Have We Learned Our Lesson?

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We face off, both breathless and laughing from our wrestling and tickling exertions. Kneeling opposite you on the bed, I look for a good opening to pounce. Opting, perhaps unwisely, for the head-on approach, I lunge and dig my fingers into your sides, tickling you as hard as I can. For a moment, I think I have you as you double over, laughing and trying to evade my tickling grasp. But before I can push my advantage, you’re launching a counter-attack, one of your hands tickling me in the ribs while the other grasps my forearm, catching me off balance and pulling me onto my side. Trapping one of my arms beneath your body, you mercilessly tickle my side and hip and armpit while I struggle with helpless mirth, trying to fend you off and escape at the same time. I manage to drag my arm free and for a few moments we struggle, each trying to pin the other and tickle everywhere within reach but you roll on top of me, holding me with your weight while you chase my flailing arms, pinning first one wrist above my head, then the other. When I try to throw you off, you lock your feet around my ankles so that my body is stretched taut and completely pinned beneath you.

I writhe futilely, at rather a loss as to how I ended up in this position so quickly. Looking into my eyes and obviously enjoying my mutinous expression and unsuccessful escape attempts, you grin wickedly and shift your grip so that both of my wrists are trapped in one of your hands, leaving the other free to torment me at leisure.

“Let me go!”

“Not a chance”

Your free hand maddeningly works over the incredibly ticklish skin of my armpit and then proceeds to wander down my side, prodding and tickling as I convulse with helpless laughter. You give me a break and look down at me, smiling, as I catch my breath and glare.

“Now…have we learned our lesson?”

I can’t bring myself to give up so easily, and your taunt only provokes me into a fresh bout of twisting and squirming.

“I take it that’s a no? Too bad for you….”

You tighten your grip on my wrists and grind down against me, stifling my struggles, but you don’t resume tickling. Instead, your free hand caresses my straining bare arms and moves down to run over my side, lingering slightly at the exposed skin at my waist and over the curve of my hip where my singlet has ridden up. You are staring intently into my eyes and I am suddenly very aware of your body pressed against me, and of your face only inches away from mine. I turn my head slightly and break the eye contact, trying to hide what I’m feeling, but your hand moves up, caressing the sensitive skin of my neck and gently but firmly turning my face back towards you.

Our eyes lock again, and this time I couldn’t look away if I wanted to. Involuntarily, my lips part. I shift beneath you a little, and flex my arms, but now more for the pleasure of feeling your weight on my body, and the thrill of your physical power over me. As if sensing this, you continue to hold me pinned and move your lips to brush against mine, testing my response. We stay like this for a few moments, delicately exploring each other’s lips, holding back, and then simultaneously moving fiercely into the kiss. I’m unaware of time passing as we kiss passionately as if to devour each other, our tongues first just lightly touching then tangling, exploring….

A little moan of disappointment escapes me when you break the kiss, shifting the weight of your torso off me to rest on your elbow, and slackening your grip on my wrists. Your voice brings me back a little from my sensual daze.

“Do you still want me to let you go?”

We both know that it is a rhetorical question, but the slight taunt in your voice combined with your obvious satisfaction at my arousal, and the desire in your eyes, only serve to excite me further. As you release my aching wrists, I twine my arms around your neck and try to draw you back down to me but you resist, smiling, and grasp the hem of my singlet, slowly peeling it up to rest just below my breasts. Longing to feel your skin against me, I begin to slide your t-shirt up and you help me to pull it over your head. I trail my fingers down your bare chest and then over your shoulders and escort kartal down your back, using my fingernails and enjoying your soft moan of pleasure. Your hands return to my singlet, drawing it up and exposing my breasts to your gaze and your touch. For a few moments, you gently stroke and massage them, simply feeling their weight and texture but not touching the nipples. I arch my back slightly, trying to entice you. Finally, holding my gaze, you draw a light circle with your fingertip around first one nipple, then the other, making me gasp. I lie quivering while you continue to tease my nipples, watching them hardening, your fingertips drawing ever closer to the ultra-sensitive tips. You look intently into my eyes when you lightly pinch them, making me cry out with pleasure and dig my fingernails reflexively into your back as I feel the sensation tingling from my nipples to my clit.

At some point during our earlier struggles, I have twisted my legs free only to succeed in allowing your hips to rest firmly between my parted thighs. Now as I writhe with delight at your touch, I become fully aware of the hard, intimate pressure of your erection against my pussy. I grind against you deliberately, making you gasp and enjoying the sound and the sensation of rubbing my throbbing clit. In a swift move, you grasp my shoulders and shift our positions so that you are leaning propped against the pillows, and I come to rest facing you and straddling your lap. You strip off my singlet completely and run your hands all over my naked torso while I caress your chest and arms and shoulders. Your hands slip easily under the waistband of my pyjama bottoms to squeeze the bare cheeks of my arse, holding me firmly and grinding me down against your erection, making us both moan. The next moment, your hands are at my breasts again, flicking at the hard little buds of my nipples and causing me to whimper and squirm.

“You like that, hmmm? Would you like me to lick them?”

“Yes!” I gasp, as you give them a little pinch.

“Well….” you pretend to consider, “you’ll have to convince me…cup your breasts together with both hands…that’s right…now bring your nipples up to my lips…..”

I obey.

“Now ask me nicely.”

“Please…please lick my nipples.”

For a moment, you have a rather evil grin on your face and I know that you’re thoroughly enjoying the fact that you’ve so completely broken through my earlier resistance, but the act of wantonly offering you my body and humbly asking for my pleasure arouses me almost as much as the first, wet touch of your tongue on my right nipple. As you work my nipples with your tongue, alternating between flicking and sucking and long, wet licks, you soon have me moaning and gasping and crying out. Just when I think I’m almost on the verge of cumming from the pleasure of it, I feel your hand sliding under the waistband of my pyjamas, followed by the sensation of your finger lightly brushing against the outside of my wet slit before suddenly sinking deep inside me, making my cry out louder than ever.

“Mmmm…” You moan with satisfaction, moving the finger inside me.

I feel as though I might melt with pleasure as you begin to slowly finger fuck me while moving your thumb teasingly against my clit, all the while continuing to lick my nipples. My breathing speeds up as I begin to feel a climax approaching, but you’re obviously not ready to let me have that yet and you stop suddenly, withdrawing your hand and bringing the glistening wet finger up to your lips. I watch, transfixed, as you lick the length of the finger and then slide it into your mouth, sucking it clean.

Breathing hard, I try to get myself a little under control. Still straddling you, I move my way down your body, gripping the waistband of your boxer shorts and peeling them down. I catch my breath at the sight of your straining hard cock, but continue to shift down your body until I am standing at the foot of the bed, pulling the boxers over your feet and dropping them to the floor. Catching your eyes and smiling cheekily, I slowly slide my pyjama bottoms over the curve of my hips and arse and down my legs before stepping out of them. For a moment, we just look at uğur mumcu escort each other, each enjoying the sight of the other naked and exposed. My gaze lingers on your erection again, and I give you a very meaningful smile. You know what’s coming.

“My turn to taste you, now…”

I clamber back onto the bed, this time nudging your legs apart with my knees and enjoying your warm skin and the slightly rough texture of the hair on your legs. Bending low, resting my elbows on the bed and knowing you’ll enjoy the view of my raised arse, I trail kisses up first one inner thigh, then the other, sometimes pausing to give your skin a little lick or a gentle bite. I stop with my face inches from your cock and allow my breath to play over the skin. As I extend my tongue towards the base of your cock, I glance up at you and smile, holding your gaze, as I drag my tongue up your cock in a long, slow lick. You close your eyes and moan. I repeat this a few times, licking all over your cock, circling the head with my tongue, watching your reactions, before finally allowing it to slide into my mouth. I draw the moment out, letting you feel the firm pressure of my lips moving agonizingly slowly over the head of your cock and down the shaft. As I begin to move my mouth up and down, I allow my tongue to work over the underside of your cock while one of my hands grasps the base of the shaft, the better to feed it into my eager mouth. My other hand caresses your thighs and balls, sometimes sneaking between my legs to steal a quick touch of my aching clit. The feeling of your hard cock sliding in and out of my mouth, and your moans and sighs of pleasure, have kept me incredibly aroused. I’m seriously considering shifting up your body and shoving your cock inside me when I feel you gently entwining your fingers in the hair at the nape of my neck, and raising my head, forcing your slick cock to slide from between my lips.

My little groan of disappointment becomes a gasp of surprise when you pull me up, grasp my shoulders, and neatly flip me over onto my back. Once again, you have me pinned beneath you, both of my wrists in one of your hands, your weight holding my body down. This time, however, we are skin to skin. You look into my eyes and give me a long, lingering kiss, shifting your body, using your knees to ease my thighs apart. Your free hand trails down my body slowly, lightly pinching one of my nipples on the way, and finally sliding a finger between my parted cunt lips to gently rub my swollen clit. I gasp against your lips and feel you smile.

“You like that?” you murmur. Another rhetorical question.

“Oh yes…”

You tease me for a few more seconds while I gasp and squirm, but the next moment your weight is off me and my wrists are free. Your mouth follows the path of your hand, licking both nipples fully erect and sending agonizing tingles of pleasure to my clit, before continuing down over my stomach and hip. As you kiss your way down my thigh, you slide off the bed to kneel at the end of it, and then reach up to grip my waist, dragging me almost roughly down the bed towards you until my hips are resting close to the edge. I raise my head to look at you and you meet my gaze with a meaningful smile of anticipation as your hands slide up the insides of my thighs and begin to lightly press them apart.

“Come on…spread your legs nice and wide for me.”

I need no more encouragement, spreading my thighs as wide as I can beneath the gentle pressure of your hands and then raising my legs, bending my knees and resting my feet on the bed. There’s a long, charged silence while you don’t touch me but look from my eyes to my exposed pussy, deliberately letting me feel vulnerable, making me wait. Sliding both hands up my thighs, you bring them to rest on my neatly trimmed mound and slowly but firmly spread the outer lips of my cunt open, exposing me more than ever.

All restraint gone, I’m willing to beg you to lick me, but you are finally lowering your face between my thighs. I wait, quivering, and my little whimper of frustration becomes a cry of pleasure at the first touch of your tongue, directly on my incredibly sensitive clit. You work it delicately çavuşoğlu escort with your tongue and have me on the brink of orgasm within moments but you know how to keep me there, to tease. Your tongue moves from my clit to gently caress the wet inner lips of my pussy, and then stiffens, sliding right inside me and making me gasp. I’m lost in pleasure and intense erotic frustration as you tease and tongue me, my head turning feverishly from side to side, my hands gripping and clawing the sheets above my head, my whole body writhing, my whimpers and cries of pleasure completely unrestrained. When I try to grind my pussy against your face, desperately wanting to cum, you press your forearms and elbows down against my spread thighs, pinning my hips, holding me still while you torment my clit, massaging and licking it firmly, then lightly, pushing me deliberately to the brink and then pulling me back again.

Now I really am begging you and I can tell that you love this, love having me so completely beside myself. After another minute of agonizing teasing, of me straining and squirming and pleading, you finally relent and allow me my release, keeping the pressure and movements of your tongue firm and constant enough to bring me to a blissful, quivering, obliterating climax.

I lie panting, momentarily weak, and feel the bed dip under your weight as you begin to move up it again. When you meet my eyes, you lick your lips and smile with deep satisfaction and I return the smile, reaching out to stroke your chest.

“That was amazing,” I breathe, “in case you hadn’t guessed…”

“I was going to say the same thing myself.”

As you settle your body over me again, I feel your erection brush my thigh, and then come to rest against my pussy, which is still incredibly sensitive from the skilful attentions of your lips and tongue. I answer the question in your eyes with a wide smile and spread my legs wide again, circling my hips so that my wet slit grinds enticingly against your cock. Looking deeply into my eyes, you shift your hips forward slightly and I feel the head of your cock penetrate me, making me gasp. You hold still for a moment while we look at each other, each of us savouring every moment of sensation, and then you move again, slowly and inexorably sliding your cock inside me, opening me all the way.

Your first few strokes are like that…long and slow and deep, seeming to take place within a moment of perfect stillness and awareness of each other while we breathe and gaze and feel. As you begin to increase the pace of your thrusts, the connection isn’t broken but the excitement starts to build and we move with a more violent intensity and energy and purpose, each seeking our own pleasure and revelling in the other’s. We are fierce again, locked together almost as we were when wrestling, but now intent on the connection between are bodies and the delicious, slippery friction of our fucking. When we kiss, it is again as if to devour each other, but this time I can taste my juices on your lips and tongue and the memory of you eating me arouses me more than ever. I bring my legs up, wrapping them around your waist and pulling you against me hard, holding you there while I grind and squirm against you, shamelessly rubbing my clit against your pubic bone. I am very, very close and I can tell by your flushed face and ragged breathing, and the tension in your muscles that you are as well. You bring one hand up to cup my breast, your thumb teasing the erect nipple, and move your lips close to my ear.

“Come…come for me.”

As if on command, I feel my orgasm wash over me in wave after wave of pleasure, my body shuddering and convulsing and my cries mingling with yours as you join me.

For a moment, there is stillness as the world comes back into focus. I meet your eyes and we smile at each other with the deepest warmth, your hand moving up to stroke my cheek while I gently glide my fingernails down your back, making you shiver slightly. You roll onto your side, pulling me with you, are bodies still joined, our legs entwined. As we rest together like this, gazing at each other and gently caressing, I notice a rather mischievous expression on your face.

“What’s that about?” I demand, prodding you in the ribs. “Hmmmm?”

You’re now grinning openly.

“So…have we learned our lesson?”

I take the opportunity to give you a quick tickle.

“Well, I have this time… But I may need very regular reminders.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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