Red Brick

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Big Tits

The tension in the elevator was thick. The couple was standing facing the door, not touching each other. They didn’t dare. There was only so much will power each of them had and right now, it had been tested to their limit.

They had been invited to a friend’s engagement party. It was held at an elite club called ‘The Hell Club’. The moment they entered they knew what was happening. The club was dark and dingy, with loud music, and very crowded. Couples were going off in different directions, copulating. Some didn’t make it to the private rooms and both Zoë and David saw a few very rough sex scenes.

It wasn’t that they were prudes. Far from it actually. They just preferred to keep their sexual exploits secret. On the outside, they were the perfect couple. David was a heart surgeon. He was tall with dark hair and eyes. Even though he was close to fifty, he didn’t have a hint of graying hair. He exercised daily and was in excellent shape. He normally did two or three surgeries a week which sometimes meant waking up at four in the morning and not getting home until ten or eleven at night.

Zoë was younger and vibrant. She had the same features as David. She had gorgeous chestnut brown hair and dark chocolate eyes. She was almost the same height as David and very athletic. Her breasts were round and firm, augmented just prior to their marriage ten years ago. She didn’t work which was fine with David. She was an excellent cook and also was able to make some very tasty pastries.

The evening had been very uneventful, but still had sparked their desire within. When they discussed their sex life with their close friends, they mentioned that they had regular, missionary sex two to three Betturkey times a week. If they had expanded on the details, they were worried what others would think. After attending this party, they realized how normal and boring their sex life was compared to the individuals who attended ‘The Hell Club’.

Zoë accidentally brushed her hand against David’s. Her soft manicured hands touched his and the electricity between them increased. David’s breathing increased and he felt his cock press harder against the zipper of his pants. He was very well endowed and was squirming uncomfortably. He didn’t dare touch his cock, knowing if he did he wouldn’t be able to stop jerking off.

“Sorry.” Zoë whispered those words and pulled away. Her pussy was soaking wet. She was wearing tight pants and when she moved her hips, they rubbed against her clit.

“It’s fine sweetie. I’m surprised we lasted as long as we did.” David was looking straight ahead. He couldn’t look at his beautiful wife. She was wearing a leather zipped top that pushed her breasts together. He loved how she looked in the outfit and couldn’t wait to slowly peel off the skintight pants.

The rest of the elevator ride was in silence. They both knew exactly what was going to happen the moment they entered their apartment. There were a few choices depending on how quickly each of them moved. If they were able to get to their bedroom the soft ties that were hidden under the bed would be used. If they chose the bathroom the wooden hairbrush would be the toy of choice. The third option was the red brick wall that lined the entranceway to their home.

The building was old and used to be a factory. There was a red brick wall Betturkey Giriş in each of the suites and it fit in nicely with their décor. If anyone looked up high they would notice a bar attached to the studs. Hanging from the silver metal bar was red and black velvet ropes. According to their friends it was a beautiful decoration. To Zoë and David it was something else.

David entered the code into the security system and stepped in. He grinned as he put in the two sixes and two nines. A very sexy and sexually suggestive number. Ironically enough, it was a position they rarely did.

Zoë stepped into the room and her high heels clicked against the marble floors. She closed and locked the door, having enough time to re-enter the code to set the alarm once again. The moment her finger pressed the last nine, she was grabbed from behind.

“Oh fuck do I need you.” David walked her towards the brick wall and pressed her against it. He reached forward and unzipped her top. The moment her breasts were loose he grabbed and squeezed them. “Do you know how badly I wanted to fuck you in the club? How desperately I wanted to take you hard against the bar, in the bathroom.” Zoë was moaning. The brick was rough against her soft hands. She stood there leaning against the brick, waiting for David to undress her. His strong hands undid her pants and then slid them down to her knees. He then spun her around and pushed her against the wall.

“You’re going to look fucking sexy with scratches all over your back tomorrow.” Zoë whimpered and reached her hands above her head. She closed her eyes and felt the thick velvet ropes wrap around her wrists. She winced when he tightened them, lifting her toes off the ground. She knew the sounds so well. Once she was tied to the wall, he unzipped his pants and dropped them to the ground. She heard the clink of his belt hitting the marble tile.

“Fuck me baby.” Zoë whispered those words and waited. She opened her eyes and grinned. David gripped her thighs and thrust his cock inside her pussy.

“Oh yeah I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to fuck you so hard you’re going to gush all over my fucking expensive floor.” David grunted and yanked Zoë back and forth on his cock. Her weight was on his thighs and he felt her body slid up and down the wall at each thrust. Zoë winced as she felt the rough mortar scrape her skin.

“Does that hurt baby? Are you going to cry like a baby?” David thrusted up harder. He loved how rough they got and he loved the expression on her face. She was whimpering and smiling at the same time. He stepped forward and wrapped her legs tight around his hips. He leaned forward and rested his hands on the red brick.

“Fuck I love you. Cum all over my cock baby.” Zoë grunted loudly. She bounced on his cock, feeling how red and raw her back was. She was so aroused at the pain and purposely slammed her body against the wall harder. “Cumming!” Zoë clenched her thighs together and felt her whole body convulse. She gushed a bit against David’s cock.

David reached up and undid the ties. Zoë fell into his lap and he gripped her hard, bouncing her full weight on his cock. “Fuck!” David pushed her hard against the wall one last time, feeling his cock explode inside her. Zoë was holding on to him for dear life. He turned and took the few steps to the nearest red leather chair. He sank down on it, feeling Zoë collapse on top of him. He ran his hand against her back, feeling the scraps and droplets of blood. David smiled and kissed his wife softly. This would always be their little secret.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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