In Love with Justin Ch. 03

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Make love to me…it echoes in my mind and chills run through my body. Here I was, on my back in my dream guys bed with my hands around his neck kissing him as his huge cock pressed against my opening. My legs crossed around his back as my mouth hungrily sucked in his tongue, tasting his saliva made me even hotter. I stopped kissing him long enough to say “please baby make me yours”.

I felt the huge head pressing on my hole followed by a burning feeling as he entered me. I used dildos and fingers before but nothing compared to his cock. The burning increased as he pushed deeper, I glanced down between my convulsions to see that only about 2-3 inches were actually inside…this was going to be a long night.

I tried to push my body down on his cock, to no avail, I suddenly felt awful, how could my body not follow the desires of my heart. Would I be unable to please the man of my dreams? My emotions were running high and tears started coming from my eyes. Justin immediately held me close in his arms and told me it was ok, undoubtedly I wasn’t the first to be unable to take him. He held me and reassured me, I looked right in his eyes and told him I loved him.

He placed me back on the bed and told me to spread my legs, Etiler Escort I closed my eyes as he inched down towards my hole and I felt his shoulders move under my thighs as his mouth went to my pink hole. The sounds of his slurping and licking were nearly drowned out by my own moans. I pushed his face deep into my ass, my fingers wrapped in his dark hair as He ate me to an explosive orgasm, he somehow was able to place his mouth over my cock as I spewed my juices. He slowly moved up my body, licking me from my belly button to my neck to meet my lips. I thought we’d share a mouthful of my cum, but he had swallowed it all. He stared in my eyes and told me how delicious my pussy tasted. The use of the word “pussy” electrified me. Instead of meeting his lips with my own, I pushed his head back down and demanded “Eat my pussy”.

That word must have set something off because he ate my pussy so savagely while fingering me. Taking in this vision as I laid on my back was almost too much to take. When he shifted his mouth from my pussy to my toes while fingering me I felt my breathing get impossibly more rapid. He was able to take my foot all the way down to the ankle (I wear a size 8 in men’s) as his fingers spread Escort Etiler me. He alternated between my feet and put them both together licking my soles and mashing them into his face.

As I watched this my gaze trailed down his body to his amazing cock. It is so beautiful, it pointed upwards as it throbbed, it was even bigger then I remembered it. As he inhaled my feet I pulled them away from him, he looked surprised, I repeated my desire…”make love to me”.

I spread my legs and grabbed his cock and guided him into my pussy. The burning returned, so did the pain, but I was able to take it. He stopped pushing when he felt I couldn’t take it but I kept repeating “make love to me”. He placed my legs on his shoulders and pushed his monster in me…after a few strokes, and a lot of screams on my part, he was all the way in. I could never imagine being this full, the pain was completely gone, my eyes were fully open as I looked into Justin’s with a huge smile on my face.

He kept the pace slow, but could tell I wanted it harder. I was panting “fuck me baby, fuck my pink pussy with your huge thick dick”, my words had the desired effect as he was bucking against me harder and harder. I pulled his face Etiler Escort Bayan to mine and we made out like teenagers as his cock pounded me. I maintained eye contact (surprisingly) as I experienced unmitigated bliss. The sounds of his body slamming mine, his scent, his delicious mouth…as incredible as that was wasn’t even 1/10 as incredible as what my body felt. I was taking his cock all the way, unflinchingly, and wanted more. I felt his nails dig into my hips as he slammed my pussy. He pulled my body closer to the edge of the bed and positioned my legs in the “V” position with my body in its side. This was the position Michelle was in, the position she couldn’t take. Here I was taking it…all the way. He placed my foot in his mouth while holding my leg on his shoulder as his meaty cock continued to fuck me.

Instead of cries of “it’s too big” or “stop”, my mouth voiced what my body wanted. “Harder baby…fuck me with your huge cock, break me…break me…rip me open.”

All of a sudden time stopped, the universe was on pause as him and I had a moment for the ages. He exploded I like a geyser never slowing his tempo as he growled like the horse he was. My hand went to his bloated balls and squeezed every drop of cum there was. He came for at least a full minute and collapsed on top of me.

I held him in my arms smiling from ear to ear.


Really flattered by the comments, your comments fuel my story telling…and so were on the same page this is a true story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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