Gina’s Coming of Age

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This is the story of my wife, Gina’s coming of age story as she embarked on her college life.


Gina was 19 and excited about the new adventures upcoming in her life. She had taken a year after high school to work and save some money. But now she was going to use some of that money to put herself through college. She had dreams of a career and was focused on bettering herself. Gina couldn’t hardly wait for the last week of the summer to pass so she could venture off to college.

Gina was worried what her new roommate in college would be like. All she knew about Sarah was that she was from Edmonton Ontario. They had talked on the phone a couple of times briefly but had never met. Gina worried a little about her privacy, she was in the midst of exploring her sexuality. Although most of the time by herself. She was perpetually horny and masturbated several times a day. Gina still lived at home and spent a lot of time in the basement fantasizing and rubbing her pussy. She dreamed of a partner that could pleasure her and appease to her budding wild side.

Gina had a boyfriend, Jason, who was a little more into her than she was into him. Jason was 22 but very inexperienced. He followed her around like a little puppy dog and she wanted more. Gina craved a man. Jason was Gina’s first sexual partner. She really enjoyed the sex, anytime she could be naked she was in her happy place. She thought Jason was very cute and had a great body but his immaturity made it hard for her to take him seriously. Jason and Gina were both learning what each other liked, but Gina having talked with her friends was hoping for Jason to be more assertive. She thought the sex was pretty good but not comparable to what she was fantasizing about.

Gina had a very good summer job working in an office. As the summer was coming to a close and she needed to give her notice and get going to school. The manager at the office was a 35-year-old man, Mark. Mark was someone that has flirted with Gina all summer long. Gina was not sure how to take all of this as it was her boss. She found him very attractive and knew he was in charge of the office.

Thursday was going to be Gina’s last day of work, she thought she would give her boss a little show. She knew he always flirted with her which she thought he liked her at least a little. Gina wore a tight fitting black skirt that came up about half way up her thighs and a white button down blouse. Today was going to be different, when Mark flirted with Gina, she was going to flirt back. She knew she was heading off to college and wasn’t sure if she would see him again. He was older and successful and when he talked to her and it made her wet. He was a far more exciting prospect and her boyfriend Jason. So all day long the back-and-forth, Gina even unbuttoned her blouse a little more than usual so her cleavage was exposed. At the end of the day her boss told her he would take her out to celebrate her last day. Gina accepted, thinking it was going to be the whole office together.

Gina left at 4 o’clock to drop the payroll in the mail and stopped by her house quickly. There was a message from Jason wanting to hang out which she ignored and left a note on the counter that she was going out with her friends and was probably just going to crash at Stacy’s house because they would be out late downtown and would see everyone tomorrow. She drove to O’Malley’s, the hip little upscale bar was kind of the office hang out. When she got there she was a bit surprised to see no one from the office was there except her boss.

Gina did not think much about this, she thought she was just early. She made her way over to the booth and sat down next to her boss. Mark told her that she had done a great job and to please come back next summer to work. Gina had always been attracted to him and now in the dark or light she could not break from the gaze of his eyes. Mark was tall, about 6’2″ and had just a hint of grey hair prematurely on the sides of his wavy dark hair. Gina found this incredibly hot. As the time went on Gina had a few more glasses of wine and was getting tipsy and realize nobody else was coming.

Gina was having all kinds of feelings, she knew she was going to be leaving for college in a couple of days. She also knew she had a boyfriend, although she was really ready to move on. She also was in the company of a man whom she had a huge crush on and he had his hand on her thigh. Gina was a little taken aback by all of this, especially since she had a crush on Mark for so long and she was a little nervous and excited.

Gina asked “Where is everybody else?”

Mark responded “Actually we are the only ones coming. I’ve had a crush on you all summer and wanted to see you off the right way.”

Gina was a little taken aback by this especially since she had a crush on Mark all summer as well.

“I couldn’t help notice the way you have dressed lately and I do believe you’re flirting with me am I right?”

Gina responded, matadorbet “Guilty.”

Mark asked he “Do you want to come back to my place for a nightcap?”

All kinds of thoughts rush through Gina’s head. She had a boyfriend who is crazy about her but also annoyed her at the same time. She was also going off to college in three days. In her mind Gina knew this was a crazy idea but when responding to Mark’s question Gina said, “I would love to go for a nightcap.”

At the office Gina had always seen Mark has a big strong confident man in charge of everything. She followed him to his house. The whole time she was getting more excited and she could feel her panties getting soaked. After a short five minute drive they arrived at Mark’s house and parked in the driveway. As they both got out of the car and started to walk in Mark said we’re going to have to be quiet my roommate is probably asleep. Gina thought this was a little strange that he even had a roommate. She knew he made a lot of money and was wondering why.

As they got inside Mark put his finger over Gina’s lips and said, “SHHHH” and whispered “let’s go down in the basement so we do not disturb my roommate.”

When they got in the basement Mark mixed them each a drink. Although Gina had partaken in alcohol, she was hardly a seasoned veteran, Gina did not drink often, but she agreed. Mark put on some music and Gina was starting to feel moisture filling up in her pussy with the anticipations of what might happen. Although she had only been with her boyfriend she had imagined many other guys. And now she was in someone’s basement and could not help but think of another cock filling her insides. It was also turning Gina on the thought of cheating on her boyfriend.

At one time she felt guilty but was overcome by how horny and excited she was. Mark sat down next to her. He started to make out with her. Gina could feel the moistness in her panties becoming overwhelming. Mark grazed his hand over her tits and she knew he could feel how hard her nipples were. Mark took her hand and placed it on his pants over his cock. It was so hot for Gina to feel how hard Mark was for her.

Mark then unbuckled his pants and guided Gino onto her knees in front of the couch. He was far more assertive that her boyfriend ever was. As he guided her into unzipping his pants, Gina pulled Mark’s pants and underwear down. As she slowly did this, her boss’ erect cock sprung out from under his underwear. He was so hard. One thing Gina had really loved doing with her boyfriend is giving blow jobs. She took Mark’s cock in her hand and lowered her mouth to it. She started to swirl her tongue around the tip and licking the pre-come off of his cock. Her older suitor then grabbed her by the back of the head and pushed her down farther on top where Gina was forced to swallow most of his member. Within a couple minutes Mark started to spray his load in Gina’s mouth. She quickly pulled back and was covered with cum from her chin down to her chest on and on her bra from her open blouse.

Mark was a little shocked and said, “I can’t believe how good you are at that”.

Gina, covered in cum decided she needed to clean up a little.

Mark was a little embarrassed, “Gina I have never done that before. Usually I am so much better, I will make it up to you. You can use the shower in the hall.”

He was supposed to be the older more experienced one and did not hold out for long. As Gina went into the shower Mark did his best to try to recover. Gina was washing the cum off of herself and her pussy was still filled with her own wetness. She soaped up her tits and ran her hands down through her little furry patch above her pussy, as her hand touched the outside she started to rub her clip. Gina could always make herself cum quickly. And just as she was about to make her pussy explode, she looked over to see Mark watching her through the glass door of the shower fully erect again. She stopped.

Mark said, “Keep going.” She was her boss and she was used to doing what he said, so she kept rubbing her pussy. If she wasn’t so turned on Gina wondered if she would have ever done this, but she now had a man masturbating feet from her as she pleasured herself. Minutes later, she came. Mark with his hard cock in his hand and stroking it then gave her a towel and helped dry her off. He took her to his bedroom he laid her on the bed got between her legs and started to lick her pussy. Gina was in heaven and started to moan.

Mark said “You have to be quiet my roommate is asleep.”

But Gina could not control herself and let out a couple more moans. Mark then crawled up between her and she could feel his hard cock pressing against your pussy.

He whispered, “You have to be quiet my roommate is sleeping and I do not want him to know what we are doing.”

This kind of turned her on more than she had ever been and acted as fuel to Gina’s fire between her legs. As Mark inserted his matadorbet giriş cock into her pussy Gina shrieked and with every move but he made she was louder and louder. Mark lasted much longer this time and was making Gina’s pussy feels so great. Mark felt he was about to come so he stopped.

“Get on your hands and knees” he commanded. Gina flipped over into a doggy style position. She had never done this with her boyfriend. It had always been the missionary position, he now had her with her ass in the air and when he plunged his cock back inside of her Gina moaned with extreme pleasure. This felt better than anything she had ever had. Mark’s cock was not as big as her boyfriends, but now he was fucking her, she needed to get fucked. She felt extremely naughty she grabbed onto the headboard and arched her back to make sure Mark could get in as deep as possible. As he fucked her, she could feel him tense up and feel hot spurts of come hitting the inner walls of her pussy.

At the same time Gina pussy started to spasm and she came again violently. As Gina started to cum, she reached down and started to rub her clip as she backed against his hips. They then both collapsed and fell asleep.

The next morning Gina got up and had to get going for the day she had a lot of packing to do she walked upstairs and passed by Marks roommate in the hallway. She did not realize it was Mark’s brother who she also worked with who smiled at her and said it sounded like you guys had a great night last night. Gina, a little embarrassed smile back and hurried out to her car to go home.

As Gina got into a car to return home she was a little embarrassed but it was also a little hot to her that somebody was listening to what they were doing. The thought of that was making her horny again. Every time she had ever had sex before or even masturbated, she has taken great precautions to make sure nobody was aware. Now her boss had sex with her with his brother listening intently. The thought of this on her drive home was driving her crazy. She could not wait to get home to take a bath and explore her body with her fingers.

The night before Gina told her parents she was staying with a friend, so nobody was too shocked that she did not come home the night before. She knew she would have the house to herself she got home. Everybody would be at work or school. When she turned the corner to come down the street to her house she noticed Jason’s car right there waiting for her. She wanted to meet with him before she went off to college, so she reluctantly invited him into the house.

Jason asked “Where were you last night?”

Gina responded “I stayed at Sarah’s house.”

“I drove by there and your car was not there. Where were you?”

Gina was annoyed, “Why are you spying on me? You never give me any space. I’m leaving for college in two days and I need think it’s time for us to take a break.”

With that Jason set down on the couch and his eyes filled up with tears. “Are you breaking up with me? I love you.”

“This will be best, we can take a break and see where it goes.”

Jason pleaded with her, he hugged and tried to kiss her, “I want to be with you one more time before you go.”

She was very reluctant to reciprocate, but this break up was inevitable and she felt sorry for him. She was still so turned on from the thoughts of the night before and her drive home, that she slipped out of her pants and for the first time ever told someone to lick her pussy.

Jason got down on his knees and starting licking Gina’s pussy. Gina knew she was still filled with Mark’s cum. Another uncharted territory, this was dirty and turning her on as her puppy dog of a boyfriend was cleaning up her pussy from her last night rendezvous.

One thing she did love about Jason was his nice big cock. She surprised him by getting up all fours.

She told Jason, “I’m am ready for you to fuck me. Not just make love but fuck me.”

Jason wiggled out of his pants and without any other foreplay stuck his cock inside of her.

It felt so good inside Gina’s pussy, she started yelling at him, “Jason fuck me good one last time, fuck me good before I go to school.”

Jason continue to fuck her and then like he always did pulled out to shoot his load on his girlfriend. But this time being the first time they were fucking doggy style shot his load on her ass. Gina has never had this happen to her, and turned her on immensely.

She got up and turned to Jason and said “I will call you later. I have to get ready for the day.”

Jason seemed somewhat relieved because they were having sex which covered up the fact that she had sex with someone else last night. As Gina wandered into the bathroom, still without any pants on and cum dripping from her ass, she wondered how Jason could not taste the fact that she had been with someone else the night before. All of this was so hot for her, she realized she was doing things she probably shouldn’t be doing. But it was turning her on more and she drew a bath and brought herself to another orgasm.

Two days later Sunday, the day Gina had been waiting for. Her parents were able to drop her off at college and help move her into her dorm room. She was the first one to arrive on her end of the hall. The dorm room was nothing special it was about the size of a living room with two closets and two beds on either side. Gina wanted to explore the college a little bit by herself said goodbye to her parents and wandered around the campus for a bit. When she came back she finally got to meet her roommate Sarah. Sarah was a very cute blonde, shorter than Gina. Kind of a well put together gymnast figure with nice full boobs. Gina said hello and Sarah came up and gave her a big hug.

Sarah was a very bubbly girl a little more openly outgoing than Gina was. They seem to hit it off and went up to the student union for dinner that night. On the way back from dinner Sarah asked Gina what she thought of the coed dorms.

Gina responded, “It doesn’t seem much different.”

“Well what about the shared bathrooms in the middle of the floor?”

Gina had not knowing this and said, “What do you mean we don’t have our own bathrooms?”

“We have our own bathrooms”, Sarah said, “but the shower stalls are in a community room.”

Gina thought this was interesting and couldn’t wait to see what it look like. When they got back they went down and looked at the bathrooms.

Sarah said “I’ll bet some people have some fun in here don’t you think?”

Gina’s mind just wandered and she had a smile on her face.

After the long day of moving in Sarah and Gina had met some of their floor mates, talked for a bit and decided to go to bed. In the middle of night Gina was awoken by rustling sound. She opened her eyes and in the very dim lit room she could tell Sarah was masturbating. This turned Gina on but she did not want to disturb or embarrass Sarah, so she remained quiet and laid very still, intently watching and listening as Sarah finished herself off.

The next morning when they woke Gina went down for a shower. As she went in the shower, she couldn’t help but think of her roommate masturbating across the room last night. She always thought she was weird for doing this, but maybe it is way more normal than she thought. As Gina showered she started rubbing her pussy, she gave herself her first orgasm at college. It was quick. She just had some pent up energy and needed relief. As she finished and turned the water off she grabbed a towel wrapped around herself and stepped outside the stall. As she did, there was a very young hot guy walking into the shower room with just a towel around his waist.

He smiled at her and said “Hi I am Derek.”

She hoped to herself that he wasn’t in the room long enough to realize she was just in there masturbating and smile back and said “Hi I’m Gina.”

That was all the conversation they had and Gina walked out of the shower room. As she got to the door she turned around and watch Derek drop the towel as he stepped into the shower. She marveled at his ass and figured he must’ve been an athlete there at the college. Gina went back to the room and told Sarah about Derek coming in the shower and getting a glimpse of his ass.

Sarah said “Oh he is one of the football players here and he is very hot isn’t he?”

Gina smiled and said to Sarah “This year is going to be so much fun.”

A week went by and Gina had not seen Derek, until they ran into each other at the cafeteria at lunchtime.

Gina smiled and said “Hi Derek.”

Derek responded with a big smile, “Hi Gina, I haven’t seen you around lately. How is school going for you?”

Gina was smitten with Derek had a huge crush on him she said “It’s going good, I am glad to see you.”

“How would you like to come to a party with me tonight?” Derek asked boldly.

“Yeah I would love to, can my friend Sarah come as well?”

“Yes, me and my buddy Tom will pick you guys up later tonight.”

So as that night came the guys walk down the hallway to pick the girls up who had spent an hour prepping for the night they went out into Derek’s car and drove to the party about 2 miles off of campus. The party was crazy music was blaring and tons of people were there. There was a lot of booze and a lot of college kids getting very rowdy. When one of the slow came on, Derek Gina by the hips pulled her tight and started to make out with her. He was such a great kisser Gina was getting so turned on. Derek grabbed Gina by the hands and led her upstairs and looked into a bedroom where there was a couple people lying on the bed and closed the door really quickly.

They went to the next room which was open and empty went inside and locked the door. They continued to make out, then Derek pulled Gina’s shirt above her head in revealed a little lacy bra that could not contain her nipples poking out of her bra. As Gina continue to make out with Derek she undid his pants and slide his pants down around his knees dropped to her knees took his cock in her hand and immediately started sucking on it.

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