Iron Cloud Night Ch. 02

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Big Tits

The door opens to one of the deluxe suites the Iron Cloud has to offer. With large round dark cushions arranged in several places of the room, there is a hot, steaming tub built into the center of the floor, framed with rugged rocks around. On the ceiling are luminous streaks of white and grey, resembling a calm, decorative cloudy sky, with a single larger bright moon-like orb right at the center of the ceiling.

Bruno and Ruciel walk into the suite, the man dropping off his pack next to Ruciel’s knapsack before he closes the door. Smiling brightly and his dick still at full hardness, Ruciel turns and gets in close to Bruno. The pot-bellied man chuckles as he unclasps the teenager’s silk shawl, and lets it drop to the floor.

Ruciel giggles as he unties Bruno’s tunic and let him shrug it off, “Mmffff,” Ruciel bits his lip as he sees that big hairy belly bob in the air, coming in close to rub that fat girth and then going up to feel those thick, manly bosoms.

“Heh heh, so you like larger men, eh?” Bruno grins as his hands rub and hold Ruciel’s sides.

“Hehehehehe,” Ruciel grins and grinds his boner against Bruno, “Let’s just say you don’t need a magic tool in my hole to cast a spell on me~” He says as he buttcheeks flex under his loincloth, his anus squeezing around that enchanted toy. At the pull and flex of his anus, the talisman gives a keen vibration.

“O-OOOOOH!” Ruciel squeals out as he feels a rush of the magic channel into his rigid dick and tenses his muscles under his flawless skin. His eyes give a very bright and luminous glimmer while his hair portrays dancing pink light while his skin tingles with a racing mana all around. He pants and grasps onto Bruno’s muscle-fat once the mystical pulse eased away, his nipples feeling a chilled sting while his balls tingle with boiling madness with his hands kneading Bruno’s massive gut.

“Hah hah, best be careful with that treasure in your pucker, boy.” Bruno chuckles as Ruciel moans and whines.

“Ahhhwaahhll…” The rush makes Ruciel dizzy, wobbling on his legs before he almost stumbles, caught safely by his suitor.

“Whoa, easy there. That ain’t no ordinary plug up your butt, as I already told you.”

“NnhhhhHHHhh!” Ruciel’s mind reels with the endless impulses and desires – it’s like the plug is reaching into his past, and forcing all the awkward and horny years of puberty back into him all at once! “Kiss me,” He pants, “I need your mouth, I need to kiss!”

“Hahaha, come here.” Bruno leans down and puckers his lips. While his own rugged hands caressed Ruceil’s cheeks, Ruciel’s hands desperately grasped onto the other’s head!

“MMLLM!” Ruciel groans loudly, as if he is drinking a gallon of water after wondering the desert for hours and hours. His thick, juicy lips lap and grapple with the hungry mouth of the larger man. Ruciel breathes harshly through his nose as he jams his tongue into Bruno’s mouth, almost as if he’s trying to vacuum his tongue into his own mouth.

As they make out, Ruciel reaches and grabs for Bruno’s shoulders, his leg kicking up and hitching onto Bruno’s hip. Bruno’s rough hand roams down and gropes one of those round, flawless buttcheeks.

“Mnnyyhhh” Ruciel moans out as his preheated buns feel the grope as amplified from the enchantment. They still feel they are bathing in invisible hot water, and it’s a wonder why he hasn’t ripped off his cloth and rode Bruno already.

“Hhhaaahhhh, you’re delicious…” Bruno whispered hotly before he moves his head down and started to nom on Ruciel’s neck. This time, his teeth begins to graze and comb onto Ruciel’s flesh.

“Aaahhhhh…” Ruciel gaps his mouth open with his eyes closed as he gets more turned on with the gruff lovebites. His hands grab and roam against Bruno’s manly body while the grooves his wide hips while his hand shoves and pulls at his thick pants. He takes a moment to step out of his trousers, showing a rather hefty tent in his red and white briefs – an unusual undergarment for this area.

A second later, Bruno huffs loudly as he flops down onto one of the larger amorphous cloud-like cushions. Ruciel giggles as he hops onto Bruno’s lap, his hands on those firm manboobs before he lowers down to kiss Bruno like a giddy schoolgirl.

Bruno laps and mouths onto Ruciel’s rather plump and soft lips as the tan twink puts his legs on either side of Bruno’s massive belly and cups the back of his head with his hands. While Ruciel clutches and makes out with Bruno, those manly hands go down and unfurls Ruciel’s silk loincloth. He loosens the elegant garb and pulls it way from those slender hips, making the horny teen nude save for the sleeves on his forearms.

“Huurrr, yeahhh,” Bruno growled before he shoves the boy off. Ruciel grunts as he’s almost knocked back to the side, onto his exposed behind before the fat stud is suddenly pinning those skinny wrists down and hovering his wobbling gut above Ruciel’s smooth body.

Unable to move his arms from Bruno’s grasp, Ruciel deneme bonusu veren siteler gasps before Bruno goes for the opposite side of Ruciel’s neck, going for another rough bite on the untouched portion, “A-AAhhhh~!” Ruciel moans and squirms under the huge bear of a man, his own dick oozing precum like a faucet while the moist summit of Bruno’s tent pokes at him. Bruno heatedly licks and gnaws onto Ruciel’s neck on either side, making the boy grin and squeal under him from the erotic and wet tickle of his appendage.

Bruno lays down, his huge tummy pressing down on Ruciel’s body like a thick, hairy, hot blanket. Those manly hands scoop under Ruciel’s head just as their lips glue together again. Ruciel moans and kisses sloppily back, almost lost and intoxicated by the haze of lust he is experiencing. He drives and writhes his body to rub his erect cock onto that wobble worthy gut as a means for attention, his arms wrapping and clutching onto Bruno’s broad back while his legs brush against Bruno’s big ass and thighs while the man kisses him passionately on top.

The plug unleashes another wave of sensual energy, “MmnnhhAAHHHH!” Ruciel moans out loud, breaking the kiss and almost humped hard into Bruno’s large stomach, his eyes flashing again with shimmering magenta vapor. His entire body feels hot and tingly, particularly his ass that is practically on fire, his nipples ringing with intensity, his lips becoming more famished and needy, his toes curling and his fingers grabbing onto the man’s back for dear life.

“Spank me…!” Ruciel pants.

“Heh, pardon, boy?”

“S-Spank me, please!” Ruciel whines, squirming like mad under the fat gentleman, “I can’t take it, I need it!”

“Mnhhggghh, good boy…” Bruno growls before he lifts up and off the teen. Ruciel almost scrambles upon the man. His dick almost sore from his perpetual erection, the twink lays himself across Bruno’s big lap, his beautiful bubble butt presenting itself once he was in position. Ruciel moans as his rear begs for attention – the plug is making his mounds unnaturally heated, like they’ve been positioned in front of a fireplace for too long.

“Mnnhhh Gods, boy…” Bruno fondles and roughly gropes either cheek, “You have a very generous backside.”

Before Ruciel could tell him to stop stalling after he turns his head, there comes a SLAP “A-AAH!” Ruciel jerks and yelps as a sudden explosion of pain snaps on his rump! “Oh yes!” SMACK! “AHHhhh!” BAM! “Yes!”

“Hahahahah, you loving this as much as I am?” SPANK!

“Gods YES!!” Ruciel moans out loud, his supple bottom wobbling thickly from each strike. SLAP! “AhhhHHH!” His hips strain upward, his rosy cheeks downright aching for the burning impact of the hard hits to his rump.

“Yeeess show me your wonderful mount, boy.” Bruno grins before he brings his hand down onto the right cheek. SMACK!

“AHH!” BAM! He gives a loud hit to the left mound, “Awwwhh!” SPANK! His ass gets struck in the middle, “By the Gods, please don’t stop!” Ruciel begs as his fingers lock onto a nearby pillow.


The room is filled with the sounds of Ruciel’s primal moaning and squealing paired with the vicious hand-to-ass contact. His ass throbs with the harsh burning sting across both cheeks, but such pain hurts so good he almost doesn’t want it to stop! He likes getting spanked in the past, but the talisman lodged in his anus is making him entirely addicted to getting his behind punished over and over again!

SMACK! “Yes, you love this, don’t you?” Bruno grins as his own hard-on digs into Ruciel’s bare belly, BAM!

“Ahhh! I do, yes I love it!” Ruciel moans out, feeling unbelievably horny while his ass cheeks feel tight with the pain.



“You know what, come here…” Bruno then pushes the boy up. He figured they should move on, what with Ruciel’s buns identically beet red from the spanking, “How about you suck my teats, boy?”

“Haaallmmm,” Ruciel didn’t even think twice before his head goes down onto Bruno’s manly chest.

“A-Ahhh, oh yes, mff!” Bruno jerks a little as Ruciel’s mouth glues onto his left chest. “Ffff-oooohhh…” Bruno huffs and squirms a bit, the front of his underpants wet with his precum, which is poking and rubbing into Ruciel’s butt. Rucie’s pillow lips push and pull onto Bruno’s particularly thick nipple, his free hand groping and rubbing around on that manboob as his teeth even grazing the areola.

“Mmmff fuck yes, boy…!” Bruno moans as his heavy hips roll and hump onto Ruciel’s naked bum. Ruciel releases that nipple with a wet pop before going for the other one, his mouth sucking on his opposite nub like a famished pig. Ruciel grinds himself firmly onto that massive belly, his own dick throbbing constantly as he sucks on either nipple, even stopping to kiss Bruno’s mouth while his fingers harshly pinching and squeezing Bruno’s nipples, as if to pump more precum out of that cock with those two thick triggers on his chest.

“Heh heh, I think it’s about time I get to make out with another part of you, boy.” Bruno growled before kissing Ruciel’s hot lips again.

“H-Huh?” Before he could do much, Ruciel is shoved backward, and landed on his naked backside. He observes as Bruno bends over and pulls down his own underwear. He practically starts drooling as he sees that huge, fat cock bob lazily in the air after the bear-like man strips down to naked.

“There. Now…” Bruno grins as he gets on his knees and lifts those fair legs of Ruciel’s “First things first, we need to clear the way…”

“Does… Mnnhhh, does that mean…”

“Can’t eat you out with something in the way, boy.” Bruno smirks before he moves Ruciel’s legs backward.

“A-Ahhhh” Ruciel moans as his slender body his pushed in such a manner were he’s curling back, his dick tickling his naval and his anus elevated slightly.

“Yep, the toy is at its limit.” Bruno notes as he sees the flickering crystal bud barely poking from Ruciel’s pucker, “It will need at least a few days to recharge for use again.”

“Hahahaha,” Ruciel chuckles breathlessly, as if he’s trying to sound nonchalant, and failing, “You mean it doesn’t just shoot magic orgasms all the time? H-Heh heh heh…”

“Hahah, would take a lot longer if it did.” Bruno says as he fingers pinch onto the gem shard and began to pull.

“H-HH!” Ruciel gasps out loud as his hands suddenly clasp onto the cushioned floor below him. His head shoves back as his body arches, “A-AaaaAAAHHH! OhhhHHHH!” He moans out loud as waves of heat and pleasure rattle his insides as his asshole opens around the metal plug, “NhhhYyyaaaaAHHH!” His cock curls with the intense erection just as the talisman pops gently from outside of his sphincter.

“A-Aaannnhhh… Ohhhhhhh…” Ruciel writhes slowly in the spherical bed, his entire butt still feeling as if it is bathing in rushing hot water.

“Hah hah, if that felt good,” Bruno says as he looks to the plug. The toy shines weakly as its light slowly fades away, yet with the metal and smooth gems perfectly clean, as if it was never used, “Imagine if I were to remove it before it ran out of power – you would have came right here.”

“Uhhnnnhhhh…” Ruciel moans with one hand on his slender stomach, and the other one resting aside, “You… You have anymore of those toys?”

“A few…” Bruno grins. He then takes the black-braided bracelet on his thick wrist and parted the magnetic latch. Thick bracelet then coiled from its round shape, the black leather braids spreading to reveal a blue fabric underneath until it starts to slither about Bruno’s hand like a snake.

“Wha… What’s that thing?” Ruciel asked, slightly nervous from his haze.

“Just a blessed binding from an amphithere shaman.” Bruno then takes Ruciel’s other wrist and put it towards the other. The lace-like bracelet then slithers around and forms a double loop around the teen’s wrists, with the metal latches meeting together at the end, and pulling Ruciel’s arms back.

“A-Ahh!” Ruciel yelps a little as his arms are pulled gently up by an invisible rope, keeping him laying down with his arms bound and levitating up.

“Don’t worry, it won’t bite.” Bruno grins as he pushes Ruciel’s legs back up. Ruciel blushes hard as he squirms lightly, his legs being moved backward even further than before, exposing rosy, delicate rear for the hungry alpha man. “… Hard.”

“Har…” Ruciel moaned just before Bruno goes down. “H-HHH! Ahhh!” Ruciel arches his body and moans out as he feels a hot and wet sliver slide up his anus. “Oh Gods, aaahhh! Mnnnnhhhh! Oh my Gods, aaaooohhh!”

Bruno buries his face right into that hot, smooth, flawless taint. His facial hair brushes and scrapes into Ruciel’s inner area while his rough hands stay planted onto those thighs to force them backward.

“Ooo! Nnnngghhh!” Ruciel bites his plump lower lip as he squirms with pleasure before his mouth gaps when Bruno’s invasive tongue presses on his hidden spot, “A-AAHHH!” That bearded chin pushes and polishes into that moist entrance as those lips squelch and passionately kiss into Ruciel’s anus.

“Mngghhh,” Bruno gives a broad lick into that crack, “You are delicious.” He growled before shoving his face back in there. His tongue licks and glues around that hot pucker before the tip of the tongue delves deep into it again, sliding in easily and making Ruciel moan out again,

“OOOH! Don’t stop, aaawwwooooh!” Ruciel groans out loud from the deep rimjob. His cock throbs with never-ending arousal, so much so his arms jerk and yank harshly so he can reach down and masturbate. He gasps and squeals in overwhelming bliss as his loosened sphincter is eaten and slurped. His balls are aflame with searing desire while his cock can only ooze more precum more and more onto his slender abs as his rear is devoured by the ravenous bear before him.

Bruno then backs up and sits on his knees before his hands grip onto those slender hips. “O-Oh…” Ruciel feels his body turn around and rest onto his front, the bindings around his wrist rotating as if they were attached to an invisible wheel pulley.

“Hhhhgggghhh yesss…” Bruno cups both of those bodacious buns and squeezed both of them hard, roaming his hands onto either cheek before spreading them wide.

“O-Ohhh!” Ruciel moans out again as his ass meets with that famished face again. Bruno’s tongue slides right into Ruciel’s hole and glides along the clean tunnel roof before sliding backwards and then rolling further in to taste Ruciel’s prostate once more. Ruciel continues to reel and writhe even as Bruno’s teeth graze painlessly across Ruciel’s opening “Awwwlllll… Ahhhhh, oh yeeeeess…”

“That’s right,” Bruno encourages as he wobbles that butt playfully, “Let me hear you, boy.”


“A-Aaahhh!” Ruciel jerks and moans out. SPANK! “Awwwooooh!” SPANK! SPANK!

“Heh, I think you’re well primed now.” Bruno says as he reaches for the nearby table and grabs a porcelain pitcher.

Ruciel flinches but moves his buttocks backward after he feels that massive cock push onto his crack. It’s HUGE. It’s also hot and wet with the man’s precum. And then those balls, he can feel those heavy baby-makers brush at the base of Ruciel’s bum when Bruno rears his manhood against his behind.

“You have any idea how essential my magic tool is with a piece of meat like mine?” He asks as he tips the spout of the vase over his dick.

“H-Hoh…” Ruciel whines wantonly as he looks over his shoulder when he feels the oil pour upon his starving ass on dribbling on Bruno’s dick.

“With a cock like mine, it’s hard to find someone who can take it without suffering the consequence.” Bruno generously pours the lube along his hung member and around in a circle to really get Ruciel’s heated rump wet.

“Mmnnnhhh… I’ve taken big… Before…” Ruciel says, his pucker practically twitching to get penetrated.

“I’m sure you have… You beautiful boy…” Bruno says as he starts to roll his thick hips to dry hump into Ruciel’s crevice, really getting the oil to drip and run into the anus.

“Hooohhhhhhh…” Ruciel comes close to squealing again as he feels that fat penis roam his divide in and again. The oil seeps into his hole as the monster pushes between his cheeks. “Mnngghhh, just put it in already.” He moans achingly, “I’m so horny I can ride you all night…”

“Heh, you got it, boy…” Bruno then lines the swollen mushroom head of his lubed cock along with Ruciel’s hungry anus, and start to push in.

“NnnhhhhnnnnNNNHH…” Ruciel’s fingers tighten into his fists still held up by the enchanted bracelet. His legs spread and his back arches as he elevates his rear as high as it can go. His whole body quivering as Bruno’s meat slowly forces in, spreading his hot, slippery tunnel around the fat dick.

“OHhhhhhhhh” Bruno moaned long as his shaft feels embraced and enveloped in that soft and moist sanctuary. Ruciel widens his legs and looks over his shoulder again as the man moves backward, and then pushes back in.

“A-AHHhh!” Ruciel gasps and moans loudly as his anus burns with the overwhelming thick mass invading his hole. Even with the effects of the buttplug still tingling his sphincter with its benevolent magic, it still hurts so good to have a hung stud jammed in his ass. “MmmMMMnnhh” He moans again from another slow thrust. “Ohh! … Oh! … Oh, oh, oh, mmhh, ahh, ohhh!”

“By the Gods, boy.” Bruno grins while looking down, seeing that widely spread entrance pull on that meat while it slides out, “Your hole is just squeezing my cock. It’s almost as if it wants me to stay.”

“H-Heh…” Ruciel shook with intensity with a shaky chuckle, “Almost? I want it inside me all the time…”

“Heh, ohhh, so that’s how it is, boy?” Bruno grins as he puts his hands on those slender hips and started to hump into Ruciel.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” Ruciel’s arms cling onto the big round bed below him as the sheer size forces a moan out of his mouth like a button inside. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! OH! OH! OH!”

“I can’t help but think there have been nights where this ass has been occupied from dusk to dawn.” His big orb-shaped belly wobbles and rubs onto Ruciel’s naked backside while his pelvis rolls back and forth, the teen below him involuntarily groaning again and again, “Or is it the other way around?”

“A-Aahhh~!” Ruciel whines before he feels that huge man hover just above him. The snake-like bondage moves down and drives his arms to the floor just as he feels that large blob of hairy gut press on his whole back before a thick hand covers his mouth, “M-MMmm!”

“Mmggh! Yeah! Uh! Take it, boy,” Bruno growls as he starts to shove his cock into that bubble butt.

“MM! MM! MM!” Ruciel yelps into that hand from the forceful dives that monster threw into his asshole. His eyes clench shut as he endures the enormous ramming he’s been craving. That huge member rams into him with hard bursts, really punching deep into his anus. It’s almost too much to take, but the oil and the residual magic is really helping. “MGM! MGM! MGM!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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