Ling’s Metaphysical Passion Ch. 01

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Foreword to readers:

This story is quite long, about 7000 words. The sexual component of the story only happens on the last few pages. A key component of this story relates to the metaphysical yogic concept of Kundalini. Succinctly, Kundalini refers to a form of primal energy (or shakti) said to be located at the base of the spine. Kundalini awakenings may happen through a variety of methods. Many systems of yoga focus on awakening Kundalini through: meditation; pranayama breathing; the practice of asana and chanting of mantras. The Kundalini experience is frequently reported to be a distinct feeling of electric current running along the spine. Kundalini experiences may involve spontaneous speaking, thoughts, or sensations, such as the ones mentioned in this story.

This is my first story, I hope you all enjoy. I’m planning on continuing this story in the future, based on how it is received.

* * *

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, my name is Felix.” His dulcet voice enraptured me the instant he sat himself down beside me, catching me totally unaware while I was probably cross-eyed, or had some dazed and silly look on my face.

My analytical brain started buzzing, and I couldn’t help myself from studying his features. Blond hair, blue eyes, he was probably about 6’2″, and I could see the definition of his chest through his horizontally striped black-and-white V-neck shirt. I couldn’t process very much in that split-second, but it felt like my whole body lit up just looking at him. By this point, I must have been unconsciously gently biting my lower lip, and curling the corners of my mouth into a naughty snarl. At least I didn’t start drooling; I’ve done that before.

Oh my God, get a hold of yourself, he just said hello, I reprimanded myself internally.

“I’m Stacey”, I blurted out, still unable to think straight.

Finally drawing myself out of my dreary little tangent, I realised I didn’t even catch his name in the first place. Luckily, he was wearing a nametag emblazoned with ‘Felix’.

So in quick addendum, now that my brain was no longer addled by his palpable charm, I added “it’s a pleasure to meet you too, Felix.”

We were chatting a little more; just small talk. He told me he was a Law student, and that he lives near the campus. I ventured a little bit of information about my thoughts on Brisbane, particularly as someone who isn’t a local.

I was in my second year of dentistry at the University of Queensland, and since I’m Chinese I decided to sign up for this international student mentoring program where the university offers in-person training for domestic students to tutor internationals. I’m not actually a domestic student, since I’m originally from Auckland, but the university didn’t seem to mind, and if things work out I’ll be living and working here after my degree anyway. It seemed like a good opportunity, plus, I could put it on my CV.

Everyone was sorting their things and finding seats because the session was about to start, and with Felix sitting next to me I naturally assumed we’d be pairing up for the training session.

The instructors began giving us this rigmarole about the origins and purposes of the program. One of them seemed overly caffeinated, and the other one looked like a fashion nightmare, seriously; she wore lurid purple trainers with an equally gaudy hot pink dress.

Yawn, boring, I thought. They didn’t even seem to give us any new information, because we already had to do an online training session which covered all the details before coming to class. After about 30 minutes of their mindless, repetitive dross they announced that we’d be doing an activity in pairs. One of us would pretend to be the mentor, and the other one would pretend to be the international student requiring assistance.

They handed out these instructional booklets for us to read questions from, and we were each supposed to take turns asking questions. My eyes made an instant beeline to Felix, while I flicked my hair off my face and semi-consciously adjusted by floral singlet to show off my breasts just a little bit more.

He glanced back at me with a polite smile, and succinctly asked “Want to practice together?”

“Yes please”. I said while nodding; evincing my wholehearted and unwavering commitment to his suggestion.

I took the first turn at reading from the booklet, pretending to be the international student, asking in a dull and uninspired voice where I can find the student services. Felix helpfully answered the question, even giving exact directions on how to locate the student services from our current location.

It was Felix’s turn to ask me a question, and he started doing a hilarious accent. Immediately he piped up saying “Hello, I am Petrushka from Novosibirsk – is largest city in Siberia. I have come to your university to study engineering; nuclear engineering. So that I may steal your country’s nuclear secrets for the motherland. Now could you please direct Betturkey me on how to access student emails? I need to send information to KGB operatives in Moscow immediately.”

I burst out laughing. Literally, I couldn’t control myself. After a few moments of my intense furore Felix gently put his hand on my thigh to quell my laughter, saying sternly something along the lines of ‘no need to laugh, is serious question’, in the same accent.

I swallowed down my laughter and gave him instructions on how to access the university website, which links onto student emails from there.

Now that it was my turn, I decided two can play at the game of performing ridiculous accents. Immediately, I went on a tangent, saying “I am Ling from Beijing, my father pays lots of money from Chinese Communist government for me to study in Australia. Can you tell me about social event at your university? Because I am looking for white boyfriend.”

His eyes definitely sparkled at that ‘white boyfriend’ line. Chaucer was the first to record the aphorism that truth is said in jest, and I had no doubt Felix saw the truth in my silly joke.

Things went back and forth between us, but we practically didn’t even glance at the booklet from then on. Instead, we spent most of the time joking back and forth in silly accents, occasionally dropping little flirtatious hints.

Soon thereafter, the instructors wrangled us all back into one group to lecture us for another 15 minutes about more things we’d already studied, before we had to go into a similarly timed ‘brainstorming’ session. Pardon my jaded attitude, but we were literally just writing down words on sheets of A3 paper about how to interact with our buddies if they were shy or depressed; this sort of thing should be common knowledge. I grouped up with Felix again for the activity, but we didn’t get the chance to be so flirtatious because it seemed like our other group members actually wanted to focus on the work.

Once that was done and dusted, the instructors announced that we’d be having a break for morning tea, and the event was catered with biscuits, pastries, coffee and the like. Frankly, I was immediately overjoyed when I realised this short intermission would give the perfect opportunity for Felix to flirt with me further. I returned to my seat, trying my best to look a tad bit coquettish.

Most of the students were milling around, and one visibly overweight guy was putting stacks of pastries on his tiny plate which ultimately resembled the leaning tower of Pisa. Felix took the opportunity to ask if he could grab any food or drink for me; I settled on asking for black coffee and a few pieces of fruit, citing my semi-strict self-imposed dietary requirements.

After a quick jaunt, Felix returned with two coffees and a generous helping of fruit stacked onto a small plate. I asked which one was for me.

I was pleased with his response: “I also drink black coffee.”

We didn’t have any tables, so Felix sat down beside me and placed the helping of fruit into his lap. Immediately he plucked a few white grapes, and savoured the taste before retorting, “These grapes are magnificent, do you want some?”

“Sure.” I answered.

With a small chuckle Felix replied “Alright, let me feed you.”

Oh my gosh, he wants to feed me; my over-analytical brain was buzzing again, and I was thinking about how I definitely couldn’t handle his fingers being anywhere near my mouth, or I might go bright red. I ended up making a silly manoeuvre; first smiling a little bit, and then poking my tongue out to signal that I was ready. I ended up blushing a little bit, but with such a handsome guy there’s no way for me to avoid it.

Felix’s fingers plucked a single grape, which he placed on my somewhat-outstretched tongue. At the last moment I lurched forward a little bit, just so I could flick my tongue against the underside of his thumb and forefinger, while brushing my lips against the top.

He gave me little smile, and only languorously pulled his digits from the cusp of my lips, which filled me with absolute confidence for my next move. Sensing he wanted me to flirt back, I picked up a grape straight away without asking and practically forced the sweet little morsel between his closed lips, which he quickly opened to accept the tips of my small, almost-demure digits invading his mouth. He didn’t seem to want to let go, and longingly sucked on my fingers for a short moment before letting me withdraw.

I was blushing; I could feel it. But the warmth mounting between my thighs was even more distracting. Really, I couldn’t control myself. Each racing thought was commensurate with the heat in my pussy. Mmm, his fingers tasted gooooood in my mouth; I want those fingers prodding into me. Gosh, I wonder what else would taste good. I had to stop myself in the middle of that thought, because my mind was about to get away from me.

Felix saw that I was blushing, so he picked up another Betturkey Giriş grape and placed it into my mouth; my lips already parted and tongue sticking out in blind obedience from the moment I detected him moving the grape towards my mouth. This time, I swirled the tip of my tongue around his digits hastily, and hardly without conscious effort.

Oh my gosh, this is seriously too much. I want those fingers exploring my mouth right now, I thought.

Not being in such a blissed-out state as I was, Felix decided it was appropriate to stop feeding a girl he’d just met at a crowded public gathering; but he was definitely eye-fucking me the whole time. Could he tell my pussy was wet for him? Maybe, probably, I was blushing a lot. I was still off in my dreary little tangent while Felix was eating fruit and drinking coffee.

Eventually I came back to reality to eat my morning tea pleasantly with Felix. We exchanged a few more flirty words, but I wasn’t really focusing on the words. I saw his eyes looking at my small breasts, enrobed in my floral tank top; my thighs, covered in jean shorts, and he even eyed off my white Converse low-tops. I hoped he liked the way I looked.

I couldn’t help but stare back. He was dressed nicely; brown boots and blue jeans with a comfortably tight cut. Upon looking at his jeans I found myself fixated at his hips, trying to eye off his cock. He definitely has a big cock, I caught myself thinking, while actively trying to avoid spiralling off with thoughts that would only make me more aroused.

Morning tea was over and while letting out an audible sigh I fully expected we’d be stuck in another lecture, but the instructors let us off with a few words and then issued us with free coffee cards so that when we meet our international student buddies we can take them out for coffee on campus.

Everyone else was milling about and chatting; I had no interest. I was transfixed on the singular object of my attention: Felix. Just as I was finishing that thought, he walked up beside me and asked “Are you busy now?”

I gave a succinct ‘no’, which he followed by saying “Great. Let’s walk and talk, Stacey. I’d really love to get to know you some more.” I obliged and let out a tiny giggle, but hearing Felix call me by my name somehow sent pangs of desire down my spine; I was still so turned on.

We wandered off around campus, exchanging information about ourselves, our families, and our hobbies. After a little while we settled down to find a shady tree, and nestled ourselves right at the base of it. It was good to finally be able to get a chance to talk properly instead of so much flirting, joking, and silly banter. We were sat there for about an hour, chatting, joking, and getting lost in the rich tapestry of silken conversation budding between us. There was touching and flirting involved, but we were mostly getting lost in each other.

Finally, as though he sensed I was yearning for it, Felix asked “May I kiss you?”

I didn’t blush this time; I wanted it so badly and I was so ready. I pursed my lips out, awaiting his earnest touch. His lips delicately brushed against mine; such a soft kiss that it was almost imperceptible. That delicate peck was brought back with redoubled intensity, and then he gently parted my lips with his tongue. From then, the ebb and flow of our tongues moving in unison was immediate; our flesh sliding back and forth, sparring together for satisfaction. With our lips locked in an all-encompassing embrace he ran his hands up and down the back of my neck, squeezing the muscles on either side of the vertebrae. His touch procured an insatiable pleasure that was tingling all over my face; his firm grasp seemed filled with burning devotion, aggression, and passion all at once.

His unequalled ministrations were further redoubled when his other hand sensed my need intuitively, and squeezed the vertebrae further down my back, as if he knew this would send my flaming passion to the base of my spine. Each one of his fingers prodded longingly into my flesh, each fingertip sinking itself into my form to satiate our vital desire, sending enormous pulses of passion into my eager pussy; my wet sex.

My sex needed his sex; I needed him.

I finally draped my arms over his robust form, feeling the strength of his body. He pulled back, observing my heavy breathing, staring deep into my brown irises. My entire body was his; I felt ready to surrender myself fully to his strength; I needed him to strip the garments from my small body and feel his cock own me at this very moment. I was urged from the most basic point of my physical form to worship him here and now.

Being the perfect gentleman, Felix said “Stacey, I really like you. Will you be my girlfriend?”

I couldn’t believe it; I was in shock and the words came with absolute confirmation: “Yes please. Absolutely yes.”

Not regretting blurting out those words without a thought, I subsequently wondered what my family would think about this, and whether my friends would be jealous seeing me with such a handsome guy. But, I felt like I didn’t need to worry about anything in the world, because now I had a funny, charming, white boyfriend.

As soon as he heard my jubilant confirmation, Felix opined that it was a good idea to call me ‘babe’, or ‘baby’. I mentioned that I didn’t have a preference, and decided to experiment with our newfound vernacular by crawling up onto his lap and whispering ‘you’re suuuuuch a good kisser, baby’ into his ear.

Oh my gosh, that’s such a smooth move, and I know he’s just going to want to leap on me and rip my clothes off after hearing it, I thought to myself, being quite seriously impressed with my sensationalist seduction. My mind was already going wild, and my heart was throbbing so fast anyone would be welcome to think my heart itself was being chiselled away into a statuette of his luxuriant form by Michelangelo himself. I was melting; flowing; pooling up into a hot cosmic mess of passionate non-being, delicately coiled around my new lover.

I was about to go limp with my overwhelming fantasies, but Felix leaned into my ear, planted a few gentle kisses, and whispered “You’re not busy tonight, are you?”

I knew exactly what he wanted. Even if I was busy I would cancel it; I wouldn’t even have gone to my mother’s funeral. I’m sure he could smell my need, he could feel it, he could taste it. The heat in my body was palpable, and I was urged to slake my burning fire at my source of my unquenchable longing.

“I’m all yours, babe.” I retorted, knowing I really belonged to him now.

He still acted so gentlemanly: “I want to spend the afternoon with you. Are you hungry, babe? I don’t really like eating out, but I’d love to cook lunch for both of us.”

Sure enough, I had vague plans of eating something after the lecture anyhow. Not that I needed the excuse for Felix to invite me back to his house. Felix explained the convenience of the idea, citing the fact that he lived in the nearby suburb of Fairfield, and that we could walk to his house in 25 minutes. I would have followed him home even if it meant miles of barefoot plodding through broken glass.

I simply motioned for Felix to show me the way to my salvation.

Felix immediately piped up with his pertinent inquiry: “What cuisine do you like?”

It was a hard question; “Hmmm… I grew up eating a lot of traditional Chinese; my parents were hugely traditional in their mannerisms and culinary choices. I think associating that food with normalcy has ruined the fact that Sichuan cuisine really gets the combination of ingredients correct in the intimate minutiae. So, I really like spices and garlic, but I also really like meat. Chinese people don’t normally even think a meal is worth buying at a restaurant if it doesn’t have meat in it.”

Our slow jaunt made me feel highly chatty, even if it meant I was imparting some relatively useless trivia about the standards of Chinese behaviour. I felt that Felix was showing a huge interest in my background. He seemed to know a lot about China; when I mentioned the city my family came from he even knew which province it was in, and then asked for my Chinese name. I wondered if he would pronounce it correctly.

“Althouuuuugh… I really like Western food too. As I said, I really like meat. I definitely really like Western meat, a lot. I love Western meat in a general sense.” Oftentimes, I only open my mouth to change feet. I almost didn’t catch the irony of my words. My mind was still drifting about the poetic morass of sexual ministrations, and somehow I didn’t really even care about how stupid I just sounded; I was just content with having a boyfriend cooking for me.

As soon as we saw the façade of Felix’s house I was immediately impressed. It looked like a newly-built house, but in the style of an antique Queenslander. Not only is brick and mortar and eyesore, but those houses capture way too much heat in Summer. Queenslanders have such a beautiful style.

I was even more impressed when Felix instructed me to take my shoes off. So Chinese, I thought. The thought was a bit silly, but I do love my parents so almost any reminder of home is immediately welcome. I took of my shoes, and decided on removing my watermelon-printed socks too. Walking in the heat of the day encouraged my slight urge to cool down.

Felix led me into his kitchen, poured me a glass of water, and urged me to wait while he had to grab something. I felt compelled to appreciate how wholesomely adequate his kitchen was, too. Although I could see from the way things were strewn that it was a share house, and the area would look nicer with someone co-ordinating the whole design.

“I just wanted to put some music to listen to while cooking.” Felix said.

I was so excited to hear what sort of music Felix liked. I was really surprised by the music he started playing from his laptop, though. It was Tibetan singing bowl music, and I’d never heard them arranged in such a magnificent way. Felix began preparing ingredients and utensils immediately, while I pondered the beauty of these sounds.

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