The Reunion

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Chapter 1

All the way from the airport to the hotel Carrie Evans couldn’t decide what it was that she expected, or wanted to happen on this vacation. The purpose was supposed to be just a reunion with some friends from college. But all week long she had been texting with her first real boyfriend from high school. It was just innocent flirting at first but with each passing text the conversation was becoming more and more explicit. Finally, she agreed to maybe meet Steve for lunch…just lunch nothing more she told herself. But each time that she pictured him there was a slow, deep carnal burn that grew inside her.

“This is just nonsense,” she said to herself as she closed the door to her hotel room. “I’m a grown woman, not some young hormone filled teenager anymore. Besides what would my children think if they knew that their mother was acting like some sex starved slut.”

This was a side of her that she had kept a closely guarded secret from them as they grew up. The only people who had known that this side of her existed were the two boys from her past. Even then it wasn’t until she had dated them for quite some time did she allow them to experience just how much she liked sex. The first boy she had always been able to stop before things got out of hand. The second boy Steve, well she finally succumbed and had given herself to him completely. When she married Dan she allowed herself to go where ever her body and mind took her. While she never regretted her experiences the few times she got even more carried away than even she thought possible had brought in to the world her three children.

Changing out of her travel clothes Carrie strode naked in to the bathroom and turned the shower on filling the room with steam. As she stepped into the shower the muscles in Carrie’s body began to loosen from the pent-up tension from not really knowing what it was she would do when she saw Steve the next afternoon.

As she began rubbing the soap over her body she closed her eyes. Letting the soap drop from her hands she began running her hands over her naked exposed flesh. As her hands caressed her breast her nipples became hard causing her to moan. Over and over her hands rubbed and squeezed her tits. Taking her nipples in her hands she began to pull on them and gently twisting them. Carrie could feel her hot wet pussy begging for attention. Letting go of one her tits she slid her hand down her taut flat stomach as she began to slide her fingers over her the swelling lips of her now very wet pussy.

Spreading her legs Carrie sank one of her fingers in to her dripping pussy bring the sweet nectar up to her hard stiff clit. Slowly circling her fingers around the hard swollen nub caused the tingling of the orgasm to come to envelope her body. Around and round she circled the hard stiff bud, teasing herself by not letting herself rub the aching flesh. Now moaning uncontrollably, she could no longer stop herself…her body was begging for the release that was growing deep inside. Pulling on one of her swollen, stiff nipples Carrie moaned as she glanced over at the mirror…seeing herself completely overcome by lust. Using two fingers she began to massage her swollen clit. Over and over her fingers furiously rubbed the swollen nub. Releasing her tit she plunged one, then two fingers into her pussy fucking herself over and over while continuing to rub her clit. She could feel the orgasm as it began to build somewhere deep within her cunt.

Sliding down in to the shower, no longer able to stand…she was now only aware of the intense feelings she was causing her body to feel. Faster and faster she fucked herself…faster and faster she stroked her clit…and then it hit. Her body suddenly froze as it was consumed by her orgasm.

Not even bothering to turn the water off, Carrie staggered to the bed and grabbed her rabbit out of her overnight bag. Spreading her legs wide she fucked her hot, wet, dripping pussy with the toy.

“Fuck me…ahhhh…shit…fuck me,” Carrie screamed. Turning the rabbit on Carrie could feel it as it started vibrating against her clit and churning in her hot wet hole. Carrie was beyond caring if she could be heard as her moans grew louder and louder, filling the room with the sounds that could only be made from a wet, dripping pussy as it was being fucked.

Then much too soon Carrie once again felt another orgasm building deep from within her. “Oh fuck…yes…oh god…yes…I’m coming,” she cried as she was once again overcome from the intense pleasure she was feeling. But at that very moment when she came it wasn’t Steve who she pictured pounding her wet, cock filled pussy. As her body slowly began to recover, Carrie was having a hard time grasping who it was that she had pictured in her mind.

Grabbing the comforter and wrapping it around her naked body Carrie began to smile. It wasn’t that she had a pictured the hot new intern at the hospital either, but rather Will Morris. She had first met Antalya Travesti him when they were still in high school. Will had sat behind her in one of their classes…well actually the only class that they had together. She remembered him suddenly talking about the difference between elite marching bands and drum corp. After they had both graduated high school they had become close friends, something that totally confused the circle of friends she had ran around with in school.

Stretching across the length of the bed Carrie untangled herself from the comforter and went back to the bathroom for a quick rinse. As she walked back in to the suite she decided that perhaps it would be fun to see if Will was in town and could possibly meet her for lunch. How she would ever find out where he was staying she had no idea, but the thought of seeing him made her smile. There had been one night that they had found themselves driving in the country and becoming closer than just friends. From that moment on whenever they were together, even though no mention was made of what had happened, there was an unspoken bond between them.

After getting dressed Carrie turned her laptop on to see if Will perhaps still lived in town. Searching though proved fruitless as there seemed to be no listings for him or even his parents. Sighing, she closed her laptop and decided to go for a walk along the path adjacent to the hotel’s grounds.

Stopping at the concierge’s desk she asked about which of the paths would be best for an easy walk and if either of them perhaps led to any pubs. The concierge quickly informed her that indeed there was one path that would lead her to the most inexpensive but amazing pub that the locals regularly visited. Smiling she thanked him for his assistance and turned to walk through the lobby to the path.

Lost in her thoughts as she strode through the lobby she accidentally ran right into somebody. Looking up and getting ready to apologize she suddenly found herself looking right in to a pair eyes that filled her with warmth. It was Will.

“Will,” she exclaimed, “I was just thinking about you.” Little did he know just what I was thinking as she smiled still not believing that Will was now standing in front of her. It was also then that she realized that he had his arms wrapped around her. Taking advantage of their situation Carrie wrapped her arms around him and returned the hug noting how right it felt with his arms around her.

“I was just getting ready to go for a walk and then go to get a bite to eat,” she said. Noting that Will was carrying his luggage, “Would you like to go with me after you check in, that’s if you aren’t here with somebody,” she asked hoping that he had come to the reunion alone.

Will could not believe his luck. On the airplane he had fallen asleep and thought about the people he might get to reconnect with at the reunion. But one person kept returning to his stream of consciousness, and now here that stunning vision stood before him. Of all the people that he had wanted to see it was Carrie who he most wanted to spend time with. Looking down into her eyes memories of their times together rushed back to his mind. Releasing her from his grasp it was only then that he could speak.

“Nothing would please me more than to go to lunch with you. Let me check-in and take my luggage up to the room.” Walking to the front desk he went about filling out the necessary paperwork, received the keycard to his suite and turned to walk across the lobby to the elevators. It was then that he noticed that not once had Carrie left his side since she had ran in to him. “Why don’t you ride the elevator with me to my room, that way you can give me an idea where you were thinking about doing lunch,” he said as a smile broke out across his face. Sure he could have simply asked Carrie to wait for him in the lobby, but now that he had found her he didn’t want her to be away from his side while they were in town.

Stepping off the elevator Carrie and Will walked down the hall talking to each other as if no time had passed. Reaching the suite Will slid the keycard in to the lock and opened the door allowing Carrie to enter the room first as he entered behind her letting the door slowly click closed behind them. Will had requested a suite with a living room and the bedroom separate, he was happy to see that indeed the hotel had been able to accommodate his request.

“Would you mind terribly if I hopped in the shower really quick to rinse off from the plane ride, and then we could go where ever it is that you were wanting to eat. In the mean time why don’t you help yourself to something from the bar.” Turning towards the bedroom he made his way to the bathroom. Setting his luggage on top of the bed he quickly retrieved his shower needs and went in to the rather large mirrored bathroom.

As he stripped to get in to the shower he once again began to smile, he was just so happy that he had found Carrie. Konya Travesti This was made all the better when he realized that since he had bumped in to her in the lobby it meant that she too was staying at the hotel.

As the room began to fill with steam from the shower Will stepped in to the warmth of water feeling his tight, stiff muscles relax. As he began to wash the grimy feeling from his body his cock began to swell as he thought about Carrie. Taking his hardening cock in his hand he slowly began to stroke it up and down. With every stroke he could feel it swelling, growing even harder. As his hand glided over his wet hard hot throbbing shaft he pictured Carrie naked, dropping to her knees and taking his cock deep in to her hot wet mouth. Over and over his hand glided over the length of his hard cock, with each stroke he could feel his balls swelling. In his mind he pictured Carrie looking up at him, gazing deep in to his eyes as she licked his swollen cock head while taking his rapidly swelling balls in to her hand. With each slow delicious stroke he could feel the cum building, causing his cock to become even more sensitive. No longer able to stand the intense pleasure that was now coursing through his body he began to stroke his cock faster and faster. Leaning back against the wall of the shower Will now began to stroke his hot, throbbing cock even faster…it was then that he sensed he wasn’t alone. Looking over towards the door of the bathroom he saw Carrie…a deliciously naked Carrie, with her legs spread wide, rapidly fucking her pussy as she watched him stroking his cock.

Stepping out of the still running shower, Will continued to furiously masturbate. Looking deep into each others eyes and then back at the other’s equally busy hands, neither one said anything. Rather they each knew this was something that they wanted, to see the other one cum. It was then that Will could no longer hold off his orgasm…over and over his hot cum shot from his swollen cock covering Carrie’s glistening body. As the first rope of his hot sticky cum landed on her, Carrie shook as her orgasm overtook her. Spent from their orgasms Carrie and Will dropped to their knees, embracing each other as they began to kiss each other passionately.

As their tongues danced within each other, Will picked Carrie up and carried her to the bed. Breaking their kiss Will gently laid Carrie on the bed. Kissing his way down her body he spread her quivering legs and began to run his fingers up and down the swollen lips of her hot, wet, dripping pussy.

Carrie began to moan as Will’s fingers stroked the length of her swollen lips. Spreading her legs even wider…”Eat me…ahhh…please…mmm…I need you,” she moaned.

Slowly, Will made his way between her out stretched legs reveling in the sight of her. He had longed for this very moment and now that it was finally here after all these years he wanted her even more then he had dared imagine. Spreading her swollen lips with his fingers, Will slowly run his hot wet tongue over her exposed flesh, tasting her hot sweet nectar for the first time. Over and over he gently licked her wet slit, circling her swollen clit each time. Taking her ass into his hands, Will raised her hips and buried his face between her legs, sucking her clit deep into his mouth and running his tongue over and over her swollen, sensitive clit.

Every time Will’s tongued stroked her clit Carrie could feel her orgasm rapidly growing stronger. “Ahh…fuck yes…mmm…yes lick me…suck my fucking pussy,” Carrie moaned.

Even though he had just cum Will’s cock was slowly growing from the moans Carrie made as he licked and gently sucked her swollen nub. As her juices flowed from her hot, wet pussy Will’s cock regained its’ firmness and had become even harder then before. Stopping his hot oral assault on Carries swollen nub Will, holding her quivering hips with one hand, took his swollen cock head and began to slowly stroke it up and down across her hot wet hole.

“Oh God, please fuck me…please just fuck me!” Carrie groaned feeling the swollen head of Will’s cock. “Mmmmm…yes that’s it…mmmm,” she moaned as she felt herself slowly opening as Will’s cock began to part her. With each gentle thrust of his hot, hard, swollen cock Carrie could feel each delicious inch entering her.

As his cock slowly sank deeper and deeper in to Carrie’s hot throbbing pussy, Will leaned forward parting Carrie’s lip, kissing her deeply, their tongues dancing in each others mouth as the two lovers became one. With his cock completely buried inside her, Will could feel each time Carrie’s pussy spasmed. Looking deep in to her eyes he slowly slid his cock out until only his swollen head remained in her hot wetness. Just as slowly, he began to slide his hot hard cock back deep inside causing Carrie to moan even more.

Feeling his cock now deeply inside her Carrie looked up at Will, “Fuck me, please just fuck me.” She wanted, İzmir Travesti no needed, to feel his cock fucking her hard, shooting his hot, sweet cum deep inside her. “Please…just fuck me,” she managed to groan as yet another orgasm suddenly swept over her hot sweaty body.

Taking each of her out stretched legs in his hands, Will draped one over each of his shoulders, opening her pussy to him even more. Will began to drive in and out, harder and harder, until only the sound of wet, hot flesh slamming against each other filled the room. Carrie was now groaning with each delicious hard thrust of Will’s cock as it drove her ever closer to cumming again. Just as quickly as Carrie’s orgasm was growing, Will’s own was growing. And then it was if all time stopped as the two lovers suddenly stopped. Looking at each other Carrie and Will could only stare at each other and moan as they felt the other begin to cum. Over and over, rope after rope of Will’s cum filled Carrie’s pussy as it tightened around his hard cock as their orgasms ripped through their entwined bodies.

As they slowly began to come down from the endorphins coursing through their bodies in post-orgasmic bliss an awkward silence filled the room. Neither one could quite believe what had just happened. Sure somewhere in their minds they had often wondered what would have happened had they actually had sex together, but now that it had they both knew that the dynamics of their relationship had changed.

Looking over at Carrie who seemed to be lost in her thoughts, Will gently pulled her close to him wrapping his arms around her. He smiled as he felt her body mold to his, bring them closer once again. His mind flashbacked to the night in the country when they had simply sat in his car; his arms around her as she had laid her head on his chest as they began to learn the desires of the other.

Instinctively Carrie laid her head on Will’s chest once again feeling the closeness that they had shared so many years ago that night in the country. This she thought feels so right, “I really have missed him,” she silently said in her mind. Snuggling even closer to him trying to recapture what she had felt when he was deep inside her, Carrie felt she could finally speak. “Will, you know after all these years I didn’t think I would ever see you again. I’m so glad that we ran into, okay that I ran into you in the lobby.”

Trailing her hand down his chest Carrie wrapped her hand around his now flaccid cock. Slowly stroking it she could feel it pulse under her soft touch, growing firmer with each stroke. “I tried to keep track of you through the years, but after I moved…well things got just a little strange.” Feeling his cock now having returned to it’s full hardness Carrie began to plant a trail of kisses down his chest, across his flat stomach ending only as she opened her mouth and took his length deep inside.

“Oh my fucking God…yeah…mmmm…,” was the only thing Will could manage to croak out as he felt Carrie take him deeper and deeper in to her mouth. It was as if her mouth was made for his cock. Taking advantage of her pussy facing him Will slid one, then two fingers deep inside her while at the same time stroking her clit with his thumb. Having already cum twice, Will knew that it would take some time for him to shoot yet another load. Wanting to show Carrie just how deeply he cared for her he maneuvered her legs so that they were now sixty nining. Wrapping his arms around her hips he pulled her cum filled pussy to his mouth and took her clit once again back in to his mouth circling her hard flesh over and over again with his tongue.

As Carrie felt his tongue begin to circle her clit she moaned around the cock in her mouth. But as much as she loved the feeling of him orally pleasing her, she really wanted to feel his cock deep inside her once more. Releasing his throbbing cock from her mouth she escaped his grasp, turned and mounted him. As she felt him once again filling her pussy with his cock she stopped only when she felt his swollen balls against her ass. Keeping perfectly still Carrie took in the intense pleasure of being filled with his throbbing, hard, hot cock. Leaning forward, she placed her hands on his chest and began to slowly fuck herself on his cock. Up and down, over and over Carrie slid her dripping pussy on his cock, her juices and his cum dripping down her thighs as she gave into her carnal desire.

Taking advantage of Carrie leaning over his chest, Will took her breasts in his hands and began to gently pull on her swollen nipples. Rising slightly he took one of her swollen nipples in to his mouth, sucking on the hard stiff flesh as he rolled the other in between his fingers. With each gentle tug of her nipple Will could feel her pussy clamp tightly around his cock. Knowing that it was going to be a while before he was ready to cum again, Will laid back down and stared at the sight above him. For years he had dreamed of this very scenario, Carrie riding his hard cock and cumming repeatedly. Many times he had jerked off imagining what her wet pussy would feel like around his cock. Looking down his chest he could see the juices of her pussy dripping down his cock as she now rode him with lustful abandonment.

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