit, sucking hard. Feeling it swell between my lips. You explode. Screaming as your first orgasm floods over you. Bucking, thrashing. I’m holding you. Forcing my face into you. Sucking with little throbs. Slowing, waiting for you to come down. Not relenquishing my prise. Lapping at your swollen clit. You collapse.

I sit up between your open legs. Your there, eyes closed, mouth open, gasping for air. My fingers begin to play. Stroking your inner thighs. So soft, so warm. Lazily tracing small circles. Slowly moving closer and closer to your pussy. Two fingers begin brushing up and down along your outer lips. Teasing, listening to you moan, but not stopping. Running my nails up and down your inner lips. Caressing them, watching your juices trickle from your opening. I slide one finger slowly into you. Your back arches. Deeper and deeper I push, until my whole finger is inside you. I can feel you squeezing it. Then I begin to slide out. The moan I was expecting escapes from your lips. I smile replacing one finger with two. Palm up I slide them inside you. Curling the tips as I go rubbing my finger tips against your inner wall. Deeper and deeper. Filling you. holding, then withdrawing. I begin to fuck you with them. Long slow strokes. In and out, in and out, building up a rhythm. Finger tips just inside you before thrusting up inside you again and again. Curling, pressing, feeling you respond. Squeezing me. You lift your head. Look at me. Mouth opens, eyes close and you shudder. Forcing yourself down on my fingers, cumming again. Ramming yourself down on me. I just hold still as you ride my fingers. You collapse. I slowly remove my fingers from you and taste you, mmmm, so sweet.

All you say is “Please”. I know what you want as I begin to slide up your body. Kissing as I go. I’m there, on all fours, hovering over you. Looking down into your eyes. Just one movement and the only part of me that is touching you is him. Gently pressing against your lips. Then it’s my turn to moan. I feel you shift slightly, then one hand wraps around him. So warm, so wonderful. The other hands cradles my balls. Slightly pulling on him you pull me towards you. Feeding him inside you. So hot. Millimetre by millimetre I slide inside you. Feeling you squeeze him. Deeper. Filling you. My eyes close as I slide further inside you. Your hands leave me, then I feel them on my ass. Pushing down, forcing me deep inside you. I’m there, throbbing.

I try to hold there but the animal in me takes over. I withdraw. Just the head inside, then back in again. Slowly filling you, feeling my balls rest against you before withdrawing again. Wanting to cum right there and then but willing myself not to. I begin to build a rhythm. Slowly fucking you. Both of us moaning now. I bury my head in your shoulder as I increase my speed. Faster and faster, thrusting into you. Swelling more with every stroke. Knowing I won’t last much longer I lift. Watching you, loving you, wanting you. Then I’m there, one more thrust and I explode deep inside you. Coating your inner walls with my seed. Jet after jet coating you. My body spasming, then I feel you cum too, digging your nails into my back. Hanging onto me as you go over the top.

We cling to each other, fighting for breath. Feeling you squeezing every last drop from him. I collapse, roll to one side and you don’t let go of me. Rolling with me, cuddling up to me. Hearts beating as one, both of us fighting for breath. Bodies covered in sweat. We just lie there. No words, none necessary.

How long time passes I neither know nor care. I feel the bed move. You get up and pad to the bathroom. I hear you turn on the shower. I smile, naughty thoughts as I leave the bed and quietly follow. Your there, behind a screen, letting the water trickle over your body. I move in behind you, wrap my arms around you. You start, “I thought you were asleep” you say. I just cup your breasts and trap your nipples between my fingers. You push back at me and moan. He’s waking up, and very quickly.

You turn and kiss me hard on the mouth, now he’s awake. Your fingers move down my chest. I close my eyes and steady myself by leaning against the side of the cubical. Then I feel your hands, one wrapping around my hard shaft and the other cupping my balls. Such wonderful feelings. Then you break away from my lips, you move, downwards. Oh God I think to myself. All the time water spraying over our bodies. Your there. I can feel your tongue licking the head. Flicking over him, running your tongue up and down the shaft. Then the heat as you take him inside your mouth, gently sucking, your hands continue to stroke him. Fingertips barely touching, you head moving back and forth, each time taking a little more of him inside you. My mind is reeling, feeling him rubbing against the roof of your mouth. Deeper, sucking harder, swelling inside your mouth. Both hands now caressing my balls. I gasp for air, hold on, and then explode in your mouth. Body shaking, finding it difficult to stand. You drain me.

Some how we manage to get out of the shower without me collapsing and I begin to towel you dry. Wonderful soft fluffy towels. Caressing your body, stroking you, brushing over your nipples, slowly drying every part of you, except one. I leave that until last. I kneel before you, you lean back against the sink, you open your legs enough for me to get my hand between them. Covered with a towel I begin to stroke you. You begin to purr. Back and forth, caressing your lips, making you moan. The towel drops away as my fingers take over. You’re holding onto my head for support. Teasing, stroking, your pussy gets wetter and wetter. Then I slide two fingers up inside you. You gasp, digging your fingers into my scalp, pulling me towards you. I move closer. Lapping at your clit with my tongue, you pushing back at me, all the while my fingers sliding in and out of your pussy. Closer and closer. Moaning louder and louder until you scream, shake, then collapse in my arms, both of us a pile on the bathroom floor.

Somehow we manage to return to the bed. Your back into me, I wrap my arms around you and we are both instantly asleep.

You open your eyes; the morning light is peeking around the curtains. You reach back for me, nothing. You call my name, nothing. Was it all a dream? You slip one hand between your legs, a little tender, no dream. You smile to yourself. Oh well, it will soon be Saturday!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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