Debbi’s Mirror

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Debbie wanders around her place, thinking about doing her yearly clean up. She notices a box in the closet. She calls it “the toy box”. It has always been is behind everything in the closet. She opens it. In there she has the dildo, vibrators and sexy lingerie. Debbie tries on her favorite and wonders when was the last time she had it on. It is a black lace negligee.

She twirls and looks at herself on the mirror and smiles, naughtily. In there she finds her candy pink vibrator and memories flood her mind. Ohh the things she had done with it, she remembers. She turns it on and the batteries are still ok. Just the thought of it vibrating in her hands, makes her want to try it in her. Pulling the chair beside the bed, sits on it and infront of the mirror and decides to ‘test’ it on her.

Spreading her legs infront of the mirror, she has a good view of what she wants to see, her cumming.Then moves on to try it on her pussy lips, which are very moist now. She begins to get excited and wet, just by the vibration from the toy. She slowly slides her other hand down to her clit. Her pussy is so naked, clean shaved. It is so smooth. She starts massaging it so gently.

It feels so good and her breathing becomes heavier, it feels so good, she thinks to herself. She knows she can make it even better. Her pussy all wet and swollen. Then she places the vibrator beside her and penetrates her now wet pussy with her middle finger and gently massage her clit with the fore finger. She can feel how wet it is in her. Slowly draws her finger from deep inside her, she feels likes she is about to cum.

The vibrator beside her might be good at this, she imagines. Leaning gently, she picks it up and turns it on the and places it on her hard and stiff clit..It Betturkey feels so good.The sensation is amazing…like small electric currents passing through it. She just has to finger herself, fingering herself faster and faster. The more she does it the more she wishes for her husband’s cock. She orgasms even before penetrating herself with the vibrator.

She then slowly penetrates herself with it, imagining the vibrator is her husband’s stiff cock… She wants it so deep in her so bad.. Her pussy contracts and what a feeling…her cum is flowing down her ass.. Her body stiffens and she sticks the vibrator deep in her,making her cum almost instantly. She begins fuck herself with the vibrator so hard. Sure that her husband wont be home for afew days, she goes all the way like she is actually getting fucked by her husband.

Then a dark shadow catches her eye but ignores assuming it is just her imagination. It is John, her husband, standing in there.Watching her but she does not know this. Her body infront of the mirror, her juices running down and thinking of John’s hard cock. She begins to wish he was home. Almost exhausted and about to give up, she lets out her moan, with her eyes closed, she feels her pussy contract. She sees herself cum and how her pussy spills out her cum.

John sneaks in and places his warm hands on her breasts. For a moment, she get scared and almost jumps off the chair. He smiles with and she relaxes again. His cock is hard and very visible from his pants. Debbie is so horny right now she just want him in her. Reaching out she feels his hard cock and starts rubbing it. John asks Debbie to stand up. She does. He bends her over and he can see her cum running down ass then starts to lick her.

At this Betturkey Giriş point she is about to cum and she cant hold it back. He turns her around and start sucking her clit and fingering her dripping pussy, which is so sensitive after playing with herself for a while. She cant wait to sit on his hard cock but first she want to taste it with her mouth. She begins massage it gently with her hand as he makes her cum with his tongue and fingers. She wants it in her mouth, just as suprised as she was, she withdraws herself from his mouth and fingers and heads to his cock, taking it in her mouth.

Her mouth teasing his cock with massaging it with her tongue then takes it all in her mouth. Debbie’s head is bouncing up and down slowly.One hand holding his cock and her other hand fingering herself..It is all wet. She takes it out from her pussy and feeds John her cum. She needs him and his cock..It is hard, and glowing with her saliva..It looks so delicious. She sits on his lap and it slips in between her swollen pussy lips deep into her pussy. God that feels so good, she thinks and she starts riding him…first she goes slowly, then increases her pace.

His hands are around her waist helping her keep the tempo. She teases him by almost taking his cock out of her pussy and then sitting on him slowly until the whole shaft disappears in her. Then she leans over to his shoulder and gently bites his neck. She feels him get even harder deep inside her. He looks like he is about to loose control. She increases her pace, letting John fill her with his hardness. She feels her pussy contract and she cums even more. Her breast gently bouncing up and down, her nipples so stiff and he takes one in his mouth and gently bite on it.

The sensation makes her wild and she ride him faster and faster. His hands caressing her back and neck..then he places them on her hips. She starts grinding on his cock foward and backward. She can feel his about to explode in her. She get off his cock and goes on her knees. He goes on his knees too and starts teasing her with his tongue. Then John takes Debbie’s hard clit in his mouth, sucking on it slightly harder. He slides his finger half way up Debbie’s pussy.

She tries to get it all in but he teases her with that too.She starts fucking his finger slowly while he sucks her clit. He suddenly stops everything. Her naked pussy is up in the air and he stares at it smiling and she is pleading for his cock. The frustration is too much she even begins to cry. Crying because she is REALLY horny now. Then he mounts her like a stallion in heat and fuck her like crazy…fondling her breasts and biting her neck ocassionally.

She feels her cum wanting to be freed.

He slows down and takes out his cock from inside her. And smile. She goes total crazy with excitement, grabbing him, throwing him on his back and starts fucking John wildly. Riding him so hard …grinding and pumping…she feels the cum building up in her, wanting to exlplode around his shaft. His cock stiffens even more…he is about to explode. She goes on faster and faster then slow down then picking up pace. She can see it on his face that he is about to shoot his cum.

She withdraws herself from his cock and starts to suck his cock. Then climbs back on him, fucking him even harder. She wants him to cum in her. John’s cock unleashes all its contents inside Debbie, she stays still to enjoy his cock fill her up. She can feel his cock pulsating in her still..and it sends her into another orgasm.

Debbie collapses on John’s chest with his hands around her. They both slowly kiss…and lie on the floor in silence..with him still in her and think how great that felt..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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