Upon a New Dawn

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As is the case with all of my stories, this is a work of fiction. I base my writing on a what if scenario, then fantasise through allowing my mind to wander and imagine the events described. Whilst the memories are fresh in my head, I write them down as vividly as possible. I hope you enjoy my efforts.


The second glass of wine slipped down more easily than the first. The music began to run through my soul, taking me over, edging my body into movement synchronised by the rhythm. The last few months had been quite difficult for many reasons and I intended to enjoy this evening. It was my daughter’s 18th birthday and we had arranged a party for her with no limits on who was invited. We had family coming as well and estimated something like 120 guests in all. At the age of 48, I was beginning to feel old as I looked around the room at my daughter’s friends, all in the flush of youth, all with a lifetime to look forward to. I spotted my in laws arriving and also my husband making a beeline to look after them.

I caught a glimpse of myself also. Reflected in the large mirror on one side of the hall, which was used for dancing lessons on occasion, I noted with satisfaction that the black dress I had bought for the occasion was doing its job nicely. Not that I had a bad figure, I was size 10, with a 36 C chest and quite good legs. My breasts had headed south over the years due to breast feeding 3 children and the force of gravity, but my legs were looking OK, especially in the holdup stockings (black of course) that I had decided to wear this evening.

The room was starting to fill rapidly as the younger guests made their way in from various bars and the DJ was playing some more modern dance music. The volume had also gone up. I was suddenly aware of my friend Linda wiggling in front of me with two glasses of wine in her hands. ‘Here, take one of these’ she offered. ‘Got to keep your fluids up.’

We laughed at that as it was something she always said when we ran together. Linda was a fitness fanatic and it showed. She didn’t seem to have changed in all the time I had known her. But she still knew how to let her hair down despite her views on healthy diets and exercise. I gladly accepted the new drink and placed my empty glass on a convenient table. We danced together for a few minutes until Linda’s husband Pete came and dragged her away.

I gave up smoking years ago, but always enjoyed a puff when I had a drink in my hand. I decided to take the weight off my feet for a few minutes and indulge the beastly habit. The hall had quite extensive gardens to the rear, planted with small trees, flower beds containing a wonderfully scented selection of bedding plants and with picnic style table benches dotted about at random. A number of guests had obviously come out to do the same, or to cool down after the heat of the dance floor. I selected an empty bench facing back towards the building and sat down. The night air slipped into my lungs as easily as the smoke and the effects of the wine became more pronounced.

I had been sitting a couple of minutes, drifting in my own thoughts when a group of youngsters walked past. I couldn’t make out who they were as the light from the building cast them as silhouettes. Suddenly a cheerful, if slightly slurred voice exclaimed ‘Hello Mrs B, how are you?.’

The voices owner materialised as he slipped onto the bench alongside me and I realised it was Richard, a friend of my eldest daughter Samantha, whose birthday party it was. Richard and Sam had been an item for a few months when they were 16 and although he had been a very regular visitor to my home before and during their time together, I hadn’t seen him for well over a year. Richard was with a group of friends, some of whom I recognised and they all sat or stood by “my” bench chatting and laughing.

‘It is lovely to see you Richard’ I said, ‘it has been ages.’

‘Yes it has Mrs B, far too long.’ Then he paused as he looked directly into my eyes and held my gaze for a few moments. ‘Far too long indeed.’

I smiled in return and quickly flicked my eyes over him. He was definitely handsome and looked as though he was visiting a gym. His well-defined arm muscles were obvious as he was wearing a short sleeved shirt which hugged his torso well enough to hint at the work he was obviously putting in. He was not muscle bound, but nicely toned.

I watched his eyes as they darted across my chest, he was obviously inspecting me in the same way that I had done with him a second before. What a shame his view would not be a patch on mine. I was brought round from my musings as Richard’s friends started to get up and move away. Someone asked if I wanted another drink and I declined. Richard also declined and remained sitting as they drifted away towards the building and the promise of a refill.

We sat in silence for a few moments before Richard spoke again. ‘You look great Mrs B, I love the way you have done your hair and that dress is perfect for you.’

His words slurred a little, but as I have often thought, alcohol just causes Betturkey one to be more open and say things that would often remain unsaid.

‘Thanks Richard, I appreciate that a lot, but you have no need to compliment an old bag like me.’

‘The last phrase I would use about you is old bag Mrs B. Everyone thinks you are lovely, we always have.’

I blushed and was grateful for the semi darkness surrounding us. ‘You look as though you have been taking good care of yourself too Richard. You have certainly grown up a lot since I have known you.’

Richard made no reply for a moment, but I could see he was looking directly at my cleavage which my dress was highlighting with its black lace vee neckline. His eyes wandered down my body and settled on my thigh which was slightly exposed as the skirt had ridden up when I sat down. The top band of my stocking was just visible. I adjusted my hem to pull it down and maintain my dignity.

Realising I had spotted where he was looking; he hurriedly looked up and said simply ‘Thanks.’

We sat in silence for a few moments, sipping on our respective drinks before he spoke again. ‘Let’s have a slow walk around the gardens.’

Without thinking I stood up, rather awkwardly and he caught my arm as I struggled to extricate myself from the seat whilst maintaining my dignity. Once I was safely up, he moved his hand to my back and encouraged me to walk away from the building towards the bottom of the garden. The sounds of the party drifted on the night air as we slowly placed one foot in front of the other walking side by side in silence. Richard was the first to break the silence.

‘I am glad I caught you on your own. I meant what I said just now, it doesn’t matter what the others think, although they all agree with me, and you are very lovely. You are beautiful and intelligent and fun to be with, I have missed you .’

I didn’t know what to say and was again pleased that it was dark as I felt my face burn, partly due to embarrassment, partly due to an excess of the far too tasty wine. When I eventually found some words I struggled to get them out and stammered the first two. ‘A, all, err, all I can, I mean, I am flattered Richard. Thanks, but you should be saying that to some of the beauties in the hall. Maybe we have both had too much drink, I know I have.’

The words sounded slurred, but I thought I had put the right amount of force into them, but not enough to cause offence. I decided to change the subject. ‘How are your parents Richard?’

As I finished speaking, Richard swung around and stood directly in front of me. ‘They are well thanks, mum had a scare a few months ago when she found a lump, but she got the all clear last week. But you are changing the subject, which is you.’

‘Richard, you can’t say things like that, you have been drinking and besides, I am literally old enough to be your mother.’

He started to object, but I cut him off in mid-sentence, insisting he walk me back to the hall. To my great relief, he only hesitated for a moment before nodding and leading me back the way we came.

‘I would say the same thing sober you know’ he said as we carefully made our way over the grass. ‘I have had a drink, but not that much and I know what I am saying.’

It was time to pull out the big guns. ‘Richard, it is lovely that you think that way, but I am a married woman and the mother of your ex-girlfriend.’

‘I don’t suppose you realise this, but I stuck with Sam longer than I would have normally, because I didn’t want to not see you any more.’

I was once again struck dumb as I struggled to make sense of what he was saying and, if I was honest, my very real ego boost from his words, even if I did suspect the drink was doing the talking. I decided to continue on a firm track.

‘Look,’ I said with not nearly as much conviction as I felt might be appropriate, ‘you are treading very thin ice approaching a married woman like this, I think maybe we should drop the whole subject now.’

Richard simply nodded and we increased pace slightly as we entered the pool of light from the building. We parted without words as we entered the hall. I made my way to the bar as I realised I was now shaking with the shock and, yes, to be honest, the excitement of what had just happened.

I drank an entire glass of wine in short order before grabbing another and moving over to talk to my in laws.

Sometime later, after dancing for a while and grabbing another drink, I once again made my way outside and walked into the darkness beyond the lights to smoke and to try and stop the whirling maelstrom of emotions rampaging in my head. I didn’t sit down this time, even though the benches were empty, but continued walking slowly as I smoked. Eventually I was as far as I could go and sat down on a tree stump that had been cut down and shaped into a sort of high backed throne.

I was still wrapped in my own thoughts as I spotted a shape moving and approaching. I sat dead still, but the glowing end of my cigarette gave my position away. Betturkey Giriş Richard’s voice cut through the night air.

‘I saw you sneaking out and decided to follow, look, I am sorry if I upset you earlier, it was the last thing I wanted to do.’

‘There is no need to apologise Richard, I am sure you didn’t want to cause any offence, but you need to remember what I said.’ I was certain that my words sounded decisive, even if I wasn’t. The truth was that I was very flattered by his attentions and it was a long time since anyone had said anything like it to me. I hoped it didn’t show.

Richard stood in front of me, breathing deeply I noticed as I observed his chest rising and falling. He really was very handsome and I couldn’t help my mind wandering off and imagining what I would find under his clothes. I remained in this mode of thought for quite some moments as we faced each other in the darkness, features just visible in the tiny glimmer of light emanating from the hall. Suddenly I realised what I was thinking and snapped out of my daydreaming. I started to rise.

Whoever had cut the tree into a chair had taken the seat a bit low. This was a fact that I realised as I tried to rise from my sitting position. Realising my difficulty, Richard offered both hands to assist which I gladly accepted. As I rose, propelled by those strong arms, I realised that he was standing very close to me. As I straightened my legs, those same strong arms pulled me into an embrace and held firm against his body. I could feel him, lithe, muscular and toned, solid in comparison to my softer body so that I moulded to him as he pulled me close.

His lips met mine and all of my defences fell away instantly. Eagerly I accepted his probing tongue and pushed back with my own. His hands, still firm against my back began to slowly caress and run over it. I melted and submitted to him totally, trusting him to hold me and not to let me fall. His hands slipped down the small of my back and ran down over my buttocks. Again he applied pressure pulling my lower body into him applying force to my behind. Such was the pressure that I became aware of his hardness pressing into my stomach. He was very hard indeed and I felt a sudden flood of excitement in my own loins.

More urgently now, he pressed his lips, his tongue flicking and darting into my eager mouth, my own tongue responding in kind, probing, testing, tasting. His grip slackened as he ran his right hand around my side, under my arm and directly onto my left breasts. My nipples sprang hard, pushing against the thin fabric of my bra. His fingers sliding, testing, before finally locating my hard nipple and squeezing gently, sending waves of pleasure through the core of my being. His left hand joined his right on my other breast before rapidly slipping down my body, under my skirt hem and up the inside of my thigh. I felt him tremble as his hand ran over the top of my stocking and onto bare flesh.

In seconds his probing fingers had found my crotch and I willingly thrust my hips forward allowing him better access. His fingers ran around the leg of my panties and effortlessly parted the material from my inner leg and making their way to the slick excited wetness that lay below. He ran a finger over the outside of my pussy lips, spreading my juices around their outer edge. I felt another thrill of excitement as fist one, then another finger entered me, easily sliding up into my most sacred place, spreading me and making me ready for what must surely follow.

Suddenly my head sprang back into action. I wanted this, I wanted it very badly indeed, but to be caught out in the open was bad enough, but to add regret at hasty actions was a step to far. Roughly I pulled away from him, causing him to groan.

‘We cannot do this Richard,’ I said, sounding as though I was about to burst into tears. ‘We cannot because we are drunk and it is just wrong.’

‘How can it be wrong, we both want this, I know that now’ he whispered. He looked like a little boy who was lost and I nearly gave in on the spot. I held my resolve though and set off back to the hall vowing not to come out again until after the party and I was getting into the cab for the ride home. I think he was initially startled by the suddenness of my departure and it took him a few paces to catch up. He took me by the arm and begged me to stop.

‘I need you’ he said, ‘I have needed you since forever and I want to have you, urgently, here and now.’

I had to think of something to say and I was struggling against the fog of drink and my own urgent desires. ‘OK, here’s the deal. You say that to me again when you and I are both sober and we will see what happens from there.’

I could tell he was almost as confused as me as it took a while for my words to sink in. Eventually he nodded his agreement and we continued our journey towards the hall. I have never been so glad of a decision as I was at that moment as I spotted my husband approaching.

‘Oh, there you are, I have been looking all over for you, it is nearly time for the last dance.’ I was sure that my face was about to give the whole game away, but just about held it together to make an excuse. ‘You remember Richard don’t you Darling?.’

‘Yes, hello Richard, how are you? I am glad to see you are looking after my wife’

‘Yes Mr B, we were just having a catch up, didn’t realise the time.’

‘Oh that’s nice, but I am afraid I really must tear her away as I need a last dance.’

With that we set off along the path to the hall and I was glad of the darkness inside and the multi coloured lights of the disco for hiding the redness of my face. We danced almost mechanically as I fought my conflicting feelings again. Feeling quite sober now, I knew I had done wrong. I had never been tempted before and I vowed I never would again. As I climbed into the cab, I thanked my good sense for stopping things before they went past the point of no return. It was a close call and I genuinely felt sorry for Richard, I had undoubtedly let things go too far.

The next morning, a Sunday, I was spared the need to further cover my embarrassment with my husband as I got up late, just in time to say goodbye to him as he departed for a golf tournament. I smiled at how much of a habitual creature he was. There was not much that would stop him playing golf on a Sunday and this one was a special tournament which would last all day. I would at least have some time to further distance myself from my guilt trip from the previous night’s events.

I did allow myself a smile recalling how desperate Richard had been, how aroused he was and how quickly he had found his way into my underwear. I made a coffee and sat in the kitchen slowly recovering before wandering to the shower room for a long, hot, soapy drenching, just what the hangover doctor ordered.

Some considerable time later, as I was drying my hair with a towel, I became aware of the doorbell. I decided at first it was probably some religious nutcases trying to drum up members of their community. The ringing persisted.

Thinking that my husband had forgotten something and his door keys, I threw a robe on and ran to the door. There, standing with a bunch of flowers in his hand, grinning from ear to ear, was Richard. My mouth hung open, I had been certain that he would never come to the house sober. My mind was racing, I had better not let the neighbours see, gossip from them would be the undoing of me. Quickly, I beckoned Richard inside the house. I was still standing slack jawed when he spoke.

‘You said tell you when I am sober and I knew Mr B would be going to golf, he always does on Sundays. I checked for his car as I passed the club, went to the florist and bought these flowers, then came straight here.’

I could only meet his words with silence. He continued.

‘Anyway, I was serious last night, you make me tremble all over when I think of you, I have always wanted you and I want you desperately now. I wanted you desperately last night too. Every sinew of my body aches for you. I have to be with you and I always wanted you.’

The only words I could say, in a trembling voice, half squeaking as my throat constricted with nerves were ‘Kiss me.’

Richard didn’t waste a second and was on me like a ravenous beast, thrusting his tongue into my mouth, biting and pulling at my lips, allowing my tongue to reciprocate. I started urgently fumbling with his shirt buttons resisting the urge to rip them away from the fabric. I was of course naked under my robe and I could feel the lust rising inside me beginning to manifest itself all over my body. At last the shirt came free exposing his toned and tanned torso to my gaze. I started fighting with his belt and trouser fastenings and, assisted by him, drew them and his underpants down in a single move. He removed his socks quickly and stood before me. Naked, hard bodied and sexually aroused. His cock pulsed as I admired him, in time with his heartbeat.

I stepped back and, keeping my gaze directly on his eyes, opened my robe and allowed it to fall behind me. His eyes roamed all over my bare skin, studying intensely and amazingly his cock grew even more until it was solid and pointing at the ceiling. Now it was my turn to need, want, desire and lust after. I wanted to taste him, explore his body fully with my hands and mouth, but right now that could wait, I had a need that simply had to be attended to. Still in a hoarse whisper I spoke again.

‘Fuck me Richard, fuck me hard.’

Richard needed no further instruction. Pushing me backwards into the lounge, he laid me on the sofa, positioned his body between my legs and nudged the head of his cock against my wet opening. I maintained my position, hands on his muscular back and opened my legs as far as was humanly possible, willing his hard cock in me. He needed no further encouragement. He slowly increased pressure, parting my pink wet lips and began to slide inside my very willing fuck hole. I was able to savour the feeling as, almost painfully slowly, he smoothly he advanced his cock, inch by inch until he was buried deep in my love juice flooded sex. I felt extremely turned on and like a total slut, accepting this young man’s very hard cock with no thought of anyone else except me and my own sexual need.

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