One Day in a Taboo Family

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Group Sex

If sex brings happiness, the family I am growing up will be happiest. We weren’t in any city, we didn’t have a mansion-like house, millions, or billions in our bank account.

We didn’t own a brand new Lamborghini, we didn’t go to any party in a lifetime, we tasted the wine, but not any beer or scotch, we had a well, and beautiful gushing river, so, we didn’t have a swimming pool.

Our closest neighbours were half a miles away, and there were only four families around the vicinity.

We didn’t live in a town, or buzzing city, we lived in a beautiful land with trees stretching to miles and miles, from one side, the warm gushing river on the other side, and few acres of farmland on the other side. And away, a road to the neighbours on one side. That is how our house was based.

Our house was rather small and decently spacious for a family of 6, but we were just a family of five. Our house looked like a cabin because it is a cabin, but able to withstand stormy weather and rain. We are not social butterflies, we work our asses off in the farmland in the day. My dad was a college professor, majoring in science until he quit to leave a peaceful isolated life with his two beautiful wives.

Yes, my dad has two wives, his first wife wasn’t able to bear him a baby, so he married another woman, for who a girl baby was born, followed by in few years. But my father didn’t let go of his first wife, he loved her dearly, and kept her with him. So, my family is of five people, me, the youngest, 19 years old, my elder sister Ana, 22, brownish hair, curvy pouty lips, 32B sized boobs, but still, it looked big on her, she was petite but with curvy sexy figure. Ana reminds me of Ana de Armas.

Rachel (2nd wife & my mom)- she looks like of Rachel Weisz in simple terms, Hayley (1st wife) — she looks like Hayley Atwell. And my dad – Andy, he is tall, around 6, brawny, dark hairs, golden tanned type of skin, he likes having a beard, but when it grows handful, Hayley cuts them down.

Me and Ana, my sister, we both share a room, and my dad, Rachel and Hayley share a room. Although Hayley spends more time with us, than our mom Rachel does. Sometimes, she spends the night with us in our room, we have a bed, big enough for 4 full-grown adults.

In summer, we don’t wear any dress, and not a single soul to judge Dad, Rachel, and Hayley go to the farmland for fruits and vegetables with a handy basket, and nothing else, we wander around naked in the span of summer and spring. Rainy and winter? We cover ourselves in our homes, we always had something to do.



It was one of the hot burning summer days, I noticed Ana sleeping peacefully beside me, naked, her boobs swaying up and down with her every breath, her left lying on my thighs, my dick lying on my right thigh pathetically.

Ana curls up to me, her hands on my chest, her finger on my right nipple, she was awake, but her eyes closed, her index finger kept twirling around my nipple, her boobs rubbing against my arms and ribs. She comes closer, her boobs crushing against my arms, her legs are now on my lap, her upper thighs pressed upon my dick, I lay simply, like a corpse.

‘Good morning Mike’ Ana said, giving a warm peck on my cheeks.

‘good morning sis.’ I said turning towards her, her eyes open, I could see her shining amber eyes. I kissed her on the lips, we began kissing passionately, while Ana was slowly crawling up on me until she was on top, pressing her bare boobs and hard nipples against my bare chest, and my dick rubbing against her thighs, leaving it sticky with my preluding precum.

As we were kissing, my hands reached to Ana’s butt and grabbed and squeezed them, my dick was getting harder, I pulled her down, I went on top, I grabbed my tool, began rubbing on my sister’s pussy until I find the gateway, soon, my dick was hidden under her pussy, I moved my hips to and fro, the moment was getting hotter until it wasn’t.

Rachel, our mom entered our room ‘Ana? Your dad needs you, he is by the river, hurry up.’ Rachel said.

‘Oh fuck!’ I said as I pulled my dick out of her pussy, sat on the bed, pathetically, but this matadorbet time with a wild boner, standing horizontally. Ana got out of bed and went to see her dad.

While got up and sat on the edge of the bed, looked at Rachel, my mom, still staring at me, with a pity look. I looked back in her eyes, with a sad disappointment look.

‘Oh, my handsome little boy.’ She said in a girlish sing-song voice and sat near me.

‘We have a lot of work to do, once it’s done, you and I can go to the bridge lake in the evening. Okay?’ she asked.

‘Can Ana come to?’ I asked. Bridge lake is a small lake, three miles from our house, into the woods, not big, not small, it is about the size of five or eight swimming pools combined. A beautiful place, and warm water, with a tall fat banyan tree, where my dad, built a treehouse for me and Ana to have fun when there is nothing to do. Fun as in, we would talk about stuff, we do crazy experiments, and anything doable that comes to our mind.

‘Yes sure, she can.’ She said as her hands reached my cock and grabbed them with her soft hands. My stomach flipped. ‘but now we have to finish the work. Okay?’ she said as she played with my shaft and began stroking.

She kept stroking while talking to me ‘oh, yes, sweet boy. Mommy loves you. Do you love mommy?’

‘Yes, mommy. I love you.’ I said as she pecked on my lips. My balls were rolling and curling, she increased her pace in stroking my dick, and a few minutes past, I cummed in her hands. As I threw my hands around my mom’s shoulders while cumming and grunting.

She licked my cum off her hands, ‘now, get to work, we will go to the lake in the evening.’ She said, ‘with Ana.’

Rachel cleaned my dick with the oozing cum, and I went to the farm, picked up some fruits and vegetables, irrigated the crops, plants and trees. chopped of unwanted weeds amidst the crops and plants.



When Rachel said, dad needed me, I was sad that I had to dumb my little brother, I love him too, but I dumped his morning mate. Anyway, I will make up to him in the evening or in the night. I rushed to the river, searching for my dad, there he was, thrusting his dick into Hayley’s mouth on the boat.

Hayley kneeling in front of him, taking his long fat meat into her cute mouth, I saw her suffering from pleasure. Upon my arrival, my dad welcomed me to the small boat with an uncomfortable middle of blowjob smile.

‘Hey, Ana, come fast, we have a long way to go.’ He said.

Hayley turned her face in the middle of a blowjob and smiled, a welcome smile, then she continued blowing my dad, I washed my face with the sweet river water, got on the boat. He pulled Hayley back, and she began stroking his dick, in a few minutes, he grunted, expressing that he is about to cum. Hayley immediately took it in her mouth and absorbed all the load of cum of his.

‘Ahhhh…yess.’ He said and crumbled on the floor of the boat. Hayley swallowed the cum and stood up, came to me, hugged me, as our bare boobs pressing each other’s our nipples rubbing, and she kissed me on the lips, as her tongue slowly slid into my parted lips.

I tasted my dad’s cum from Hayley’s mouth. A few seconds later, after my dad recovering his strength, he stood up and stretched his arms open asking me to hug him and he kissed me.

‘Shall we go angel?’ he asked, his hands wrapped around my waist, almost my butt too.

‘Yes, dad!’ I said with great enthusiasm, I didn’t dare ask why? Because he wouldn’t call me if it were a stupid place or dangerous place we are going to. He would only call me onboard for an exotic and beautiful, safe place.

My dad took the oar in his hand, pushed the boat away from the ground to the centre of the river, as the current of the river did the favour of moving us forward.

As the boat began moving, Hayley came up to me and grabbed me by the shoulders and made me sit beside her. My dad passed us a bag, in which there were shorts, bikini, undies, T-shirt and basic clothing for all of us. And also, a small bag within the bag with bread, fruits, and a bottle of water.

‘Let’s ignore that, matadorbet giriş for now, sweetie’ Hayley said as she made me lie beside her, her soft fingers caressing all over my body from my face, lips, ears, hair, neck, arms, my boobs and until her hands dragged to my pussy and she began rubbing my almost wet pussy.

My stomach flipped, my nerves felt the joule of current passing through, I moved up closer to her, kissed on the lips, pulled her tongue out with my fingers, licked them, we began kissing each other sensually, as my dad was watching us making out.

Her fingers reached further in my pussy, I shivered, my spine went cold, I ducked a bit, and began sucking her boobs, her big round soft, perky nipples, I groped them, as she slid three fingers into my pussy and began rubbing them, and finger fucking my pussy.

I was intimidated, I slid my hands down her, found her pussy, pushed my fingers, all five fingers all at once, into her already wet juice dripping pussy, my hand was wet and sticky with her juice, she moaned, and screamed.

She smiled along the way to. We were fingering each other, as my daddy was watching us. I moved in front of her, bent to suck and eat Hayley’s pussy, as exposing my ass and clit to my daddy.

He couldn’t just resist our moans, he pulled the oar, placed them, and pushed his dick into my wet pussy and began fucking me, as I was eating Hayley’s pussy. A few minutes later, Hayley had her 2nd orgasm, and she slid under, her face on my pussy, and me on top, with her my face facing her pussy downwards, while my dad kept fucking me in my pussy.

Hayley used her fingers of both hands, and her tongue on me, and I was licking with my hands pressed on the floor of the boat for support. Hayley licked me so well, I started spurting out juices on her face, simultaneously my dad pulled his dick off, and started stroking with a grunted expression. We both kneeled facing his dick, he shot the whole new load of cum on Hayley’s face and my face.

He crumbled and laid down again in the middle of the river. And we licked the cum off each other’s face and kissed and swallowed the cum along with exchanging saliva. We were all exhausted. And laid on the boat for a while.

I laid on Hayley’s lap as she is like a mom to me, her boobs hanging over my face. I dozed off pretty soon.



I finished my work by the noon, took a small nap after a heavy lunch, I preserved energy for the evening, I was also hoping for Ana to return by the evening so we all could go to the bridge lake and have fun in the banyan treehouse. The lunch, exhaustive work, I dozed off longer than a short nap.

When I woke up, it was five in the evening, Ana hasn’t returned yet, I went out of the house searching for Rachel. I searched her in the shed, farmland everywhere, she wasn’t there. Then there was only one place left, I went to the river, she was swimming and bathing.

Stood there staring at her swimming, her wet hair dripping when she came out of the river gave me an instant erection, water droplets on her lips, her nipples, her pussy, and her navel. I thought she forgot about the bridge lake.

‘Mommy, you said we would go to bridge lake in the evening if I finished my work.’ I said rubbing my eyes, my dick was partly erect.

‘Yes Babyboy, I did, I was waiting for Ana to join,’ she said as she came closer to me, hugged me, as my head rested on her beautiful breasts, her left nipple, perky and soft rubbing against my nose. ‘anyway, looks like, they won’t be coming today, shall we go then? To bridge the lake without Ana.’

‘Okay, mommy.’ I replied, hugging her back, and we started marching to the bridge lake which was like a 20-minute walk from home.

When we reached there, we saw the lake for a while, and we both sat on the edge of the lake with our legs in the water, Rachel’s hands wrapped around my shoulder, her side boobs rubbing against my arms and our thighs melting together in the warmth.

‘So, what do we do now Babyboy?’ she asked, I threw my hand around her waist.

‘we will swim, and we can go to the treehouse, stay there for the night, and we go home in the morning.’ I replied.

‘That sounds wonderful.’ She replied, as she poked my nose, and she stood up, her ass with brown mud sticking and clinging, she jumped into the pool, I followed her shortly, we swam for few minutes, it started getting darker, we got out of the pond and walked to the treehouse, all wet and dripping.

Just a five a minute walk from the lake. We were there, she began climbing the stair-like branches, her ass and vagina right above my face. we climbed and reached, we sat for a while, took our breath.

‘I love you, mommy.’ I said, kissing her lips, my hands reached out to her pussy, and rubbed her clit slowly.

‘I love you to Babyboy…’ she said as her hands reached to my dick and began stroking.

‘Can we have a baby one day; I want to be a father. And I want a daughter like you and Hayley.’ I said as I pressed my fingers deeper into her pussy. She moaned, and feeling the painful pleasure, she couldn’t reply to me.

‘Yes Babyboy, you will, yess…. ahhhh now fuck me, baby, show me you can be my daddy.’ She said in between moans.

I stood up, grabbed her, went into the treehouse and she stopped me before going to the bed, she, kneeled down and began sucking my cock starting with a sensual kiss on the shaft. She blew my dick with her warm mouth, and I pulled her up, kissed her lips with my precum sticking all over her face and lips.

I went down on her and began eating her pussy, finger fucking her and rubbing her clit, caressing her inner thighs, as she pressed my head against her pussy asking me to eat her pussy more, she also massages and fondled my hair letting out intermittent moans and pleasurable cries.

Shortly, she spurted out her juice all over my fingers, sticky, wet, warm, and salty. She was gasping and I saw the lusty rage in her eyes, she pulled me back up by grabbing my neck.

‘Fuck me, baby, fuck as you mean it.’ She whispered in my ears, I pushed her on the bed, I went on top of her, missionary is my most favourite one, I can see the pleasure of my dick in her pussy while fucking in missionary.

I rubbed her clit gently first, she was fingering and spreading her clit showing my dick a way to get in. I shoved my dick in, and started swaying my hips two and fro, every time the thrust become harder and my dick went deeper, she was biting her lips, in the pleasure and hunger, she pulled my head, made me kissed her, I fucked her mouth with my tongue, I spitted saliva on her lips, made her suck it and sucked her saliva from her mouth like water from well.

‘Fuck me…. faster, yes baby, fuck your mommy…give it to me.’ She moaned, biting her lips, her eyes rolled back of her head.

I pulled her up, and turned and made her bend, showing me her ass and pussy, I thrust my dick, again further in this time, I spanked her, played with her asshole, while fucking, she was humping to and fro in my rhythm.

I bent forward, pressing my chest against her back while fucking her gently for a few minutes, I bent forward and cupped her boobs, squeezed them, and pinched her nipples, I noticed my fingers got wet again. It was her milk; her lactating big boobs were under my grasp.

I turned her over again and continued fucking in missionary, sucking her boobs, my mouth was getting filled with my mommy’s tasty milk.

‘Yes, drink it, baby, drink mommy’s milk, only for you.’ She moaned in the middle of her cry.

I sucked her boobs for milk, while I was fucking her, harder and deeper, shortly I was about to cum, I gave the constipated expression.

‘Yes baby, cum inside mommy if you want to become a daddy.’ She said, pulled my head closer, kissed me again, our mouth locked with each other. I cummed in my mom’s pussy, as I grunted, and fell on her boobs.

‘Yes, that’s right, you will be a daddy soon.’ She said fondling my hair and my head resting on her tits.

Later, we slept, my dick inside mommy’s ass, cuddling, my hands reached the front, grabbing and cupping one of her boobs and my other hand on her navel, caressing. As we slept.

The next morning, I woke up, with my mom cuddling me and holding my dick with cum on her hand, and bed all sticky with puddles on the bed. Her boobs pressed against my back.

(If you liked this story, then comment down to know more in episode 2)

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