New Year Resolution

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I sat alone in the theater about to watch one of the newest movies. I felt so lonely, for everywhere I looked there were couples holding hands and kissing one another. The only time I had gotten close to a guy was online. They were always online.

Even my Master had always been the Master but just from my computer. I was lost in my own little world when suddenly, I realized that this handsome guy had sat down in the seat beside me. He was also alone.

I had always been so shy, but this year, this year was my resolution to be bolder and be more confident. I wanted to break away from this shyness.

Making my mind up, I swallowed nervously and took the plunge. My heart was beating so fast.

I turned slightly in my seat and said, “Hi.”

The guy turned and looked at me just as the lights started to dim, and I thought I saw a glimmer of interest in his eye when he looked me up and down. That little glimmer sent a sudden rush through me, and I wondered what he was thinking.

Just when the previews began to show, he leaned a little closer and whispered in my ear, “Hey there sexy, you want to catch dinner after the movie?”

Just a little shocked at the sudden question, I could only nod my head at first. Then in a whisper, I reply, “Yeah, I would like that. I haven’t eaten anything yet, and I hate eating by myself and don’t feel like cooking late at night.”

In the dim light, I could see that he was quite pleased with my answer, for his face had lit up.

He had the biggest grin on his face, and oh, that grin made him look extremely sexy. His hair was dark framing his manly chiseled features and that glimmer in his eye just drew me in. For some strange reason, be known only to the powers that be, I felt a kindred to him and a sudden shift bringing me closer into his soul.

Looking at me with a slight smile, he handed over a big tub of popcorn saying, “Would you like some before we go get a bite to eat after the movie?”

I reached into the popcorn tub for a handful and said, “Thanks that would be great.”

While my hand was in the tub, he grabbed a hold of my hand and held it steady, which caused my heart to start to beat even faster. It seemed to race and thud in those tense moments.

He said, “Take the whole tub and hold it in your lap, for I have some candy as well.”

I looked into his eyes and the movie began with the opening credits in the background. I smiled and took the tub from him, placing it in between my legs. While moving the tub from his lap to mine, I felt the hand that was holding onto mine slide gradually off, slowly caressing my skin in a suggestive and flirtatious manner. It made me shiver ever so slightly in response.

Reaching back into the popcorn tub, I pulled out some popcorn whilst my eyes watched the movie screen. Just as I was going up to put the small handful of popcorn in to my mouth, I felt his hand on mine again. This time he pulled my hand with the popcorn towards him and moved my hand all the way up to his mouth.

At first, he gave little suggestive kisses to my hand, then gradually, he started to open my hand up and sexily lick the popcorn up into his mouth, one by one, leaving behind his moist saliva on my hand. My breath caught. I was captivated. My hand felt the sexy coolness of the air replace his hot mouth as he reached for each fresh popcorn. It was tantalizingly erotic.

After eating the popcorn, his tongue darted out of his mouth. He provocatively licked around his lips collecting up all of the taste from off his lips that contained traces of popcorn.

I watched his tongue dart out of his mouth and lick around his lips, I couldn’t help it. I was drawn to the movements of his lips and tongue. I found myself mirroring the same actions. I was doing exactly the same thing with my tongue, licking up the popcorn traces on my own lips but longing for just a small taste of his.

His eyes lit up as he saw me lick my lips, and he reached into the popcorn tub. Grabbing out a small handful, he placed a piece of popcorn at my lips.

I opened my mouth and he placed it inside. It was quite an intimate feeding moment. The popcorn tasted buttery and was still slightly warm.

All of a sudden, he moved forward and I felt his tongue slowly licking at my lips, getting all of the buttery taste off of my mouth. It was so erotic and I felt a rush of attraction. A silent moan escaped from my mouth while he expertly licked my lips. He started to pull back and I couldn’t help but try to get closer to him, wanting to feel his tongue on me again and again.

All of a sudden, the entire crowd of people in the cinema got really loud and my eyes jumped to the big screen. The characters were in a high speed chase which was causing a lot of response from the people watching the movie. As I was getting drawn into the scene of the movie, I forgot briefly about the man beside me.

The next thing I know, there was a huge crash on the screen, and at that very moment, cloud storage the man beside me placed his hand on my upper thigh. My eyes jerked away from the screen as I felt my body jump at the synchronized timing of his hand landing on my thigh.

I looked at him with a questioning look.

He said, “Oops, I’m sorry I was trying to get some more popcorn but that scene from the movie made me miss the bucket.”

“Oh, no problem,” I replied, while feeling the warmth of his hand spread out through my thigh.

I almost wished his hand had landed on my pussy, for this guy was starting to drive me crazy.

He began to rub my thigh, slowly at first and then building to a more pronounced movement. Oh, that felt so great and I let him. I did nothing to stop him. My heart raced.

I sure hoped he didn’t stop. My legs started to spread with my want growing with each sweet rub and caress. He was so close, so close to the center he had begun to ignite.

Picking up my courage, I glanced over at him and said, “Why don’t you get just a little closer if you like.”

Oh, the glee that filled his face when I gave him permission to get closer. He almost looked like a little boy about to open a present.

It didn’t take him long to inch in closer and start to slowly rub my thigh again, but this time, he was more forward and his rubbing was getting closer and closer to my throbbing and wet pussy.

To encourage him, I pushed my body out just a bit. I wanted to get his hand on me faster. It was so exciting! Then his hand finally touched me! Oh my! A little moan escaped my lips when I finally received his wondrous hand, touching me just where I wanted and needed. His hand started to rub me. It felt so good but then, the next thing I know, he stopped. My body screamed, “noooo.”

Looking at me he asked, “What is that? Are you shaking? Do you want me to stop?”

Realizing he must have felt the vibration on his fingers from my naughty sexy secret. There was a little vibrating bullet hidden inside my panties, stimulating me. I blushed and confessed to him, “Oh, no, I’m not shaking. That is a vibration from the toy that I have on me right now.”

His face lit up with interest, and his hand resumed rubbing on my pussy and exploring the feel of the little bullet.

My mind raced back to earlier that day when I was online with my Master. My Master was spending quality time with me and he was doing his normal routine of exciting, pleasing, and punishing me throughout our special session.

He started off having me tease my body with my hands. Rubbing my nipples over and over until they were hard points. Master then commanded me to pull and twist them until they hurt.

After a while, he had asked me how they were feeling. I told him in my excited state that I felt quite aroused. Of course, he said that it was good, but I had to stop now.

He then told me to grab my pearl rabbit vibrator and put it inside my vagina.

Rabbit vibrators are the essential must have sex toy for every woman. He was delighted when he found I owned one. It was designed with rabbit ears to stimulate and massage the clitoris and had a thick shaft for penetration and was capable of exquisite vibrations that were sent through the entire rabbit vibrator to give a woman even more satisfaction in her self-pleasuring.

After placing the pearl rabbit inside of me, it was nestled against my clit. He then had me turn it on. The pearls at the base of the toy began to twirl around and around at the entrance to my pussy while the vibrations were sending the tremors from the toy straight through to my clitoris. I was soon wet and horny as hell.

Master had me lay there not touching while the toy was working its magic on me. The entire time, Master was also talking dirty to me and putting a lot of mental images in my head. Importantly, he also said that I could not cum until he gave me his permission.

The rabbit pearl got me closer and closer to cumming, so I had to ask if I could cum. Master basically refused me, “No, not now.”

He liked me asking him, so I had to ask again and again and again. I was writhing with need, edging my climax. It was exhausting.

He finally allowed me to cum, gauging the perfect time I was on the verge of not being able to hold back. Over and over, he let me cum, encouraging me to free fall into sexual heaven, screaming my Master’s name. After it was over, I looked back to see how many he had given me during that session with just the use of my rabbit pearl and his sexy words. I counted 13 orgasms! He was truly my Master!

Master then found out I was going to the movies that night and told me that I had to wear these new panties with the bullet vibe and the “Ben Wa” balls as well.

This ball game was anything but dull, and my Master knew it.

The tantalizing “Ben Wa” balls are placed inside the vagina and the motions of just walking and sitting and every day actions cause thrills cloud file storage within the body. Not only do the free-roaming weights help to tone a woman’s pelvic floor for increased orgasmic intensity but they also feel incredible as you move and keep you in a state of sexual arousal.

My Master also told me I wasn’t allowed to wear a bra when I went to the theater. The thought of him in control of me in this way caused waves of pleasure through my body, right to my aroused pussy.

Suddenly, my mind was back in the present and back in the theater. The guy leaned in while still rubbing my pussy, and he kissed me. He pushed his tongue inside my mouth in a sexy French kiss and then gently nibbled and pulled onto my lower lip for just a couple of seconds with his teeth. Oh, it was so nice getting my first kiss from him.

When he stopped, I could still feel a little tingle on my mouth, and I wanted more. Since we are at the back of the theater, he grabbed my hand and pulled me up and over to him. Pulling me down, he has me sitting on him, legs astride him, crotch on crotch and with my face so close to his.

He leaned in and kissed me again while rocking his body against mine. The vibrations from my panties were delivered to both his cock and my pussy which teased us both and stimulated us for more action.

His hands started to undo the buttons on my top, and when he got the last button undone, he moved the shirt apart and stopped kissing me to gaze and admire my breasts. They were loose much to his approval and already hardened into points from the cool air and sexual teasing.

He moved his head and took one of the nipples inside his mouth and sucked on it gently. Pulling on the nipple and stretching it a little with his mouth, he then released that nipple and moved to the other and does the same thing. He felt so good on me.

Grabbing onto his head, I held him there, so he would continue to use his mouth on me. I felt him licking around and around on first one nipple then the other.

His hands moved to my back under the shirt and were rubbing up and down my body. All of his attention felt so good, and the toys teasing my genitals just seemed to emphasize what I was feeling.

Suddenly, he stopped all of his touching, and told me, “Kneel on the ground. I want to feel your mouth on me.”

I slipped off of his lap and knelt on the ground in between his legs. He undid his pants and released his cock from the bindings of his clothes.

Leaning in closer to him, I licked underneath his balls and started to swirl my tongue around and around making his balls glisten with my saliva all over. I noticed that his head was lying against the back of the seat with his eyes closed. He was really enjoying my cock attention.

Then I moved up just a bit and was licking up and down his cock tracing the veins as I licked him. My hair was trailing a little bit on his leg as my head was moving up and down licking his shaft.

I moved up and was licking the head, swirling my tongue around and around and tasted the precum that had already gathered on the tip. I scooped it up and savored him on my tongue. He grabbed my head and held me still.

Moving his hand down and rubbing my breasts, he filled me with such desire. My body temperature rose in sexual heat, and the toys stimulated me with a need that needed to be fulfilled. I couldn’t help but shift my body, wanting to be filled but unable to get away from the stimulation of the toys or his groping hands.

He started to pull my head further onto his dick filling my mouth full of his cock.

All of a sudden, he said, “The movie is just finishing up. Would you like to come back with me and enjoy some more of this candy?”

Looking around to glance at the screen, I saw that the credits were just starting, so I hurriedly buttoned up my shirt.

Sneaking into the seat like nothing happen, I smiled up at him. “Sure, I would love to have more of your candy.”

Such a big smile appeared on his face, and he said, “I was hoping you would, for I really want to taste your candy before the night is over.”

He buttoned his pants and zipped up the zipper covering up his cock from my wistful eyes.

“Come on, let’s go to my place, for I need more of you to take care of this hard cock,” he said.

I replied, “Yes, I could really use a hard cock right about now, so let’s hurry to your place before we explode.”

His grin was so big when he heard that I wanted a hard cock that he placed his hand on my pussy and after winking said, “Well, if your pussy wants satisfied you will have to come with me, for I will satisfy your pussy that you will never want to leave.”

We walked out of the theater, and he walked me over to my car.

After making sure I was in my car, he said, “Wait just a bit, and I’ll be over with my car and lead you to my apartment.”

After I nodded, he went and pulled his car over by mine. I followed him to his file upload apartment just a few minutes away from the theater. Parking next to him, I followed him up to his apartment.

After he unlocked the door, we went inside, and when he shut the door, he wrapped his arms around me and held me close. Kissing me on the lips, he pushed his tongue inside and drew me close enough to his body, so I felt how hard his cock was against me.

He led me to the bed by taking my hand. I followed after him, excited by what was to come. Before getting on the bed, he made sure that my shoes came off. He got on the bed over me and gently guided me down, so I was lying down on the bed, face up.

He continued to kiss me while his hands were roaming over my body. Finally, he had enough, for he started to undo my buttons on the shirt again. Slowly, my skin was revealed as each button was undone.

He released the zipper on my skirt and slowly, pulled it off my body. After the skirt was thrown to the ground, he had me sit up a bit, so he could remove the shirt from my body. Going back down my body, he removed the panties and turned off the bullet.

Setting them carefully aside, he proceeded to go down to my naked and excited pussy and started to lick all of the wetness that had built up over the entire movie. His tongue moved up and down the wet slit and flicked over and over on my hard clit.

My body kept pushing towards him wanting more, yet he only licked the outside for a little while.

Eventually, he started to push his tongue inside me, just a bit showing me just a hint of what he would do to me. My legs started to wrap around him while he continued to use his tongue. Setting a fire deep within me, he started to put a finger, instead of his tongue, inside of me, and he felt the wicked “Ben Wa” balls.

He told me, “Push them out, for I need to be inside of you now.”

I scrunched my pussy for him and pushed the balls out for him to catch. When I had finished pushing them out, the door suddenly flew open, and there stood another guy in the doorway!

I was not expecting anyone else to come around and neither was the guy I was with. My whole body felt like it leapt out of its skin! I was so apprehensive and nervous at first because I didn’t know who it was standing in the doorway. The guy on the bed with me also looked quite startled, but he then had a bemused look on his face.

He spun around pretty fast when he sensed we were not alone and yelled at the other guy, “What are you doing here? Get out of my place!”

The guy in the doorway just stayed there leaning, quite nonchalantly against the frame of the door looking at me. His arms were crossed in front of his chest, and he had a disappointed look on his face when he looked at me.

Who was this guy and why would he be disappointed in me?

He didn’t even seem to be paying any attention to what the guy on the bed with me was saying to him.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of this new guy in the doorway. I was curious why he was looking at me like that.

I noticed the guy on the bed got up and headed to the man in the doorway.

He tried to manhandle him out of his place but the man in the doorway was too strong and deflected the hands trying to grab him quite effectively. It looked like the pushes to get him out were against a solid brick wall, for this guy in the doorway just would not budge from the guy trying to eject him.

The man in the doorway suddenly seemed to lose patience. With surprising ease, he grabbed his attacker’s hands in one of his and in one sweeping movement, bent down and grabbed a rope from his bag nearby. He quickly put the guy in an arm lock and led him to a chair. He made the guy sit down, using a pressure point to command obedience and deftly tied him up. His hands were secured to the arms of the chair, and his legs were tied to the legs. He was not going to escape easily.

The newcomer then turned the chair to where the guy could have a very good look at the bed. When he was satisfied with the way the guy was positioned, he turned, walked back to the doorway, and picked up his bag that was there.

He walked over to the bed, placed his bag on the bed and looked at me.

My heart was beating so fast, not knowing what would happen or who this guy was. It was so exciting and my submissive body found the situation quite exhilarating. My body instinctively responded, flushing with desire and a strong need for satisfaction. I ached and throbbed. I felt so aroused from just the hint of things to come. I didn’t really care who this new guy was in that moment. I just knew I wanted him to please me.

Finally, the uninvited stranger spoke, “My love, are you unable to follow my commands?”

My mind started to race, for the only person who would ask a question like that was my Master.

How long has he been watching and finding out what I was doing? How mad was he?

Finally, I stammered, “Master, is it really you?”

He didn’t answer but instead pulled out some restraints from the bag. Grabbing one of my wrists, he put on the restraint and tied it to the one bed post. I was so nervous, for I wasn’t sure who he really was and what was going to happen.

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