The Prostitute

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Josh walked slowly down the city sidewalk. It was late – one o’ clock or so. His heart was already racing somewhat, which didn’t surprise him. Josh had never done anything like this before. He had downed some vodka earlier to help him calm down, even though he wasn’t much of a drinker. Obviously it hadn’t worked too well anyway. But he was finally going to do it. He had made up his mind and now, the time had come.

He rounded the corner and saw them, about a dozen or so, all looking rather bored. Josh knew that whichever one of them he ended up with wouldn’t be bored for long, because he doubted that he was going to be the type that they usually dealt with. He saw that one of them was sitting alone, away from the others. She looked rather young to him. He figured she was about 22, yet she looked quite experienced in spite of her age. She was pretty small, but built quite nicely, which, Josh figured, must be one of the requirements for the job.

He decided he wouldn’t find anyone better, so he started heading in her direction. Josh was so nervous. He didn’t even know how he would begin, but there was no turning back for him now. He stopped a few feet away from her. She glanced at him briefly, then turned away again. Josh was shocked; he didn’t know a prostitute could be so beautiful. He wasn’t sure if this fact would make it all easier or harder.

“Well,” Josh thought, “here we go.” At last, he spoke, “How much?”

She was filing her nails. Without looking up she replied, “Depends. How much have you got?” Josh checked his wallet, “About 120.” She looked up finally. She seemed to be calculating in her head. “That could get you a pretty decent blowjob, with a Travesti few extras beforehand.”

Josh could already sense movement in his pants. “Uh… extras?”

She smiled at him. “I could introduce you to several of my body parts… if you get on my good side.” Josh felt very warm rather suddenly.

“Ok,” he managed. Without a word, she got up and began heading in the opposite direction. Josh’s feet seemed to be stuck to the ground. She turned around, “Coming?” He finally started to walk. They turned into the building they had been standing in front of and started climbing the stairs.

Josh’s mind continued to race, “Oh God, what am I doing here? I must be crazy.” Before he knew it, Josh was standing in a small hotel room, and the woman who had brought him there was sitting on the bed, taking off her shoes. It was all happening so fast. “Wait,” Josh said, “can’t we just talk a little first?”

The young woman looked rather surprised. “Interesting idea. What do you want to know?”

“Well… what’s your name?”

“Forget it, mister; names aren’t important here.”

“Well how old are you?”

“I’ll be 20 next month.” Josh’s mouth dropped open. “What about you, mister?”

“I’m… 31.”

“Ok, good for you. Do you want me to suck your dick, or what?”

Josh wanted nothing more than to have this beautiful young thing suck his dick, but there was still more to be said. He wondered what would be the best way to say it. “How often… have you done this?”

She laughed a little. “Wondering if I’m qualified? I’ve had sex 1428 times. How’s that for qualified?”

Josh sighed. The time had finally come to tell someone. “Well… the thing Ankara Travesti is… that’s 1428 times more than me.”

It took a few seconds to sink in. When it did, the girl said, “Wow. And you’ve got eleven years on me. Now that’s ironic.”

Josh was amazed how well she took it. He figured after 1428 men, nothing surprised her anymore. “Well we’ll have to change the plan then, won’t we?” she said with a smile. Josh’s heart skipped a beat.

“Come sit here,” she said. Josh sat down on the bed as she got to her feet. He couldn’t seem to keep his legs still. “Oh you poor thing. Try to relax, ok? I’ll take care of you.” She stood in front of him in an outfit that was barely legal to be worn in public. She stripped off all her clothes with Josh watching in awe. She turned around until she was facing him again. She held out her arms, displaying herself.

“You like?” she asked. Josh saw that she had so many wonderful curves. He found it difficult to think clearly at all.

“Yes. Of course. God you look amazing!” She knelt down in front of Josh and began opening his pants. Josh was burning with anticipation. The young prostitute found his cock and quickly put it in her mouth as if it were a melting Popsicle. It felt more wonderful than Josh could’ve imagined. Her well-trained tongue and lips were so very soft and smooth. Josh was glad that he had shot his load earlier that day so he would last longer now.

While continuing to lick his dick in long, slow strokes, she asked, “Ready now?”

“For what?”

In a whisper, she answered, “For… my… pussy?” Josh was sure his heart would break through his chest. He nodded his head to show that there İstanbul Travesti was no doubt. She helped Josh out of his clothes and onto the bed on his back. She straddled his legs and slowly guided his wet cock into her pussy. “Finally where it belongs,” she said smiling. She placed her hands on his chest and started riding him.

“Put you hands on my butt, sweetie,” she said breathing more quickly, “I know you want to.”

Josh wasn’t about to deny an invitation like that. He reached out and felt her soft, round buns as his penis pushed deep into her. He moved his hands up to feel her big, beautiful tits with their hard nipples. “I’m glad you’re finding your way around,” she responded. Josh wondered if it was all right if he were to cum inside her.

As if reading his mind, she said, “I want you to cum into me. We want to be sure that this fuck is legitimate after all.” Josh managed a laugh although he was breathing hard now. She was riding his dick faster and faster. He grabbed her ass and pulled her further into him as he came powerfully inside her. The young girl climbed off, opened her legs wide (giving Josh a great view), and began fingering herself quickly. Josh could tell that she loved to be watched, and he, of course, loved watching. Instinctively Josh milked his own dick while watching, causing the last of his cum to dribble out. After massaging her pussy for several minutes, the gorgeous young woman came at last, causing some of her own juice to drip from her.

“That was wonderful,” Josh exclaimed, “you can be sure I’m never going to forget this.”

“I won’t either; how could I forget my 1429th?” They both laughed.

“But really,” Josh said sincerely, “you were perfect the way you handled this, and I’m really thankful for that.”

“You’re welcome, mister. I’m glad you picked me.”

“Me too.” Josh left the hotel after paying and walked down that same sidewalk, a new man this time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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