My Chinese BF is Cuckolded Pt. 07

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That first week back after my wild weekend with Al and Jamal was wall-to-wall sex with my boyfriend, though every day I would lock him up before work in his cock cage. We both enjoyed having me as his cuckoldress and Al as our bull. Stevie would get released when we got home and I would often tell him how Al would make passing comments to me about fucking me again or reference his large cock in comparison to Stevie’s thin, average Chinese dick. This would get us both off.

Al was absolutely a professional at work and I don’t think anyone suspected our relationship. He was, however, into cuckolding more than just me and my boyfriend. Turns out he had two other couples under his spell. Spouses of each worked at our accounting firm. Al told me about them over the course of the next few weeks because Stevie and I weren’t able to have any time with our big black bull. I had to rely solely on our Lex Steele dildo and Stevie’s mouth to cum. Unfortunately, I was becoming numb to my boyfriend’s Asian dick in terms of orgasming. I still loved his thin cock but I needed a good stretch that only a big cock could provide.

The first couple he told me about was this white brunette receptionist, Amber. She was really cute with big breasts and a flirty personality. Turns out, her husband had what is call a micro-penis. He was by all accounts a good man and was pretty tall and handsome. He just lacked any size, less than 3″ hard and quite thin, thinner than Stevie, as Al told me.

Al had a knack for finding couples that needed “servicing” as he put it. And, apparently he serviced the hell out of Amber. They often went to lunch together which I could only imagine was a front for some sort of sexual tryst. Sometimes I was actually jealous watching them walk to his car. Her hips swayed seductively and he usually held her hand, like he did with me. Everyone at work knew she was married and the office gossip flourished with perceived scandal. I knew deep down that he wasn’t really mine. He was ‘our’ bull. And, he played with others.

Amber would smile at me with a knowing grin and sometimes wink. I believe she knew that Al was also cuckolding me and my boyfriend. In fact, after I told Stevie about her, he mentioned several times that she would do the same with him.

The other couple shocked the heck out of me. It was our COO, Dwayne. He was a very dark skinned black man but like Stevie and Amber’s husband, he was not very well endowed. Al found out at the nearby gym that they both belonged to. Al would walk arrogantly around the locker room with his big dick on display and swaying freely. He used that to advertise his prowess and cuckolds seemed to flock to it like moths to a flame.

Turns out that Dwayne had a thing for seeing his white wife being fucked by well hung men, just like Stevie. He didn’t have a race preference, only a thick, long dick to satisfy his size queen spouse. Dwayne was tall, a little over six feet, but unfortunately, didn’t live up to the black cock stereotype. Al was more than happy to provide service and it started not too long after I had been cuckolded by our alpha black man.

Al had his hands full creating a little cuckold harem at work. It wasn’t long before all of us knew what each other were doing with Al. Dwayne and Amber would sometimes remark about their weekend get togethers with Al and it made my pussy wanting each time I envisioned his big dick stretching the wives as their husbands jerked off.

I was finally able to make plans with Al again. Actually, I made Stevie ask him to fuck me again because I was missing our bull’s BBC so much. I loved the dominance especially when my boyfriend was locked up begging our bull to take my pussy again.

Al said that he had some visitors coming over that Saturday afternoon and welcomed us to join. He said it would be “a fun time for all of his couples”. That got Stevie and I quite aroused and we fucked hard that night imagining what could be in store.

As we were having sex that night, I heard my phone’s text message alert. I loved to grab it while I was with Stevie and it didn’t disappoint. It was Jamal.

“Hey sexy, I’m coming into town in two weeks. Be there on the 3rd. Would love to see u again.” Stevie’s cock got so hard reading that with me. Within a moment, a picture came through. It was Jamal’s impressive ebony cock, hard, veiny, and in need of my pussy. My boyfriend moaned, and my cunt dripped.

I didn’t wait for Stevie to say anything. He watched as I texted back. “Def!! i miss ur bbc!!”

“perfect. make sure ur bf is there. i’d like kürt porno him to participate.” With that, Stevie ejaculated. He made quite a mess all over his chest and I took my fingers, scooped up all of his semen, and wiped it on Lex’s dildo. I, then, fed Stevie that cock in anticipation of Jamal’s visit. However, our time with Al was coming up shortly.

The next couple of days at work were a blur. I saw Amber every day at the front as I walked in. On the Friday before meeting Al, as Stevie and I walked out, she said, “See you tomorrow!” My pussy tingled and Stevie blushed knowing that we’d be soon all together with our mutual bull.

I didn’t let Stevie fuck me or cum that night. I wanted us to be as horny as possible for the following day. As Saturday unfolded, I got a text from Al not too long before we were going to leave. “looking forward to 2nite. when you arrive, the door will be open. come into the living room. stevie is to immediately undress. no cage for him, ok. u will remain clothed and wait further instructions.” God, he was so dominant. I could feel my Chinese cunt getting so wet with his texts. I showed the phone to Stevie and his dick got instantly hard. I told him that he had to wait but at least he wasn’t going to be locked up.

We went over at exactly 4pm and entered like he said. Shockingly, Amber and her husband were already there. He was naked and she had on a very slutty short, tight dress. With her prominent nipples, it was clear she didn’t have a bra on. Her husband, Roger, did in fact have an extremely small penis, though it was as hard as a rock. I smiled and said hello them. Stevie was red with embarrassment and didn’t say anything. He simply got undressed, too.

Amber giggled as she saw how submissive my boyfriend was. His dick was erect and dripping pre-cum just like Roger’s. We still hadn’t seen Al. I made small talk with her and the men stood awkwardly with their erections giving away their true feelings.

We heard the door open and in came Dwayne with his hot wife. There was definitely a pattern here: attractive women with small dicked men seeking a dominant bull.

The ladies stood and stared as Dwayne also removed his clothes. His dick was somewhere between Stevie’s and Roger’s sizes. Like that other men, he was fully erect and oozing pre-cum. The women giggled at how they looked like lost, horny puppies. We felt like true cuckoldresses.

Dwayne’s wife, Sarah, was wearing a sheer blouse without a bra. Her big tits and dark nipples were on display. We all looked each other over. The atmosphere was thick with sex. We all could smell aroused pussy given what the state of the women.

After a few minutes, we heard some noise down the hall and soon Al came into the room. He was also naked. That large erect penis of his was obscenely swaying back and forth and he had his typical Big Cock smirk on his face as he greeted all the women, not even acknowledging the naked small dicked men. With each lady, he gave us a deep french kiss and grabbed our asses and tits arrogantly in front of the men. Al’s cock was menacingly hard and the girls took turns stroking his dick during our bull’s embrace.

Once he was done greeting and groping the women, he told the men to line up next to each other by the size of their dicks. They obediently did that and Al stood next to them on the end. The cuckolds looked so small next to our alpha black male. He then told the women to start at the end and feel each cock for a minute until they got to him. It was so dominating to feel all of these small penises and then gripped Al’s massive tool. Roger’s and Dwayne’s little wee wees just were as submissive as my Stevie’s. Al was absolutely in charge. The girls had fun playing with everyone’s dicks. Our men clearly loved being dominated like true cucks.

Al then had each male undress their significant other but leave their high heels on. All the women had shaved pussies, something that Al preferred. It was so humiliating for the men to get their women nude so they could be properly fucked by Al’s big black cock. As each woman was undressed, Al had them suck his cock until the next woman was naked. It was wonderful to have his thick, long penis in my mouth again as I took my turn worshipping his phallus, savoring his pre-cum.

Amber was the last to go and Al had her continue sucking his cock while he spoke to us. “I haven’t cum all week so I can properly service your women. Given how hard your little dicks are, I believe you want me to satisfy them.” The men nodded. “In order for this to be fair, I need to figure out which order I’m going to fuck your women. Gentlemen, I want you to cum. The order in which you do will determine which pussy I fuck first, second, and third. Understand?” The men nodded and us women were on edge. I looked over at each lady’s legs and we all had pussy juice running down because of Al’s dominance over our men and our sex.

“There’s a catch though. You can’t touch your own dick and the ladies can’t help you.” The men looked perplexed and gazed at each other’s erections. “That’s right, I want you to jerk each other off in front of your women. I want them to see what a true worthy cuckold is. They need to see how desperate their cuckolds are to see them take my big cock. What do you think, ladies?” Al stroked his big black cock. The girls all shuddered in sexual anticipation and looked at the cuckolds. I believe we were all hoping our man would be the first to cum.

Standing in a circle, the men reached over tentatively to each other’s small penises. They grabbed hold almost at the same time and started to stroke each other. Al was just so dominant in everything he did. The cuckold’s pace picked up and before long, Roger shot his cum and it blasted all over both of the other men which got them going too. Stevie came next followed quickly by Dwayne. No man lasted even a minute. They now had each other’s cum on their bodies in some form or fashion. Al wouldn’t let them clean up.

Al laughed and grabbed Amber’s hand. He led her to the love seat and she got on all fours. We watched in awe as he lined up his alpha cock and slowly penetrated this married white woman in front of her husband and all of us. I couldn’t help myself and openly fingered my cunt. Al saw it and apparently that spawned another show of dominance. He told me and Sarah to sit in the two open chairs and let the other’s man eat them until he was ready for them. Roger was told to spread his wife’s ass cheeks so Al’s cock could go as deep as possible. Roger, and for that matter, the other men, were already hard again.

I let Dwayne taste my honey pot. He was actually pretty good eating pussy and I could see Sarah enjoying Stevie’s oral services. Sarah and I came before we knew it and our pussy eaters kept us nice and aroused with slow licks across our cunts and assholes. Both men seemed to really like eating ass and tasting our cunts. I couldn’t imagine seeing Dwayne at work again knowing what we were doing but I forgot about that and focused on the moment.

Al was building up and he made Roger tell him where to cum. Roger insisted on his wife’s pussy and Al obliged by filling that slutty white pussy with his semen. As soon as he pulled out, Roger dove in to clean her. Amber came again and coated her husband’s face with more juice. Al stood by her and when she finally calmed down, he ordered Roger to clean his dick for my cunt. He didn’t miss a beat and soon was worshipping Al’s big black cock in front of all of us. Amber moved around to the other side and soon was eating Al’s ass while her husband blew him. It was an epic wanton display of power by our bull. Every couple was there to please this dominant bull.

Soon, Al was hard again and thanked the couple for their attention. He looked at me. “Your next.” I pushed Dwayne off my cunt and assumed my position on the love seat. I watched as Roger went to Sarah and Dwayne to Amber so they could continue eating the other man’s woman’s pussy. Stevie dutifully helped spread my ass cheeks. Al demanded that my Chinese boyfriend guide his BBC into my wanting sex. Stevie didn’t have to be asked twice. I felt that large cock penetrate my tight hole and soon was cumming like a whore again. I could hear the other women cumming too from the oral sex.

As Al was getting close, he asked the same question about where to cum. Before he could answer, my dominant cuckoldress spirit came out. “Cum in his mouth!” I shouted for all to hear.

Al laughed and said, “Well, what the lady wants, the lady gets. Get on your knees, Stevie.” He did as told and within a few strokes, Al was ready to orgasm. He pulled out of me leaving my Asian cunt empty and loose. My boyfriend quickly wrapped his mouth around Al’s huge cock. Al grabbed the back of his head as he emptied his second load into Stevie’s hungry mouth. The other women clapped in appreciation as the men continued to lick at their pussies.

Unlike with Amber and her husband, when I spun around to clean Al, I tapped my boyfriend on the shoulder and pointed to latin porno the other side of Al. I wanted to watch my Chinese boyfriend eat a black man’s ass. After all, we had broken so many taboos already, why not go for more, right?

Stevie crawled around and I got to suck and clean that magnificent big cock as my boyfriend greedily ate Al’s ass. Al put his leg up on the love seat so Stevie had better access. My goodness, did my boyfriend enjoy rimming that black hole. Al moaned as his Asian cuckold couple worshipped every inch of his cock, balls, and ass. At one point, I told Al to get on all fours like what me and Amber had done. I had Stevie then continue his anal pleasure on our bull while pulling Al’s dick behind so my boyfriend could take turns eating ass and then sucking on that chocolate stick. No way we could have done that with our men’s small penises. Only a long cock could have reached back so far. Al bucked back onto Stevie’s face and soon was hard, erect, and ready for Sarah.

We all switched partners and soon I had Roger eating my lustful Chinese pussy. It was his first Asian cunt and he really seemed to love licking me. Stevie enjoyed Amber’s big white lips and cunt while we all watched Al dominant Dwayne an Sarah.

I guess I gave Sarah some inspiration as she had Dwayne eat Al’s ass as she was being fucked by that long, thick cock. Al lasted a long time given he was on his third orgasm of the night. The men in front of me and Amber simply continued licking and sucking our pussies as we ogled the scene in front of us. It was our own live interracial cuckold porn.

After maybe 10 or 15 minutes, Al asked his cum question. Sarah said, “I want you on both of our faces!” Al smiled knowing how submissive this couple was being and soon he pulled out ready to ejaculate. Sarah quickly got on her knees next to her black husband and Al jerked his big dick inches from their faces. Soon, he grunted and started spraying the couple in the face. He still had so much semen to give. With the last little spurt, both of them moved in and cleaned that massive cock. They also licked each other’s faces to consume and share every last drop of black sperm.

Once they were all done, Al declared, “That was for you, my cucks. Now, this next part is for me.” He instructed the cuckolds to remain in the living naked. He was going to have some more fun with us ladies privately in his bedroom. But, he had a little surprise for the men. Turning on the TV, he flipped the source and what appeared to be his bedroom popped up. “Here boys, you can watch and hear all the fun. When I’m done with each one of your women, I’ll send them out so you can clean them and then leave.” His arrogance had all of us aroused. Our men’s little penises were incredibly erect. “And, feel free to jerk off. I want you to get something out of this, too.”

With that, he motioned for the women to follow him to his bedroom. You could smell our arousal in the air as we obeyed our black bull. We were his bitches in heat.

Al took us for the next couple of hours, playing with our bodies and having each other play with him and other pussies. It was obvious that all the women had a bi side as we hungrily licked, sucked, and penetrated any cunt that was in reach. Even though, we enjoyed each other, the real focus was on our dominant bull. We made sure that anything we did was for his pleasure and satisfaction.

The man was a sheer stud and openly talked about how our men were probably jerking their little dicks off to the camera. He knew how to expertly dominant all of us.

One by one, Al finished using our cunts and dismissed us back to our waiting cuckolds. I was the first to leave and Stevie cleaned every ounce of Al’s cum from my Asian pussy. We left as instructed and had a passionate session of love making and dirty fucking when we got home. I don’t know when the other couples left but that night is seared into my brain as the most erotic experience of my life.

Al’s full bull behavior was on display, our men’s full cuckold traits were there for all to see, and the women’s desire for Al’s BBC over their men’s smaller, thinner cocks was never in question.

I was so sore the next day and couldn’t even imagine taking any more dick for some time. I had Stevie jerk off since he was still so horny but I let my pussy rest.

Of course, that changed when Jamal texted a short video. He was stroking his enormous black dong and soon was cumming buckets of that potent black semen. He didn’t have any text, just the video. My pussy was immediately aroused. The time with him was coming up so soon and me and Stevie couldn’t wait!

I really enjoy your comments! If my adventures are getting your hard (or wet!) please leave a rating and I’ll be sure to let you know what happened with Jamal!!

xoxo, FSL

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