The Petting Zoo Pt. 01

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My wife, Diane and I have been married for seven years now and our sex life has been terrific but we both felt something was needed to re-spark it. We just didn’t know what.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Diane is hot. She is 30 slim at 110 and at 5’6″, is perfect as are her ass and her 38c tits. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes and keeps her pussy smooth.

By the way, my name is Rick and I am 32. I am 5’8″, 165, brown hair, hazel eyes and a 7″ cut cock.

Although we are not swingers or have fully swapped partners, we have indulged ourselves with friends, even before we were married, by playing “adult” board games.

On many occasions while playing the games, Diane had to go topless and make out with our friends. She even got to play with some of the male participants cocks during the games but that was as far as it went.

To say Diane is not a prude, is putting it mildly.

One night after we had sex, Diane asked me if I would be interested in expanding our sexual appetite. I asked her what did she have in mind.

She said that she heard of a private club called “The Petting Zoo” which was a couple of hours away and catered to couples who wanted to enjoy themselves and to relax with others.

Diane said her girlfriend, Cathy, who I knew, told her about the place. I told her it was ok with me but to get more details. She said she would ask Cathy and her hubby, Tom to come over for drinks Saturday night to tell us more.

Saturday came and the doorbell rang. Diane answered the door and in came Cathy and Tom. They brought us some wine and we all went into the den.

We had known Cathy and Tom for about seven years and were our neighbors when we bought the house next to theirs after Diane and I got married. We socialized with them and even played some adult board games with them, with the women going topless at times.

Cathy is in her mid thirties, about 5’7″, black hair, brown eyes, about 125 and nice tits and nipples.

Tom is also in his mid thirties, about 5’10”, 175, brown hair, brown eyes.

I did have the opportunity to see Cathy topless at one of our games and Tom got a look at Diane’s tits too. But that was as far as it went.

Diane poured the wine and brought out some pickens while we chatted.

I told our guests that Diane mentioned the Petting Zoo to me and I wanted to know more about the place.

Tom started out by saying the place is two hours away and it is a private club and couples have to be sponsored by a member to join. Tom also said that Travesti when they go to the club, they stay over at a local motel nearby and drive home the next day.

Cathy made sure to tell us that it wasn’t a sex club but people could participate with others in private rooms.

Tom continued by saying that the place had flat screen tv’s, gaming tables, poker tables, music, pool tables, a bar and a hot tub for six where people could enjoy themselves naked if they chose too, but it wasn’t mandatory.

Cathy just said that it was a nice place to go to be with friends to relax, sort of a clothing optional club, and private. She said that there are only about a dozen couples that are members. Cathy said that a membership is $250 for a year per couple and that we could go one time as a guest, for $50.

I looked at Diane and asked her if she would be interested in joining. Diane said she would like to go to see what it was like.

I asked Tom if he would sponsor us and he said he would be happy too. I asked him if he would make the arrangements for next Saturday. He said he would.

The rest of the evening was spent just chatting about different things and before we knew it, it was time to call it a night.

The next afternoon Tom called and said everything was set for next Saturday evening and that we would be there by 8:00 p.m. Tom said we would all go up together in one car. He also said he made reservations at the motel for us to stay over and leave the next morning. I told him it all sounded great and that we were looking forward to it.

During the week, Diane and I discussed the upcoming visit to the club. We talked about how far we would be going and what the parameters would be.

Diane asked me how far I would I would like her to go. I told her that she could do anything she wanted, as long as I was there with her.

She smiled at me and asked if that meant fucking. I told her if she wanted to fuck a guy, she could as long as I was there to watch.

Diane said the same went for me, if I wanted to fuck another woman, as well.

The rest of the week we kidded each other about visiting the club and what we thought or wanted to happen.

Friday night, while Diane was riding my cock and we were fucking, I told Diane that I would love to see her getting fucked by another guy. When I said that, she rode me like a wild animal until she had multiple orgasms.

When she finally came down to earth, I looked at her and smiled and asked her if that was what she wanted. Diane Konya Travesti looked at me and said she wanted to try it and if I was ok with it. I told her I was fine with her fucking a guy.

The next day we went through our regular routine and after dinner we waited for Tom and Cathy to pick us up.

Diane wore a mini skirt and a white blouse. She also had on a sexy black thong and matching bra with her nipples almost popping out.

Finally, our ride was here and off we went.

During the two hour ride, we discussed the evening’s activities I told everyone that playing a sexy board game to start off with sounded like fun as did Tom and Cathy, as well as Diane.

Tom pulled in front of the club around 7:30. We noticed several cars already there. We parked and went in.

Tom introduced us to the host and owner, Gino and his wife, Maria. I paid him the $50 and he showed us around and pointed out the specialty rooms. Music was playing in the background as we took our tour.

After about 15 minutes, Gino left us and we were on our own.

There must have been four couples already there who were playing various games. There was one youngish couple playing pool in the nude.

Tom found a table where the four of us could play an adult board game. We ordered drinks and set the rules, which were that anything went. We laughed and started the game.

Not before long, Diane and Cathy were topless. Tom and I were without our shirts. As we played, members would stop by and complimented the women.

Soon, Diane was down to her thong. More members paid her more compliments and Diane decided to stand up to give everyone a look, then sat back down.

The evening was going along great when Tom won a prize card in the game. The card read, “Take the woman opposite you, not your partner, and have sex with her. You have 15 minutes.”

Our table got quiet and we all looked at each other. Diane was opposite Tom, so she got up and asked Tom where. Tom looked at me and I nodded my ok. He then took Diane to a private room, entered and closed the door.

Fifteen minutes later, Diane and Tom returned. Diane was now naked and I could see some cum oozing from my wife’s cunt and I knew my wife got fucked.

The game continued and this time Cathy lost and the card for her read, “Take any man’s cock out, not your partner, and suck his cock in front of the rest of the players. You have 10 minutes.”

Cathy got up and moved to me. She pulled out my erect cock and slipped her mouth İzmir Travesti over it. As she was blowing me, I looked at Diane who was just smiling. In short order, I shot my load in Cathy’s mouth and she swallowed it all, got up and returned to her seat smiling.

By the time we finished the game, the four of us were naked and a little drunk. Some of the members came over and congratulated us on the game.

The rest of the night was spent getting to know some of the members and talking to them.

On more than one occasion, Diane slipped away for a few minutes with make members and came back smiling.

It was almost 3 a.m. when we left the club and headed to the motel. When we got there, Tom asked if we wanted our own room or wanted to join him and Cathy.

Diane and I looked at each other and I said that we would love to join them. Tom booked the room and the four of us went in.

It didn’t take long before the four of us were again naked. Tom immediately took Diane in his arms and kissed her. His big cock pressing against my wife’s body.

I took Cathy and pulled her to me, running my hands all over her. It didn’t take us long to get to the king sized bed.

All four of us laid on the bed. Our naked bodies touching each other as we played with the women.

I watched as Diane sucked Tom’s cock. She looked up at me and gave me a wink. By that time, I had mounted Tom’s wife and slid my cock into her cunt.

Soon, Tom had his cock deep into Diane’s cunt and started fucking my wife as we were side by side, fucking each others wife.

I watched Diane as she was fucking him back, meeting his thrusts. As he was about to cum, he pulled out his cock and shot his load all over Diane.

I then was ready to cum and Cathy told me to cum on her tits. I pulled my cock out, jerked it a couple of times and shot a huge load of hot cum on her lovely tits and nipples.

As I fell to the side, I saw Diane move over to Cathy who started lapping up my cum from Cathy’s tits.

Tom and I watched as the two women got lost in each others kisses and embraces.

It was the first time I ever saw my wife with another woman and it was terrific to see.

All through the night, the four of us played and fucked our wives.

It was late morning when we finally woke up and prepared to go home.

The trip home was great too. Cathy sat in the back with me and I received some oral satisfaction. Diane gave Tom a blow job while he was driving, as well.

I told Tom that Diane and I would join the club and would visit often and hoped they would join us. Cathy quickly said they would.

When we got home, Tom and Cathy came in our house and before they left, Diane and I gave them some incredible sex as our thank you.

Look for Part 2

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