Going For It

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Michelle’s eyes swept over the newest group of costumed patrons and groaned inwardly. No good tippers there. There were two girls who use Halloween as an excuse to wear as little clothing as possible. They probably wouldn’t even buy a drink for themselves all night. A third girl dressed in a creative but dumpy looking dog in a purse costume was obviously the designated driver/ shoulder to cry on. She would buy her own drinks but her annoyance at having to buy her own drinks would make her a poor tipper.

Michelle really could use some good tippers tonight. Her tuition bill was due this week and she was more than a little short. Where was a hot air filled money bags who loved to throw bills around to impress women when you needed one?

“Hold your panties, ladies, the party is here!” announced a guy walking through the door. He was a good looking guy with wavy blond hair and bright blue eyes, but the smirk on his face was enough to make women simply roll their eyes and ignore whatever attractive features he possessed. His body was hidden behind an a-frame costume that he was wearing. It was carpeted and covered with condom wrappers, used condoms, and several pairs of women’s panties. As he moved further into the room, Michelle could see that there was also a woman’s stiletto shoe attached to the back of the billboard.

Michelle’s attention was fixated on the door, not because the gods had answered her prayers for a good tipper, though she knew in Vince they had, but because he was often accompanied by the one man who had been a constant presence in her fantasies since the age of twelve when her family had moved next door to the Howards. She put the bar rag down and tried not to grin as a large version of the grim reaper walked in the door behind Vince. When he slipped the hood off his head and pushed the mask up, Michelle knew she was grinning like an idiot. It was Jared, the perfect specimen of a man, in her view. Tall, muscular, blond and as sweet and nice as his younger brother was obnoxious. Unfortunately it was Vince who saw her first.

“Holy shit,” Vinny said above the din of the crowd. “It’s my number one girl. And what a sweet piece of ass you are.”

“Hi Vinny,” Michelle answered smiling despite his lewd behavior. She had spent enough time around him to have a high tolerance for his crudeness. Besides when she picked out the donkey ears and tail, she knew she was asking for just that type of comment.

“Is that you Shelby?” Jared asked joining his brother.

“In the flesh,” she answered, hating the childhood nickname that Vinny had given her and everyone in her old hometown had picked up. “So what brings you guys out here tonight?”

“I was on the trail of a hot babe, picked up her scent a couple of miles away and I’ve obviously found her,” Vinny said, laying it on thick as usual.

Michelle gave Vinny the customary eye roll. “Do you guys need something to drink?”

“I’ll take a Hiene,” Vinny answered his eyes dropping to her tail again.

Jared shook his head in mock disgust, then answered, “The same.”

As the beer filled the glass mugs, Michelle thought that she would have no problem given Jared as much ‘Hiene’ as he wanted. She put the mugs on the counter in front of the guys and Vinny as expected smacked down a much larger bill then necessary. She put his change on the counter but he made no move to pick it up and she knew he wouldn’t. The brothers had money and Vinny liked to spread it around.

“So how long have you been here in Albright?” Jared asked taking a quick sip of his beer.

“Starting my third year,” she answered, refilling a customer’s mug who had temporarily pushed in next to the brothers.

“No way,” answered Vinny. “You’re a junior and I’ve never seen you around fixbet campus?”

“I guess that sniffer doesn’t work as well as you advertise,” Michelle answered back. Vinny laughed loudly. Michelle pulled out a rag and wiped down a spot on the bar. “I’ve been taking courses at the community college for the last two years. This is my first year at the university.”

Both men simply nodded. Neither would be able to understand the need for taking a cheaper route to a four year degree that taking courses at the community college had enabled her to do. A change of topics was in order.

“I like your costume, Jared,” she said, “Never has death looked so appealing.”

“What about mine, Shelby?” Vinny interjected. “Aren’t you going to ask me what I am?”

“I’m afraid to.”

“I’m my bedroom floor after an evening spent with you.”

Michelle rolled down the edge of her jeans to expose the narrow strip of material of her underwear. “I’m afraid you have the wrong girl. Mine are blue.”

Both men laughed.

“Michelle, we need more napkins,” interrupted her boss, Veronica.

“Sorry guys, duty calls,” Michelle said to the brothers. As she slipped around the edge of the bar to head to the stock room, she decided on the off chance that Jared was watching she might as well work what she had. So she swiveled her hips as she walked laughing as she felt her tail flop back and forth against her thighs. When she returned to the main room, neither of the brothers was in view. She took a moment to look around for him then gave up when Veronica called her name. She jumped into drink making again and forced the thoughts of Jared out of her head. Of course the more she tried not to think of him, the more he was in her head. He had spent too many years in her fantasies to miss this opportunity to please her. Her fingers moved automatically over the glasses, sweeping the dirty ones into the sink and refilling the beer mugs thrust her way. Her mind was somewhere else, somewhere imagining Jared’s touch on her body, the taste of the skin on his neck, the firm feeling of the muscles in his ass under her hand.

“Earth to Michelle!” Veronica’s voice broke into her daydream.

Michelle looked up at her boss startled. “I’m sorry. What?”

“I said you got the wrong napkins. I wanted the Halloween ones.” Veronica was working right alongside her as the number of people in the bar was increasing steadily.

“That was the only box I saw back there,” Michelle answered.

“They must be in the basement. Go get them before the crowd gets bigger.”

Michelle nodded and wiped her hands on a towel. She moved quickly through the crowd trying to force her head back into her current location. It was going to be much to busy a night for daydreaming. She opened the locked door and hit the switch on the side wall, illuminating the creaky wood stairs. She had just reached the bottom step when she heard the creak of the steps above her. A black cloaked figure stood on the top step. Michelle was about to tell the person that this are was off limits to customers when he looked down at her. She saw the face of the grim reaper and her heart skipped a beat.

“I keep telling Veronica I’m going to meet my death on these stairs,” Michelle joked, her voice catching as she continued. “This wasn’t quite what I meant.”

The tall figure came down the stairs toward her and Michelle rubbed her palms against the side of her jeans. When the masked figure reached the bottom step, she turned to move away and give him some space. His hand flashed out quickly and grabbed her by the waist pulling her back against him.

“My sweet little Shelby,” the figure whispered into her ear.

Her whole body resounded with a deafening yes. When fixbet giriş his hand touched the bare skin of her stomach, she ground her ass against him. He responded by sliding his hand higher. The fingers stroked her skin leaving heated trails across her belly. His hand paused for a moment, but when her hand groped behind her for his crotch it immediately continued upward and covered one of her breasts. The fingers squeezed and released the full mound matching her rhythm on his balls. Then his thumb found her nipple through the thin fabric of her bra and teased it with rapid circular motions till it stood out firmly and Michelle’s breath was coming out in rapid pants.

Michelle turned in his arms and lifted her hand toward his face. He reached up with his own to take off the mask, but she changed her mind and stopped his hands. With the mask on, he was just a guy she was going to fuck, with it off he would be the guy she had idolized for forever and that would make this a lot more awkward. He made another move to remove the mask and instead of fighting him to keep it on, she dropped to her knees in front of him and pushed aside the folds of his cloak till she reached his pants. The cloak fell back over her head as she unzipped his jeans and pulled out an already swollen cock. She couldn’t see it in the dark , but as she ran her hand down the length of it she was convinced it was magnificent. She leaned in and licked the tip and was rewarded with a groan by it’s owner. She greedily sucked the head into her mouth while her hands began pumping at the base. The moans intensified and his hips began rocking back and forth feeding his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. Michelle found her own hips rocking back and forth as well.

Soon the need that was burning between her legs was too much, she released his cock and pushed back a little freeing herself from his robe. She looked up to see that he was still wearing the mask. She smiled and as she stood she slipped her fingers into the fastenings of her own jeans and undid them. She began pushing them over her hips when he reached for her again. His hands found the bare skin of her hips then slid to her ass, squeezing his fingers under the jeans and pushing them further off her body. Her fingers buried themselves in the silky fabric of his cloak as her lips found a small patch of skin on the side of his neck.

His fingers worked deeper over her ass till one hand slipped between her thighs. The fingers probed her pussy lips, sliding between the swollen folds of skin. Then one, then a second finger slid up inside her and she moaned flattening her body against his. When his other hand slid from her ass around to cover the thin strip of curls of the front of her pubic area, she bit into his neck smothering her moan. His hands worked her from both sides, one playing with her clit the other pumping in and out of her. She rocked her body back and forth, clinging to him and continually licking and nipping at his neck. She could taste the salt of his skin and the sweet smell of shampoo with just a whisper of cologne. It was intoxicating to her. She had longed to know the feel of his hands and now here she was, her body on fire as the blood pounded through her veins. She could feel the orgasm starting but this wasn’t how she wanted it to happened. She pushed his hands away as she pushed her jeans lower. Then she turned and leaned into the steps thrusting her naked ass at him. The thought of condom went through her head and she pushed it aside. She was on the pill and this was Jared. Then all thought left her as she felt his cock press into her. He was large, but he went slowly stretching her slick passage. When he was finally all the way in, with his balls pressed against her ass, they both groaned. When he began to pump in and out, she knew it was going to be a quick trip for both of them. She gripped the rough wooden steps and slammed her hips back as he pressed his forward. The sound of the creaking stairs mixed with the sexual music of skin slapping against skin, intermixed with moans and panting breath. She bit into her arm to stifle a scream as the sensations peaked and her body broke into violent shudders of pleasure. He thrust one last time burying himself deep as he cock pulsed and exploded within her. Their bodies remained locked rigidly together for a moment as their orgasms hit their peak. Then he pulled her body back from the steps and cuddled her against him. They both let out a long weary breath and relaxed against each other.

Neither spoke. Without the creaking of the steps, the room was now quiet except for some crowd noise filtering down from above. Michelle waited for him to say something and when he didn’t after several seconds, she became very conscious of her lack of clothing.

“You go ahead, I’ll be up in a couple minutes,” she said pushing away from him and reaching down to pull her jeans up. To her disappointment, he still said nothing. He zipped his pants back up and climbed the stairs. He paused for a second at the top then opened the door and slipped back out into the bar.

Michelle went to the back of the stockroom and used the bathroom. She cleaned herself up and glanced into the rusted mirror to check the state of her hair. Tears were hanging on the edge of her eyes lashes and she forced herself to swallow several times. The euphoria of a moment ago had been replaced by confusion. She swiped at her eyes a few times with a fold of toilet paper then took a deep breath. She didn’t have time for any emotional analysis right now. Veronica was probably already pissed. She glanced around the room, located the correct box and headed back up the stairs.

The bar was definitely more crowded and she had to elbow her way through. She dropped the box behind the bar and immediately started washing glasses. Veronica looked over and gave her a quick smile. She finished up with the group at the end of the bar and came over to inspect the box.

“Thanks kid,” she said ripping open the top and tossing a couple of handfuls onto the bar. “Sorry if they were buried on you. I’ve been meaning to get down there and organize that place.”

“No problem.” Michelle shrugged. Her eyes scanned the crowd looking for him. “Crowds getting bigger.”

“Yeah, it’ll be a decent night.”

Then Michelle spotted him and her heart clenched. He was sitting in a both sans costume with a petite blonde dressed as Tinkerbelle almost sitting in his lap.

“Are you alright?” Veronica asked.

Michelle couldn’t answer. How could Jared be playing with Tinkerbelle just minutes after having sex with her?

Veronica’s eyes followed Michelle’s gaze. “You know him?” she asked. “He’s a cutie. Obnoxious little shit he’s with though.”

Michelle looked at her unsure if she was talking about the blonde of Vinny.

“She came in a half hour ago told him to lose his costume because it was depressing. She’s been bouncing up and down on his lap ever since.”

“What?” Michelle’s jaw dropped open. “He didn’t just get up to use the bathroom or anything did he?”

“No,” Veronica laughed. “I think Tinkerbelle’s got him a little too worked up for that. I bet you ten bucks she gives him a hand job under the table before the night is over.”

A wave of nausea swept over her as her eyes scanned the crowd searching for the black hood. Then she spotted the empty costume on a stool on the far side of the bar.

“Who left that there?” she managed to squeak out, gesturing to the costume.

“I don’t know,” Veronica answered, shrugging. “It wasn’t there a couple minutes ago.”

Michelle trembled as her eyes scanned the crowd searching for some clue. She had just had unprotected sex with Death.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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