Like a Virgin

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Sure, I had had sex before but my boyfriend of almost five years had always insisted on using a condom when we made love. He was very quick to put one on and I had hardly ever seen his bare dick. And, of course, I had never felt one in my pussy. Not one drop of cum had ever made its way into my body. So, at twenty-three years of age, I felt that I was still like a virgin.

This was starting to really bother me and I was coming to think that I should do something about this situation. I didn’t actually want to cheat on David but I didn’t think I was going to get any relief with him. As time wore on I was beginning to resent his reluctance to take me to completion. I started to look for opportunities to finally lose my virginity. My attention was more and more drawn to Reggie, a black guy I worked with at the hospital. Like me, he was a nurse and he was constantly bugging me to go out with him. I always told him I had a boyfriend, but he kept at it. I had almost decided to do it, and finally the opportunity came up. David was in his last year for his masters at the university and he was offered a ten-week internship at a company in Cincinnati. He decided to take it and David left two weeks later.

After another unfulfilling night of sex before David left, I lay in bed and decided to go out with Reggie. The next night Reggie and I worked the same shift, and, as usual, he asked me out. I surprised the hell out of him when I told him I would love to go out with him.

“Oh, did you see the light and finally dump that boyfriend?”

“No, but David will be out of town this weekend, and I don’t feel like staying home by myself.”

“Does that mean I get you for the whole weekend?”

“Now, I didn’t say that, but why don’t we have dinner and maybe catch a movie Friday night. You are off that night, aren’t you?”

“Yeah. I don’t go in till Monday night. I really love those twelve-hour shifts. Four days off every week fits my lifestyle just fine. Next week I’m on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.”

“I’ve got Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Why don’t you pick me up at seven? That’ll give us plenty of time to get to know each other better in a non-work situation.”

“You can bet I’ll be there. I’ve been waiting for this ever since I first saw you. You aren’t on a curfew, are you?”

“David doesn’t own me! I can stay out all night if I choose.”

“Great! I’ll plan on that.”

“Slow down, big fella, dinner first and then we’ll see what happens. See you at seven.”

For the next two days, I didn’t see Reggie because we were working on different shifts. I couldn’t believe how excited I was over our date. I had decided that if Reggie was just a little bit aggressive, I would not be a virgin by Saturday morning. When I woke up Friday afternoon at about two, I figured I had enough time to get my hair and nails done. I didn’t want anything to discourage Reggie. I was ready by six-thirty and my stomach was in knots-I didn’t want to make a fool of myself by being too eager. My nervousness disappeared when Reggie stepped into my apartment, hugged me, and gave me a quick kiss right on the lips. Bingo! I knew right then how the evening would turn out.

As we drove to the restaurant, I sat close to Reggie and casually let my hand rest on his thigh. I’m sure he liked that and I was sure that he got the message because when we got there, he turned to me and gave me another kiss-not a quick one this time but a good one which I returned with relish. While we were waiting for our food I told him that rather than go to a movie, I would rather go to a video store and pick up a couple movies so that we could watch them at my place.

When we finished eating and were back in Reggie’s SUV, I told him that there was a video store, just a couple blocks from my apartment. As we headed that way, I told him that this store had an X-rated section. “I think we should get a couple of hot movies. You do like sexy films, don’t you?”

“I love them, but how did you know?”

“Well, you’re a guy, aren’t you? As a matter of fact, since we are an Betturkey interracial couple, I think we should get one or two of that kind.”

“So, we’re a couple now?”

I put my hand on his thigh and replied, “Yeah, I guess we are. For tonight anyway.” Reggie pulled over to side of the street. He threw the car into park, turned and grabbed me. We melted into each other, kissing like the lovers we were going to become. “Oh, Reggie, you have been asking me out for three years. I’m really sorry I didn’t say yes a long time ago.”

“But Beth, what about your boyfriend?”

“Well, he’s not here now and I actually told you a little fib. He isn’t going to be gone just for the weekend-he took an internship in Cincinnati and will be gone for nine and a half weeks.”

“Wow! A nine and a half week date. Let’s get to the store so we can get back to your place pronto.”

“Yes, let’s hurry.” Another kiss and we were off. “You pick out the movies, Reggie. I’m sure you know more about this than I do.” I knew I wouldn’t be worrying about my virginity for much longer. I was already getting wet.

When we got back to the apartment, I told Reggie to load a movie and get some drinks out of the fridge. “I’m going to go in the bedroom and get on some other clothes. This tight skirt is killing me.” I debated about what to put on and decided that the scene was pretty well set-Reggie was going to fuck me tonight. So I got naked and put on my flimsy little baby-doll, which left nothing to anyone’s imagination.

When I came out of the bedroom, Reggie was pouring a Coke into a glass. He looked up at me and spilled half a Coke on the counter. His eyes almost popped out of his head. I guess I took him by surprise.

“Don’t worry about the mess. Come sit with me on the couch. I want to sit on your lap. Why don’t you take your shirt off? I’d like to feel your chest.” Reggie was on the couch, no shirt, almost before I got turned around. I straddled him face to face, kissed his lips and mashed my almost bare tits into his chest. He reached behind me and grabbed my ass and pulled me tight against his hardening dick. “You know, I think maybe the movies can wait. I think I hear my bed calling us.”

Another hot kiss and I climbed off and took his hand and practically dragged him into the bedroom. Not thirty seconds later we were naked and Reggie was up on top of me fondling my tits and kissing me hard. Pausing for a second, he asked me, “Do I need a condom?”

“Not unless you want our date to be over. I want you to take me bareback and not hold anything back.” We moved around a little until I felt the head of Reggie’s cock nestle in, right at my opening. I held him tight and said, “That’s the place. Ooh- in she goes.” I was so wet that it only took two thrusts for Reggie to be all the way in. He was a little bigger than David and hard as a rock. Because of no condom, it was almost magical- five years and it had never felt like this. I was already feeling an orgasm creeping up and I had never had one with David. Sex with Reggie was going to be special!

He started out sort of slow, and gradually sped up, giving me deep and hard thrusts. I was going crazy and I knew I was definitely heading for my orgasm. I tried to give him some help by throwing my hips into the action but Reggie was so strong I could hardly move. So I just hugged him to me and held on as tight as I could. On one hand, I wanted him to unload as soon as he could. On the other, I really wanted an orgasm. Hmm, lose virginity or have an orgasm. Both at the same time would be outrageous. A couple minutes later, my climax won and I came so hard I almost passed out.

As it rolled over me, Reggie slowed way down and gave me some breathing room. As I returned to sanity, I pulled him back down tight. “It’s your turn, Reggie, and I want you to cum as hard as you can.”

“Oh Beth, I’m almost there!” A few more thrusts and he exploded and held still as he pumped me full.

“Reggie, don’t pull out. I want every drop. I really, really love it. I want you to stay just like this Betturkey Giriş all night.”

“I’ll try, but I’m starting to get soft. Wait! I’m feeling it again. Just give me a minute.”

It was the longest minute of my life and I tried my best to get Reggie up again and it worked! Reggie began thrusting a little slower than before. This time we took more time and it felt even better. My orgasm dam had broken and I flooded three more times in rapid succession. By the time Reggie fired off again, I was a whimpering puddle of emotions. I almost felt like I fell in love with Reggie right then. “Oh, Reggie, let’s do it some more. We need to make up for the last three years. I’m so sorry that I didn’t agree to see you sooner.”

“Great, so can I count on the rest of the night for our date?”

“Oh, yes. I’m all yours.”


“Why not?”

“Nine and half weeks?”

“We’ll see. If you make love to me like that all the time, I’ll probably have a hard time remembering who the hell that David guy is.”

Reggie cuddled up real tight in the spoon position, giving little pecks on my ears and cupping my boobs. I could tell that Reggie was going to need a little time to recover, so I suggested we go back out to the living room and watch a movie.

“Sounds good. I’m about to die of thirst. I might need to have an IV because you took all my fluids.”

“No talking shop, Reggie. I have a lot of Cokes and other stuff.”

I got us both a Coke and wiped up the mess on the counter while Reggie loaded up the movie. We started out sitting up while we drank our Cokes, but soon I was lying down with my head in Reggie’s lap and he was slowly rubbing my tits and ass. I had my head right on his soft cock. I tried to concentrate on the movie but I couldn’t help putting his limp penis in my mouth and swirling my tongue around the head. We were half way through the movie before I got any response but slowly he started to get hard again. I was pretty pleased with my efforts and finally Reggie grabbed the remote and paused the movie. “Ok, Beth, I can see that you are no longer interested in this movie. Do you want to go back in the bedroom?”

“Well, you do seem to up for another round. Let’s go!”

Reggie and I made love for the next hour. Neither of us was up for more orgasms and we finally drifted to sleep locked together in a loving embrace. In the morning, we finished what we had started. We decided that we would spend the rest of the weekend together and we drove to Reggie’s apartment and got a couple sets of clothes and his toiletries. For the rest of the weekend, we spent watching the movies and having sex. We both said that our sex was the best of our lives. I told Reggie that part of the reason was because I felt like a virgin.

“A virgin? How could that be?” he wondered.

I explained to him that I wasn’t really a virgin-I just felt like one. I told him about David’s insistence on condom use and that I had never had an orgasm with David. He said that he felt good that he had helped me remedy that situation. “Yeah, you remedied it all right-several times in fact. I might need a little more remedial work this coming week.”

Monday morning we woke up together and discussed the coming week. He had a shift that night and I had a Tuesday day and we both had Wednesday and Thursday nights. He left around five in the afternoon to get his scrubs. I really hated to see him go, but we agreed that he would meet me back at my place Tuesday evening when I would get home. We decided to drive to work together Wed. and Thurs. nights and then we would have a three day weekend. By then we were practically living together.

Saturday morning, as we were eating breakfast, Reggie asked about David and when he would be back. I reminded him that he still had eight weeks left on his internship. Reggie then told me that his lease would end in three weeks and that he had to let the property manager know if he was going to stay. I was quiet for a couple minutes because I wasn’t sure what to say, but I finally gave him a big smile and said “You could let your apartment go and move in here.”

“Wow, I never expected that. I would love to, but what are you going to tell David?”

“I don’t think I should tell him anything right now. I don’t want to mess up his internship. We have eight weeks to decide. I do want to let him down easy, if that’s possible. It has been five years, you know, but I don’t think I can go back to how it was before.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to get you in trouble or anything. He’ll probably be pissed. He won’t hurt you or anything, will he?”

“No I don’t think he will cause any problem. We have never talked about marriage or anything like that. I told you before that he doesn’t own me. Things change. When he gets done with school, he’ll probably move to another location and I won’t want to quit my job. I’m just now starting to get my salary up and I am going to get promoted soon.”

“I know what you mean. I don’t think most people realize how much a nurse makes nowadays. My friends made fun of me when I decided to become a nurse. I’ve got nine years in now, three at this hospital. I got my RN certificate two years ago, and my salary next year will be over seventy thousand. They aren’t laughing much anymore.”

“I’m not there yet but I have been thinking about getting some more education. Maybe surgical or ER. I’ve gotten over my queasiness with the sight of blood. Still, I’ll be getting just over fifty myself next year.”

“Damn, one twenty together. One other thing we could do-we could let David have this apartment and we could get something a bit bigger, maybe even a house.”

“Whoa, big fella, we’ve only been together for a week and you sound like you want to get married or something? How do I know that you will even like me in another week? You might dump me before I even know what’s going on.”

“That’ll never happen.”

“I hope not but you never know. We have plenty of time and we’ll know more in a few weeks. For right now, why don’t we move David’s things down to our storage cage in the basement? We can bring your stuff over and there’s room for a lot of it in there, too.”

“Sounds good. I didn’t mean to put a rush on you-it just feels right. I’ll call the property manager to give notice. I have a hitch and my buddy has a small utility trailer. Maybe he can give us a hand. He owes me-I helped him move last year.”

Reggie’s buddy wasn’t busy and two trips later, the move was complete. We put David’s things close to the front on one side and pretty well had the cage full by the time we had it all arranged. A case of beer for Reggie’s friend and we were done by six, and having pizza. His friend said he couldn’t believe Reggie’s good fortune to be moving in with me. Needless to say, I liked him a lot. That left us with the evening and Sunday to relax and, of course, have sex. It was amazing-only that one time on our first night had Reggie failed to give me an orgasm. I was pretty happy with everything.

And so it went for the next six weeks. No fighting or any problems, just a bunch of good loving. David had called three times and I was very non-committal about his return. About a week before he was to return, Reggie asked me if I had decided what I was going to tell David. I replied “Well, I’m just going to tell him that I’ve fallen in love with someone else.”

“Oh, Beth, do you really mean that? I’ve been waiting to say those very words for some time but I didn’t want to rush things after you jumped on me about getting carried away. I have fallen completely head over heels in love with you.”

“I’m also going to tell David that he can have this apartment because I’m liking your idea of getting a larger place. We are going to need more room for a nursery.”

“Nursery? You mean….?”

“Yes. Didn’t you think it a little odd when I told you about David’s insistence on condoms but I didn’t want you to use any?”

“I guess I really didn’t think too much about birth control.”

“And you call yourself a nurse. You REALLY took my virginity and I loved it and I love you.”

“I love you too and I’m going to make a great daddy. Is it too much of a rush to bring up the idea of marriage now?”

“Is that a proposal?”


“Well, my answer is YES.”

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