The Package

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Big Tits

Chapter 1: Arrival

There was a loud knocking at the door. “I’m coming!” yelled a twenty-something blonde woman wet and wearing only a towel. She paused briefly to check that her breasts and lower half were all covered enough before opening the door.

On the other side was a happy middle aged delivery guy smiling as he held a long thin package and a clip board. “Good afternoon. I got a package for you,” he said holding out the foot and a half long and six inch wide and tall cardboard box.

The young woman took the package and looked at it. It didn’t have a name of who it was for, but it was her address. Then the guy held it his clipboard and a pen, “Please print and sign your name here.” Doing that while holding the towel up was easier said than done, but she managed to get it done before the cloth uncovered her and she quickly shut the door with her package before she slammed the door and let the towel fall over her arm.

She didn’t bother with the package after reading the return address and not recognizing the sender. It must be for one of my roommates she was thinking. Instead she threw it on the table and returned to the bathroom while drying her hair. Eventually she returned to her bedroom, dressed in her professional knee length skirt and simple blouse and left for work, never even giving the package a cursory glance.

It wasn’t until a slightly younger oriental-looking woman, with long straight raven black hair came back home from her morning job at a local coffee shop. She was much more curious and examined the package and shook it. It had something long with some heft that moved around inside but wasn’t heavy. She set the package back where she’d found it, but examined it twice more in the two hours until the last roommate arrived home.

“Hey Sarah,” said the slightly younger brunette. Unlike the other two she was not dressed for work because she was still attending a local community college.

“Hey, Julie,” the exotic woman responded. “Did you order something from,” she paused to read the package, “Richard Arrivals Product Enterprises?”

“No,” the brunette answered with some curiosity of her own. “Maybe it’s Gwen’s.”

“Maybe,” Sarah responded unsurely. “But it was already sitting here when I got back so she must have set it here without opening it.”

Julie came over after dropping her bag, picked up the package and gently rotated it, feeling the long object inside shift as it thudded gently inside the box from side to side. “What do you think it is?”

“A candle?” Sarah guessed.

“Maybe…” Julie agreed. “Let’s open it,” she suggested.

Sarah almost agreed, but then said, “Better wait until Gwen gets back, just to be sure.”

Julie set the long package back down and they each did their own thing for several hours. Julie went to her room to do some school work while Sarah watched TV then started making some dinner. It was ready just as their last roommate returned home.

“Hey guys,” said an exhausted Gwen coming home about ten hours after she’d left late this morning. “Something smells great.”

“I made some chicken and pasta,” said Sarah happy for the complement.

They were quickly joined by Julie who’s curiosity was more front and center. “Is this yours?” she asked grabbing the long package and gently tilting it to hear the dull thud as whatever was in it shifted to the other side.

“No, I figured it must be one of yours, but had to leave for work when I signed for it,” Gwen answered.

“I didn’t order anything,” Sarah told her. “Maybe it was a wrong address?” she suggested.

Julie looked at it again, “It’s to our address, but maybe someone just put the wrong address when they ordered it. There might be a packing slip inside that way we could find out who it belongs to?”

Gwen shrugged, “I guess.” She went over and started getting some food with Sarah while Julie got a pair of scissors and opened the mysterious package. She opened up the small cardboard flaps and peered in as the others came over and set their plates down on the table.

Julie’s face lost all its color as she just tossed the package away like it contained a snake that was trying to bite her. “What is it?” Sarah asked in concern as Gwen picked up the box.

Julie didn’t answer, but Gwen did. “It’s a dong,” she said simply and upended the package as a long rubbery flexible flesh colored dildo slid out onto the center of the table, but seemed unending. It was over a foot long and nearly the full length of the package, and about two and a half inches wide with a thick area around the middle.

By the time the other end slapped onto the table everyone was speechless until Sarah said in shock, “It a double dong!” and the all saw that both ends clearly had a round pointed end that both clearly resembled the head of a man’s penis.

“I know I was the last one to move in, but are you two…” Julie asked leaving her actual question of accusing her two slightly older roommates of a secret lesbian relationship unsaid.

“No Esenyurt Escort way!” Gwen immediately responded as if she was accused of a crime.

“I didn’t order it,” Sarah answered as well.

Julie took the empty box and shook it. “No packing slip, so I guess it’s ours now.”

The all just looked at it and at each other. “I’m gonna eat in my room,” Gwen stated, grabbed her plate and disappeared into her room.

Julie and Sarah both started eating, but then left the table to eat in front of the TV instead. They all usually ate dinner together and talked about their day, but the surprise changed all that as it sat ignored, yet exposed on their kitchen table.

The young women then went about their nightly routine, all actively trying to ignore the giant sex toy laying out in the center of their apartment, but also unable to help but glance at it as they walked by.

Sarah went to bed first since she had to get up early to open at her coffee shop at five the next morning, followed by Julie who had a morning class. Gwen eventually came back out to watch some late night TV alone and restless, feeling like the almost two foot long latex dick was watching her as the late night shows turned raunchy with sex line ads in between.

She thought back and remembered her college days when her best friend had hit on her once after telling her she was bi. She’d turned her down rudely saying she wasn’t and pretty much lost her friend that day, but now couldn’t help think of the mechanics of how the two of them could share the long double ended dong. She wasn’t turned on looking at women, but now with this simple toy the thought of her once best friend feeding it into both her and her own pussies and then thrusting together to fuck each other was trapped in her brain. Even worse it was turning her on… a lot.

Gwen left the TV on and snuck to look down at the flesh colored plastic sex snake and tried to tell herself to just ignore it and go to bed, but now that she was horny she was kind of curious. She picked up the long soft device and realized it had some kind of a semi-rigid spine inside that was bendable to keep it in the shape you purposefully bent it to. She took it to the sink and ran it under some hot water and washed it from end to end with a little soap and her hands.

It been enough months since she’d dumped her last boyfriend that she enjoyed the feel of the fake dick in her hands as she cleaned it and imagined she was cleaning the real thing from an impossibly long guy and couldn’t help but squeeze and stoke it to tease it harder. Once she was sure it was all clean she dried it off with a hand towel and brought it back to the couch with her.

Now that it was nearing midnight the shows were far more likely to contain graphic sex and violence. Gwen flipped through the channels until she found something that looked promising and wasn’t disappointed. The medieval men and women of some fantastic land eventually had some young lord in bed with some lady and soon she was naked and his hands were caressing her breasts and between her legs. They didn’t show it directly, but that was good enough to suit her purpose.

She was only wearing a long night shirt and loose shorts now, so it was easy to slide the crotch to the side and begin rubbing her anxious clit with one hand while she brought the huge dildo to her lips to suck on. After being warmed under the hot water it almost felt real in her mouth and that made her pussy even wetter.

The scene on TV already had them fucking by the time Gwen brought the fake cock to meet her own pussy and was over soon afterwards, so she just shut it off. She was shrouded now in total darkness and the relatively quite city night, with only street lights coming in the windows, but she didn’t need light anymore. The phallus was thick and filled her nicely as she inched it in her sopping cunt which seemed to squish open loudly.

She just had to feel as much of it as she could take, and soon the thick middle was pushing up against her pussy and clit. That caused her to convulse as she began to rub the other end like she had a penis, churning the rest in her pussy and tickling her clit. Gwen tugged on the end and it bent up as it pushed down inside her, but soon she looked like she had a little erect cock of her own as she started stroking it up and down harder, shifting it similarly in her full pussy as well.

It took only a few minutes with her imagining herself being fucked by that hot guy on the TV when her womb shuddered and her vagina clamped down on the phallus within her, trying to milk it of its manly juices. She bit her lower lip to stop from shouting out and alerting her roommates to what she was doing as she churned and rode out her orgasm. She let it go and just threw her head back and let her pussy throb as it’s contraction slowly squeezed the giant cock out of her snatch. Once about four or five inches had slithered out the weight took over and quickly slapped out wetly onto the floor at İstanbul Escort her splayed feet.

After she came back to herself she collected the phallus and turned on a light again and washed the device all over again, erasing the evidence she had ever been so crass as to demean herself with such an obscene thing. When she was done she returned it to where she’d found it on the table and went to bed herself.

Chapter 2: Voyeur

Sarah was the first one up the next morning. She began her daily routine around four in the morning with a shower and then, dressed in just a bra and panties, ate some cereal while she watched the early news to see the weather. She spotted the dildo, but it looked different today, like someone had been bending it about. It had been several hours since Gwen had used it, so it was no longer warm or wet when she touched it, but Sarah examined it anyway.

She never told the others, but she was actually still a virgin. She’d been raised in a religious family, and while she knew both of her roommates had known a man, she used a couple of minutes to herself to imagine what it would be like to have this man-like thing go where her husband one day would. She’d always deflected questions about sex before, but had dated quite a lot, so the others never asked point blank. She’d said they weren’t worth sleeping with, because she was looking for the perfect man to be her husband forever, not just a sexy boyfriend for a roll in the hay.

Sarah’s watch beeped and she set the dildo down and went back to her room to dress in her barista uniform and headed out the door. An few hours later Julie emerged from her room to visit the bathroom and begin her own daily routine. It was much like Sarah’s, but she just ate a breakfast bar as she hurried out the door, not wasting any time on the dildo, TV, or a real breakfast.

Just as Gwen was getting up today Julie came back home. They both knew today was a day Julie had a light schedule of classes, and she often came home early. Gwen greeted her wearing just bra and panties eating breakfast in front of the TV, much as Sarah had started her own day. “Hey,” Julie responded and grabbed a bowl of cereal of her own and joined her friend on the couch.

They discussed her class and their plans for the day for a bit before Gwen left to dress before heading out to her own job as a legal assistant. Julie now all alone at last barely let a second go by between her genial goodbye and snatching up the intriguing two headed imitation cock and running into her bedroom.

Her room was the smallest of the flat, but was also the one with the best view. Its windows looked out over the big city, mostly toward other building since it was the same view as the main living room they shared. She had often spied on others in their supposed midday privacy when she was home on days like today, having a small pair of cheap binoculars she’d swiped from one of her brothers when she was home on vacation.

Living up ten stories gave you a strange feeling of privacy that no one really thought about, since you couldn’t see anyone easily with the naked eye out your window, so people often left their window shades open to let in the light. Julie always did, and sometimes when she masturbated lately she often imagined someone was watching her and jerking off with her.

She grabbed up her looking device and scanned to find someone still at home while she got ready by taking all her clothes off. There was a few old people, mostly just watching TV, a few single mothers with their kids watching TV, lots of empty apartments with people off at work, then she hit jackpot; a young couple already banging away in their kitchen.

She knew them peripherally, having spied on them before. She didn’t know their real names, but figured they were newlyweds because they were constantly having sex at all hours of the day over the last few weeks. “Hello Mister and Misses Fucksalot,” she said with a smile as she grabbed the sex toy and laid it on her belly with the one end pointing at her between her small boobs and the other resting just above her pubic mound.

The young couple she was gazing at was a few floors down and across the street from her, so she had a good view as long as she used the binoculars. The guy had his wife standing, yet bent fully over their kitchen table and lustily banging away at small ass. He was naked and she was only wearing an apron, so more likely than not she had insinuated this coupling. They were usually a lot more dressed when he instigated it, and had ripped open her clothing on more than a few occasions that Julie had noticed.

Sometimes they did it three times a day, and she wondered what it would be like to be that sore inside. The most sex she’d had was a weekend with a guy at a spring fling last year. He’d been a great stud, even if she didn’t remember his name anymore, but after their first time he’d insisted on getting drunk leading to a less than spectacular performance the rest of the night. She’d Beylikdüzü Escort dumped him that same weekend, right after having morning sex which was great again. The guy wanted to take her to another bar, and she went with him, but home with another guy all together. That guy was alright, but nothing special, so she didn’t mind coming home the next day with just her memories.

Julie had already poked the tip of the giant cock into her snatch when the couple changed positions. The guy laid on his back on the floor and the woman straddled his waist and quickly began bouncing away. Julie curled the dong up inside her snatch and rapidly began thrusting it up to the central bulge with her one free hand.

It was a pretty decent substitute for a cock. It was a little cold, but soon warmed up inside her hot cunt and since she could control it, it started rubbing all the right spots and soon Julie actually started cuming before the newlyweds for a change. Her fluids flooded her pussy as she lost all control and fell back on her bed with her vagina spasming as it clutched and fluttered around the rubber phallus. When her breathing was back to normal she pulled the fake dick out of her sopping vagina and picked back up the binoculars out of curiosity. Seeing nothing she concluded they must have moved to the bedroom or finished, so Julie did the same went into the bathroom to clean up and took another shower.

Julie was just toweling off when she heard Sarah getting in. That’s when she realized to her horror she hadn’t put the big double-ended cock back on the table where it had been. She felt kind of guilty and embarrassed, but had been really horny lately since all her art classes were with nude models lately. She hurried back into her room while Sarah went to change out of her work clothes. Hurriedly she threw on some clothes before grabbing the dildo and running out to throw it back on the table. “I’m going out!” Julie yelled then left without waiting for Sarah to come back out of her room.

Chapter 3: Experimentation

Sarah was used to Julie being kind of weird and scatterbrained, but she’d held her breath when she saw the dildo missing from the middle of the table. She took her time changing because her crotch had gotten really wet and she was worried that she’d peed herself. When she came out in just a loose flowery dress after Julie left, the dildo was back on the table half glossy wet from where it had been inside the younger woman a short while before.

Her pussy surged again and soaked her fresh panties. “Damn it!” she cursed silently. Why was this making her so horny? She’d sometimes get really horny like this when one of her roommates came home smelling like salt and bragging how good a time they had on their date, or when she came home and found one of them home with a guy they were saying goodbye to. But she never got horny like that when she went out on dates of her own.

Then she gulped hard. Her parents had always told her she was a good girl, but that there were some people that needed help who were broken or sick in the head. Those people were criminals, murderers, rapists, crazy, or gay. What if she was ungodly and broken? She didn’t think she was attracted to girls, but what if she was? It was at that point she decided to see if using this thing could prove she was normal and desired a man.

Sarah gingerly picked up the squishy and half wet sex toy by the dry end and tried to imagine it belonging to one of her recent boyfriends. She stroked the end and it aroused her some, but then for some reason she touched the wet end and instead her brain made her imagine the end dangling down was the used cock of one of Julie’s boyfriends, freshly cum and covered in her sex juices.

“I just fucked your friend,” said the imaginary guy in a sexy Italian accent. “Suck it.” Then she pulled up the other end and put the wet tip to her lips. The feel of the rubbery phallus was tinted with salt, iron, and something slightly sour, but Sarah couldn’t stop herself. She stated sucking and cleaning the cock off of all the other girl’s fluids with her tongue and lips in desperation. It was like the gates to her sexual desires that she’d worked hard to keep closed were now battered open by adrenaline and she was now crazy with lust.

She released the other end of the dildo and reached under her short dress almost on instinct, pulled her already damp white panties to her knees, and began rubbing her tender electric spot just above her clitoris. Her vagina was leaking her fluids down her leg and soon she was desperately close to cuming.

“Need any help with that?” Gwen said and startled Sarah half out of her skin. Sarah screeched in surprise and promptly fell on her ass as she tripped since her legs had her panties twisting around her knees. The large double dong flew into the air, hit the ground, bounced, then rolled sideways toward Gwen, but stopped not even halfway to her by the front door. “Sorry! I didn’t mean to surprise you Sarah, but you didn’t hear me come in.”

Sarah grabbed her panties and pulled them up quickly before standing up and rubbing her rear end where she landed hard on the floor. “I guess I didn’t. It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have been doing that anyway,” she said more to convince herself of that than apologize.

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