Iron Rose Ch. 03

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Hello guys and welcome to another heart rocking chapter of “Iron Rose.” I really hope you guys are gonna love it like this the previous one because this one is the bomb I promise you. Don’t forget to comment and rate this chapter.

Now get ready and relax as you continue the tale of a legend, Miguel, a really beautiful young man who’s on a fight for love and justice. Will his justice prevail and can Christian’s love save him from his disastrous revenge or has his heart frozen with him?

Iron rose, feel the passion…

Ps: I didn’t thoroughly edit this chapter. I just did a quick read through as I was busy with something. But I promise the chapter is great.


Miguel entered the big mansion and he couldn’t understand what he was feeling. Now that he had the stupid man in his possession, he felt really mad. He had even more hunger for revenge. He just wanted to kill the rest by the snap of his finger but it wasn’t gonna be as easy as that. He needed to take things slowly.

He was deep in thought when suddenly, he felt himself bump into something. He quickly moved his eyes and just met with Gabriel’s piercing eyes. Looking into those eyes again, Miguel felt really weak. His past hit him so hard that he suddenly started breathing harshly, clenching his fists.

“Are you okay?” Gabriel asked, getting close to him. He had no idea why Miguel acted the way he did when he got close to him. “Is there anything wrong?”

Miguel chuckled but with a stern look. “It’s funny, you know.” He said with the most serious voice Gabriel had ever heard from him. “You love someone, give them everything and they just betray you without thinking about it. How can someone be so heartless and ungrateful?”

With those words, he moved to the other side and rushed to the elevator. He was filled with so much emotion that he felt like he might make a mistake if he decided to be there.

Meanwhile, Gabriel remained standing there as Miguel’s words haunted his very soul. His entire world came crushing to the ground as his eyes watered. His heart sounded like a washing machine, pounding in his chest like it wanted to be free. He slowly moved his hand to his chest, feeling like he was being constricted.

“How can someone be so heartless and ungrateful?”

“God!” He breathed in deeply, feeling really scared. “Why does every day of my life feel like I am getting closer to paying for what I did to you? If I could turn back time, I’d definitely change some decisions that I made in my life.”

He shook his head and went straight to the small bar at the far end, feeling like he wanted to drink something, something that would knock him out. He was having so many headaches and he just wanted them to go away.

Reaching the bar, he took a bottle of his favorite whisky and poured a whole glassful of it and without even thinking about it, he took it all in one swing. Then he started pouring another before a hand quickly grabbed the glass.

He slowly moved his eyes to the person and sighed…

“May I have my glass, please?” He said in a rude tone.

“Really?” Jack barked, staring at his husband like he was doing something abominable. “This is what you’re resorting to now? Wow!” He laughed.

Gabriel wasn’t in any mood for arguments. “Jack, please, I am not in any mood for arguments. Can I have my glass, please?”

“No!” Jack shook his head. “You are not getting this glass. In fact, you’re going to talk to me right now because I have no idea what’s going on with you. You have totally changed. You don’t listen to me. You don’t speak to me like you should and for the last two days, you haven’t slept in our room. What the hell is wrong with you?”

Gabriel sighed, hitting the bottle so hard on the counter that it broke. Then he furiously started going away towards the staircase. If Jack wasn’t gonna give him any chance or rather peace to drink then he was gonna make use of the wine dispenser in his room.

“I am talking to you.” Jack glowered, furiously throwing the glass on the floor. It broke to pieces. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing? Gabriel!”

But Gabriel wasn’t even talking to him. He just kept on going till he reached the stairs and started rushing up. He was starting to feel the effects of the glass he had taken because it had been long he had drank like that.

“Gabriel, for fuck’s sake…”

Jack followed upstairs because he wasn’t done with his husband. He just couldn’t understand why everything was falling apart and he wasn’t gonna let that happen.

“What’s going on?” One of the maids that had been watching the entire drama asked, her eyes gaping.

“I have no idea.” Another one answered. “But this has been going on since that day at the party. I think Sir Gabriel has just had it with Sir Jack.”

“Who wouldn’t?” She laughed mockingly. “That man is a demon and I wonder how Sir Gabriel has been keeping up with him. I am enjoying the drama if you ask me.”

“It’s called karma.” Alicia answered, staring at the stairs that the couple had been Avrupa Yakası Escort rushing a few seconds back. “When you steal something that doesn’t belong to you, it will fall apart. I know that Jack is paying for his sins, for betraying Angelo.”

She was happy because Gabriel had finally grown some balls to tell Jack what he felt. He deserved everything that he got.


Miguel was walking slowly towards the garden, feeling his heart racing. He was staring at Gabriel who seemed lost, staring at the statue and the fountain. He had a small glass of what looked to be whisky but he seemed really bothered. Of course, he had to be bothered because his house was now on fire and he deserved it. His relationship was crushing and he was gonna see it burn to the ground.

Taking a deep breath, he rushed to him.

“I am sorry.” He apologized.

Hearing Miguel’s voice, Gabriel quickly moved his eyes up and almost lost his breath.

Miguel was standing there looking really lovely. He was wearing a really tight designer’s skin jean which showed off his wonderful feminine shape just like… Angelo, the name that gave Gabriel nightmares during daytime.

He was just putting on a vest and black sandals but he looked like an angel, especially with his striking red hair. His eyes, oh those eyes, Gabriel felt tears building in eyes when he looked at them. They seemed to be telling him something, they were crying to him. And his pink lips, his gorgeous lips, Gabriel licked his lips because he wanted to kiss them, to feel them.

Shit! Was he actually thinking that or was it the whisky talking, he thought as he sighed.

“For what, Miguel?”

“The way I spoke to you.” He sighed. He didn’t want Gabriel to suspect anything. “I was just really angry and I shouldn’t have vented out my anger on you. I am sorry.”

He quickly turned to leave but got the surprise of his life when he felt Gabriel quickly grip his arm and pulling him back with such force. The next thing he felt was Gabriel’s body closer to him and his whisky breath on his face.

Miguel felt like something had just crawled up his skin. All the memories, everything that had happened between him and Gabriel in the past hit him like a tornado at the same time. He got really weak but to his surprise, he was just standing there like a statue without even moving an inch. He couldn’t even blink.


“Why Miguel?” Gabriel was feeling really weak and helpless. “Why are you doing this to me?”

“What are you talking about?” He slightly closed his eyes as he felt Gabriel’s hand moving to his waist, giving him powerful vibrations. “Please, I have something I was doing before I came here.”

“Why Miguel?” He was slowly moving to Miguel’s neck, dying to kiss there. He was just so damn crazy at that time. His hormones were preying on him and he felt his cock responding. He wanted Miguel. “Why do you look so much like him?”

Miguel wanted to open his mouth but when he felt Gabriel kiss his neck, he got shocked. He felt like needles were piercing him all over his body.

“I can’t sleep…” He kissed him on the cheek closer to the lips. “…I can’t eat. I can’t even fucking think about anything because you always pop up in my mind.”

Miguel was starting to feel sick because of Gabriel’s closeness. He angrily released himself, standing at a distance and breathing like a predator was chasing him.

“I can see that liquor is starting to get to you.”

“No! You’re starting to get to me.” Gabriel literally yelled. “I think I am starting to fall in love with you, Miguel.”

“Can you hear yourself?” Miguel laughed, starting to fight off his tears. “You are falling in love with me? You’re a married man and you barely know me.”

“I don’t fucking care.” Gabriel angrily gripped his hair. “I don’t give a fuck about my marriage or how long I have known you. It doesn’t matter.”

“Well, it matters to me.” A war was going on in his heart. “I don’t care what you feel for me because I don’t feel it. It’s better if you concentrate on your marriage.”

With those words, he furiously turned and started walking away with a stern look on his face. Gabriel’s confession had taken him back to the first time the guy had proposed to him. He had been using the same words on him.

“You’re really making things easier for me, Gabriel.” He thought, an evil grin appearing on his face. “You’re gonna regret your decision. And Jack…” He chirped, shaking his head. “…get ready for the storm because you haven’t seen anything yet.”

He walked as fast as he could away from Gabriel. Seeing Miguel leave, Gabriel furiously thrust his hand, throwing everything on the small table to the ground. He was breathing harshly with his fists clenched. What was he really feeling for Miguel, he thought as he felt tears building in his eyes? It was getting stronger and stronger. He couldn’t control it.


“You’ve had to suffer for something you didn’t even deserve.” Miguel thought as a tear went down his Avrupa Yakası Escort Bayan cheeks. “For so long now you’ve been crying for judgement. There’s a lot of injustice that you went through, things that you shouldn’t have gone through.

Miguel was seated on the staircase near the living room with Angelo’s picture in his hand. He was slowly passing his hand on his beautiful picture, wishing he could wear that face even just for a day. But it was impossible. They had destroyed it the day they’d brutally raped him and killed him which was still embedded in his mind even at that very moment.

“It won’t be long now.” He chuckled as more tears fell to his cheeks. “You’ll get the justice you deserve even if it will be the last thing I will do. I promise.”

He remembered how he had pleaded with Gabriel, how he had told him he loved him and how he had responded. It was the most painful thing ever. Even at that moment, he was so much in pain because deep down that pain and hatred, he couldn’t deny the fact that he had loved Gabriel so much only to be betrayed. And why did he feel weak at time, he thought as he cried even more? He didn’t need an answer to that question because he didn’t think he could bear the answer.

“You remind me of him.” He heard Gabriel’s voice suddenly behind, making him frozen.

Miguel was quiet. He felt his heart sink deep down as more pain got in him. Slowly clearing his face with his hands, he took a glance behind and found Gabriel standing there looking like he was in pain. He was wearing a dark blue short with a brown shirt with nothing on his feet.

Gabriel on the other hand felt really guilt when he saw Angelo’s picture in Miguel’s hand. It had been really long since he last saw that face and honestly, he didn’t care where Miguel had gotten the picture. All he wanted was to pour his heart out to him.

Rubbing his hands through his hair, he slowly sat on the staircase, close to Miguel.

“You remind me so much of Angelo.” He said, feeling a huge lump in his throat. “The way you walk, talk, smile, your body, your eyes, your lips, everything.” He was getting emotional but he got surprised when Miguel just stared at him without saying anything.

“You are almost him except the fact that you’re loving, kind and your personality is just to die for.” His heart was racing as he confessed to Miguel. “Ever since I had set my eyes on you, Angelo came back to me, in my dreams. It’s like he’s telling me something.”

Miguel couldn’t fight his tears. He got weak right there as the pain got worse. He felt a tear go down his cheeks and he couldn’t even bother to rub it.

“What about my friend, Gabriel?” He said in the weakest voice he’d ever spoken to anyone with. “What about Jack?”

Gabriel rubbed his face, sighing softly. “I don’t know what I feel for him, what I have been feeling. I always thought it was love but I think what Jack and I feel is nothing more than sexual desire for each other, an obsession.” He didn’t regret what he said. “Yeah, I will accept the fact that I married him but I don’t think it was out of love but just for… Sex.”

Miguel was getting weaker and he couldn’t afford to break down in front of his ex-husband.

“Jack is my friend, Gabriel.” He said, trying to gather his strength. “There is no way I am going to betray him. You two are married and are in love so what are you telling me?”

“What I feel?” He tried to touch Miguel’s shoulder but he shrugged it off, getting up.

Then with one look at his face, he started rushing upstairs without looking behind him. Gabriel didn’t even bother to follow him. He felt he needed some time to think and digest what he had confessed to him.

“I hope you understand me.” He sobbed softly. “I need my Angelo back in my life.”

He regretted ever betraying him. He was gonna live the rest of his life regretting. That was what he deserved for treating someone that loved him to death.


Gabriel was busy on his laptop, going through his emails to check if there was something important that he needed to go through, perhaps a business email. He hadn’t gone to work since the party because all that had been going on in the house was drama. Plus, he didn’t think he was in his right frame of mind to work. He just left it all to his workers since it was what he paid them for. The only thing he needed to attend to himself was a meeting and that was all.

He was seated in the room with only a towel and his dripping wet skin. He had been going through the emails before he decided to take a quick shower. Now he was back and just needed to dress up before starting some important work.

“You look sexy in the towel.” He suddenly heard a really sexy voice followed by a lustful moan.

He didn’t even need to raise his head to know that it was Jack that had entered his room. Taking a quick glance, he found Jack staring at him like he wanted to devour him. His hands were seductively rubbing on his chest while he bit his lips. He looked really horny.

He Escort Avrupa Yakası started cat walking to him, moving his hands up his body. Reaching him, he slipped his right leg between Gabriel, rubbing on his crotch. Gabriel sighed and continued what he was doing.

Jack knew on the other hand that he was gonna get his husband back. All he needed was to seduce him, give him some great sex, make him beg for it and he was gonna come back to his senses. No man had ever resisted his advances and Gabriel was no exception. Of course, Jack knew that Gabriel was so mad over heels in love whenever they had great sex and that was what he was gonna use.

Slowly going towards his head with his head, he took his husband’s ear and nipped on it, enjoying him moan a bit. He was gonna get what he wanted and that was gonna be it.

“Hmm…” Jack moaned, nipping harder. “I missed your sexy body.”

He slowly rubbed on Gabriel’s sexy chest seductively going down to his belly.

“I know you want me too, Gabriel. I am so horny.”

He started licking Gabriel’s ear as he felt his cock start pulsing inside, rubbing on his underwear. He couldn’t help but moan. His hole twitched so crazy that he felt like he was gonna die if he didn’t have that cock giving him crazy pleasure. Gabriel hadn’t touched him in days and he needed that at that very moment.

“I need you so bad.”

He started moving his hand faster and just when he was about to slip it inside the towel, he got the surprise of his life when Gabriel gripped his hand and removed. Then he looked at him sternly, shaking his head.

“I am not in the mood.”

Gabriel got up to go and dress up but got surprised when Jack quickly gripped the towel, pulling it off of him. Now he was standing there completely naked with a bare hairy ass and a flaccid cock. For some reason, what Jack did made his heart beat so fast and his temper to rise. He started breathing harshly as he clenched his fists but he didn’t even bother to turn because he didn’t want to look at Jack’s face for fear of what he was gonna say.

“Baby…” Jack came behind him, wrapping his arms tightly around him. Then he kissed his back as his hands found their way to Gabriel’s nipples, starting to play with them. “…I need you. I need to feel your strong arms wrapped around me while you make sweet crazy love to me. I wanna feel your cock deep inside me while your lips explore mine. I wanna scream your name like I am crazy and I wanna dance on that cock while I hear you moan my name out. Please, my love.”

Gabriel rolled his eyes and ripped his husband’s hands away from himself. Then he stood at a distance, turned and looked at Jack while he did his best to try and control himself.

“I am not in the mood. Maybe later.”

Jack’s anger came back instantly especially after staring at his husband’s cock. They hadn’t had sex in days and it was still flaccid despite him touching him seductively. He was really mad.

“What the fuck is wrong with you, Gabriel?” He snapped, breathing like a predator. “Why are you proving to be difficult? Is it a crime to ask my husband to make love to me? Isn’t it your duty to…”

“My body, my choice.” Gabriel said, raising his hands. “I don’t wanna argue with you, Jack. I already told you that I am not in the mood for sex with you. If you are feeling really high, why don’t you use your hands and jerk off or better still, use a dildo and leave me the hell alone?”

Ouch! Jack was hurt. His husband had just treated him like some whore and he couldn’t take it. He had had it with begging Gabriel and he needed answers. He was gonna get them there and then. He furiously got closer to his husband, staring at him.

“Who is he?” He asked, chuckling angrily.

Gabriel was confused. He looked at Jack before looking all around the room, trying to figure out what the fuck Jack was talking about.

“Who is who?”

“Who’s the bitch you’re screwing?” He yelled in Gabriel’s face. “You have never rejected my advances before, never. You always go instantly hard whenever I try anything with you. What’s…” He pointed to Gabriel’s cock. “…what the fuck is going on? How dare you cheat on me, Gabriel?” He warned, pointing right in his face. “Tell me, damn it!”

To say Jack was surprised would be an understatement. “Did you smoke weed this morning? Please!” He furiously put his hands together. “I know you like causing trouble in my life these days but please, get out of my room. I left your room so I can stay in peace.”

“You won’t have any peace, Gabriel!” Jack yelled, literally jumping. “You will never have any peace as long as…”

“Shut the fuck up!” Gabriel furiously gripped Jack’s arm and started pulling him towards the door.

“Get your hand off me.” Jack tried to get loose but his husband was just too powerful. “I am not done talking to you.”

“But I am done.”

Reaching the door, Gabriel threw Jack out of the room, locking the room behind him.

“Open this door!” Jack hit harder on the door. “Gabriel you idiot, open this door. I will not leave you alone, Gabriel, you’re my husband. Open this door.”

But all Gabriel did was turn back, dress up smartly, pick up his big headphones and play some loud music while he did his work. He couldn’t hear any noise from his annoying husband anymore.

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