The Past is New

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There is a girl from my past that has started to share racy photos with me. Not racy photos of herself, but great pictures and videos of other girls that are shaped like she is.

For some reason these pictures ignited a fire in me like I haven’t felt in a long time.

This girl used to be a co-worker. We had such desire in our feelings that you could sometimes feel it in the room. But we never did a thing. We never even discussed the feelings. I was married and so it stopped at feelings.

Fast forward and now she is married, but things are different. We are a little older and can speak a little more. The feelings still can’t be realized, but they are still there.

The more the photos came in, the more I was touching myself. I couldn’t help it.

Feelings that hadn’t been explored in a long time were waking up.

I let my friend know what she was doing to me.

I let her know that when she sent me the pictures and I got turned on that it wasn’t the pictures I saw, it was the things I wanted to do to the sender.

It was an incredible couple of days of her sending pictures and me sending suggestive texts back about the things I would like to do.

Then it kind of stopped. I knew that I had said the wrong thing and crossed a line. My friend was more important than the long range heavy flirting, so I apologized. I stepped back from my dirty texts.

The pictures kept coming. The incredible feelings kept cumming. I just didn’t tell the girl.

After a few weeks I couldn’t stand it I had to tell her my last fantasy about her.

And so I wrote:

“Over these last few months of quarantine, I’ve taken to wearing skirts while at home. There is nothing sexual about it and I never really thought about it. They are probably the most comfortable things I own. I’m home more, so I wear them more.

Again I’ve never thought anything sexual of it. Not until you came along that is. Now, when I’m sometimes wearing one specific skirt, I imagine you seeing me in my skirt. I imagine pulling it off and FUCKING you every way possible, and then pulling that same skirt up on to you to wear for the day.

Apparently the thought of this turned you on as much as it did me, because as soon as I mentioned it, the long term flirting turned into need. Into a desire.

We’ve now planned to meet up, and here’s what I see happening:

I get to the hotel first, as planned, and get dressed for you. I’m in a simple t-shirt and my stretchy skirt.

You arrive and you’re wearing exactly what I asked. A sundress that will allow Travesti me to touch all of you right away. You look as beautiful as ever.

After 20 years, it’s clear right away that our feelings are still there. We hug a long, extended hug. Nerves are popping and firing. Anxiety is everywhere. Sexual tension is palpable.

We try small talk, but it’s no use. There’s no point. There will be time for that later. We are here, now, to fuck.

I give up talking and kiss you, softly at first. My hands are in you hair. I’ve missed touching someone. The softness starts to give away as I squeeze your hair a little tighter, pull you back a little harder. Kisses are getting firmer.

The thought of being near you makes me hard. Imagine what actually kissing you is doing to me. I’m quickly standing firm on the front of my skirt and you just smile and tell me how sexy it looks as you start to rub me.

I kiss you again, harder, firmer and finally run my hand up your dress and press firmly, and squeeze on your your beautiful breasts as you moan. Mmmmm

I kiss you neck and continue to caress your fabulous breasts through your dress as I make my way behind you.

I can hot help but step back and admire you from behind, like I used to do so many years ago. I only admire for a moment though, as I hug you from behind and press my hips into your firm ass.

My hands work up to your shoulders as I kiss and nibble your neck, and finally I come to your zipper.

I unzip your dress as slowly as my nervous hands will go, and then slide my hands across your shoulders, causing the dress to fall to the floor.

There you are, facing away from me, incredible ass and wonderful curves on full display. I don’t know that I could want you more. I don’t know that I can get harder.

Then you turn, ever so slowly. I see the swell of your breasts from the side, rising and falling with your breath and excitement.

I see the curve of your belly as you caress over it, and know that it’s absolutely as sexy as I expected it to be.

You are now facing me, totally naked. Totally trusting, totally vulnerable, and you will be mine.

You’re so beautiful. I’ve waited so long to see you like this. I actually thought I would never see you like this, and your so much more beautiful than I imagined.

The curves, the movements, the confidence, and the eyes. It’s always the eyes with you. They were what first drew me to you. I’m standing in front you an incredibly sexy creature, and all I can do is stare at your eyes.

You smile, knowing Ankara Travesti that I’m stuck, and you kiss me. This time it’s you with the need and the desire in the kiss. You lean into me with all you’ve got and squeeze my chest so bad that it hurts. (And I love when it hurts.)

You yank off my shirt and sink your hands into my chest hair. Kneading it, roughing it up. You lean in and kiss, then nibble on my nipples. Damn, how did you know what that does to me?

You stand in front of me, looking me right the eyes with that look that you have, and you slide my skirt down.

To stand in front of you naked, hard as a rock, and to not be ashamed of myself at all, is a feeling I can never describe.

I come back to you to kiss you, naked. Finally our skin touches, and the electricity is everywhere.

My dick slides right between your legs as we kiss, like it knows where it needs to me. We kiss, and caress, and grind, and bite, and mmmmm. Moan.

We’ve waited so long. The desire so intense, that there will be no foreplay today. Today we fuck.

You reach down, breaking our kiss, and take hold of me, stroking me.

“There’s a place that this needs to be, and right now.”

I lay you on your back on the bed. I so want to have my hands on your ass. I so much want to control you from behind, but that can wait. This started with the eyes.

I kiss you, hard, not pretending to be nice, and then stand tall over you. You’re so fucking hot.

I take one leg at straighten it up as I glide to you opening. I’ve got one hand around your ankle and the other holding your thigh as I stare you the eyes, the beautiful eyes, and slide all the way into you.

So deep. So full. I squeeze your thigh and lean in to kiss you, pushing myself a little deeper.

The hunger in your kiss is strong.

I pull out and slowly slide back into you, staring at your beautiful eyes, watching your head roll back as you smile and thrust up to meet me.

How do we fit so well already?

I keep pushing, pushing, fucking and you keep pushing back, thrusting back, fucking.

I’ve got both hands on your thigh now, squeezing it to me and holding tight as we are flat out fucking each other.

You’ve been sending me pictures of big asses for months. You know what turns us both on.

After just a few minutes you stop me with those eyes. You pull me in for a kiss. Softer, more sensual.

“It’s time baby.” you whisper into my ear as you bite it.

You roll over onto your knees and there is your big, wonderful ass. You İstanbul Travesti are welcoming me to it, and looking at me over your shoulder.

That ass. Those eyes.

I have to take a minute. I have to taste. I slid you open with my hands and I lean in and bite your ass. No playing. No tenderness. A bite, and then a hard squeeze as my mouth loosened up.

“Oh Godddd”. That’s what I wanted to hear. I kiss that spot and kiss down to lick thy beautiful asshole. “Mmmmmmm” I say as I slide my tongue in, sliding my fingers over your dripping slit, and landing on your clit. Feeling you shudder, I lick down to your slit, your dripping pussy, and take a big taste, rubbing your big clit the whole time. A little faster now.

“Fuck me. FUCK ME” is all I hear.

I climb behind you and slide deep, deep into your pussy. All the way in and we both just moan.

I know your fingers have replaced mine on your clit, and we settle into a nice rhythm.

Steady. Pumping. Pumping. Steady. Mmmmm. A grind around, you pushing as hard on me as I am on you.

You’re attacking your clit. Yessss.

I feel you lose the rhythm and I know you’re close, so I just keep pumping, keep fucking.

You tense up and freeze as you shudder through a wonderful, unexpected orgasm.

I let you enjoy it, but I can’t help but caress your beautiful ass.

After a minute I hear you laugh.

You still have me hard as a rock, so I pulled out a little, to see how you were feeling.

You leaned up, reached back and grabbed my face and kissed me, HARD.

“Fuck me, fill me”

You leaned back forward and I slammed into you pussy. Fucking.

Grabbing one ass cheek with both hands just to thrust harder. Driving. Drilling.

It feels like I can’t explain, like I can’t fathom. Looking at you, fucking you hard.

This wasn’t going to last long.

“Come on baby. So nice.”

I can feel it. I don’t want it to end, but I also totally want it to end.

“There it is.” As you feel me start to swell.

I can’t wait anymore. With a huge groan I explode into you, filling you with cum.

“Ohhhhhh. Mmmmmmm”

I keep thrusting. Keep cumming.

We finally slow down, exhausted, and collapse onto the bed. I turn you around so we are facing each other. We have sweat dripping off of us, we have the silliest grins on our faces, and all we can muster is a giggly, “man I love you.”

We lay there for a while, laughing and talking and kissing.

We decided to get up. I stood up and picked up my skirt and held it open for you to step in to. I slid it up and as expected, it fit perfectly. And you looked sexy as hell. And you liked it.

There you are, owning the skirt that I was wearing before we started. Damn.

I feel a stirring again. Mmmm

May have to be a round 2…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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