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(Dedicated to my sweetheart Deni, and my precious Penny, who helped me to discover and appreciate my own sexuality. You both will always have a special place in my heart that no others can ever occupy.)

It was another beautiful early summer morning in this land ‘down under’ … in this wonderful picturesque land of Australia. When I first arrived here on ‘assignment’ for the corporation I was employed by in the United States, I was sure I would hate it. But now I knew I was going to ‘hate to leave it.’ And what was even worst, I knew the time to leave was closing in on me. I was scheduled to leave at the end of this week.

The sun was just coming up over the horizon as I got out of the shower and stood in front of the floor to ceiling length mirror in my bedroom. I had just finished drying myself and I was looking at my reflection in the mirror. There was a ‘battle’ going on in my thought processes as I struggled to separate the two distinct parts of my personality … the two ‘Dottie’s’ that lived within my soul; the ‘good Dottie’ and the ‘naughty Dottie.’ The ‘good Dottie’ was a responsible married and successful junior corporate executive. She was the part of me that always conformed to the normal dictates of society … that was raised in very strict Catholic surroundings.

The ‘naughty Dottie’ was a very highly sensual sexually alive part of me. The ‘naughty Dottie’ loved sex in all its forms, longed to feel a big man inside of her, loved multiple partners, loved to explore, to seek out new adventures and also loved to be touched and to touch another woman on occasion.

Right at this moment the ‘naughty Dottie’ part of my mind was speaking to me. “Go ahead Dottie,” I heard my mind say. “This is a special day. You know Penny is coming back from her vacation today. You know how much you want her. You know you don’t have much time left before you return to the United States. Go ahead … dress really sexy today!”

As I reached over to my little makeup table, I knew the ‘naughty Dottie’ part of me was beginning to prevail. I knew it as I applied my makeup with particular care making sure that my full lips were perfectly outlined. As I finished applying my makeup, I reached over to my chest of drawers and took out my special black leather bra that was still encased in its original package. I had bought this bra a month ago ‘on a whim’ I told myself at the time and yet, even at that time, ‘naughty Dottie’ knew better. I had very generous breasts in comparison to Penny’s breasts and today I wanted so much for Penny to really take notice of them.

“Funny,” I thought to myself, “how I always compare myself to Penny.”

Penny was a thirty year old beautiful blonde Aussie that didn’t look over twenty-one years old. Her hair was the color of golden wheat, a little less then shoulder length, and the way it flowed so freely about her head, it reminded me of a wheat field in the Midwestern United States so ready for harvesting with its stalks of wheat blowing softly in the autumn wind. But it was her figure that made me swallow hard with a loud ‘gulping sound’ … not once, but several times.

She looked as though she just stepped out of the centerfold of some upscale artistic nature magazine! It was easy to tell she spent a lot of time outdoors. Her complexion was lightly tanned as though it was a tan kind of ‘left over’ from the past summer. Her beautiful red lips reminded me of a doll I used to have as a child, so full and perfectly shaped. She was of medium height and had a very trim build with everything seemingly in the right place.

But it was her breasts and her buttocks that were the ‘main attraction.’ “No more than 32 B’s,” I thought to myself as I ‘ogled’ her breasts. But they are firm and filled out the simple cotton dress or tank top that she often wore. It was very obvious she didn’t need a bra … and it was equally obvious she very seldom if ever, wore one. The modest ‘points’ of her nipples protruding outward from the front of her dress top left no doubt of that. And she had an almost perfect smallish ‘ass’ that sort of billowed out slightly and then curved back inward in precise round mounds.

The more I thought of Penny standing here in front of the mirror, the more I could feel my arousal slightly awakening. After I got my bra on, I took a moment to look at it in the mirror. This particular bra had two cups, with sheer ‘see thru’ and embroidered tops with the solid material part of the cup ending just above my nipples. Even though I was very proud of my firm breasts this bra gave me a little extra lift and that too had the effect of putting me into a sexual frame of mind. I had very large nipples and this bra did little to hide that fact. “Penny will surely notice my breasts today,” I thought to myself and I felt even more excitement building up inside of me with this thought floating around in my mind.

This new ‘excitement’ instilled more daring within my inner being. I reached into the drawer bursa sınırsız escort again and this time retrieved my black leather crotchless peek a boo thongs. These too were still in their original package, just as they were when I bought them. As I stepped into the thongs and pulled them slowly up over my thighs I felt my ‘naughtiness’ and my excitement becoming even more intense. The thongs barely covered my vagina. I looked at myself in the mirror, seeing my massive pubic black hair billowing out on all sides and the plumpness of my outer vagina lips peeking out from the slit of the crotch part of the thongs. At this point in my dressing I could feel the wetness beginning between my legs. The feeling of ‘leather’ next to my skin was having its effect. “I look so fucking sexy,” I thought to myself as I looked at my image in the mirror. The more I looked, the more I could feel myself taking on a different ‘personality.’ As the moisture increased building up between my legs, I began to feel that familiar need for ‘release’ … a release that only sex could provide.

There wasn’t any longer any doubt in my mind … today the ‘naughty Dottie’ would prevail!!!

I put on a very tight fitting, flimsy short dress today. The straight skirt part ended high up on my thighs. I knew my thighs were much more muscular than Penny’s and I wanted Penny to notice that. After I slipped on my high heels, the pair with the four inch spiked heels, I again examined myself in the mirror. “Damn it Dottie,” I thought to myself, “you look fucking good baby.” I knew this was the ‘naughty Dottie’ part of my mind speaking to me and I didn’t care! I wanted to look especially pretty for Penny today … I wanted her … no; I ‘needed’ her to be attracted to me today!

“All I have to do is touch myself … just a slight manipulation of my clit and I would flood the room with my orgasm,” I thought to myself. But, I fought that urge! I didn’t want this state of mind I was in to pass. I didn’t want this ‘sexual urgency’ … this powerful need for sexual release that was flowing throughout my brain and body to go away. I wanted to ‘save’ myself for Penny. And yet, I wasn’t sure why!

“I’m ready,” I thought to myself as I left my apartment and walked to my car. “As ready as I will ever be,” I continued thinking to myself feeling the distinct courageous tremors of exhilaration flowing throughout my body.

As I drove across the bridge into downtown Hobart the sun was just coming up over the horizon, and its first rays were reflecting off the waters of the Bay and Constitution Dock. The boats were bobbing peacefully along the dock and for an instant I remembered that I had promised myself I would take a photograph of this place before I left Australia because it always reminded me of a painting … a concept that some talented artist had created in his mind. And yet, here it was right in front of me, in real life and in all its peaceful beauty.

I stopped my car in the parking lot of the Customs House across the street from Constitution Dock. At this time in the early morning, it was an ideal place to park since the only people moving about at this hour of the morning were the people that were somehow related to the workings around the dock and the boats. From here I could walk to the little gourmet coffee shop on the corner.

“Goodness,” I thought to myself, “why do I always get this almost unexplainable tinkling feeling throughout my inner core every time I approached this coffee shop.”

Almost instantly, my mind shifted to the person who had taken me to this gourmet coffee shop in the first place. “Penny” … my mind recalled ‘her’ name in silence! “Penny L.,” I thought again. I felt a recognizable surge of excitement running throughout my body which was the direct result of just having the thoughts of beautiful Penny bouncing around in my thought processes.

“Good Morning Dottie,” I heard the familiar voice of Delilah as I approached the take out coffee counter. “My, you’re really early this morning,” Delilah continued in that sweet Australian accent that always delighted me.

“Good morning to you too Delilah,” I answered her. Penny had introduced me to Delilah. She was the owner of the gourmet coffee shop and in the three months that I had been in Australia, I had never missed a work day morning without stopping here to get my morning coffee.

“Would you like the usual this morning Dottie,” Delilah asked.

“Yes, please Delilah,” I answered. “And oh, please make it ‘two’ caramel lattes this morning,” I continued.

Immediately Delilah’s head snapped around to look at me. “Oh two?” she said. “Now I know why you are so early this morning,” she continued. “Penny must be returning from her vacation … right?”

“Yes she is,” I answered Delilah, the excitement very apparent in the tone of my voice. I knew I was blushing because it always happened to me when I thought of Penny or even when bursa escort bayan her name was mentioned. For some strange reason, maybe just the ‘coy’ tone of voice coming from Delilah … or call it woman’s intuition … I felt Delilah knew something more about Penny and I than I ever dared to assume.

“Penny … beautiful, vibrant, Penny.” While Delilah was making my lattes, my mind was flashing back to the very first day I had met Penny. It was my first day in the office. I was sent here as a kind of advisor by the corporation I worked for in the United States. The company Penny was working for was merging resources with our corporation which meant both Penny’s company and the corporation in the United States would be in some kind of a limited partnership. Penny was the ‘liaison’ between her company and my corporation. Part of her ‘duties’ would be to submit ‘progressive’ reports on how the merger was progressing to both companies. But she would also be acting as my guide here around the office and would also act as my kind of ‘chaperone’ around and in Hobart, this beautiful little city in Australia.

For some reason, I always pictured a ‘chaperone’ to be an older person and yet here was this very beautiful young woman that would be acting as my chaperone.

The very first time I looked into Penny’s eyes … I knew this was going to be a relationship that would be different. Our eyes seemed to ‘lock’ on one another’s and they seemed to speak a language all their own. It was the strangest feeling I ever had. Her beautiful blue eyes were speaking to my hazel green eyes … and our lips were not moving at all!

The almost perfect ‘slope’ from Penny’s breasts to her tiny waist gave one the impression that she did a lot of upper body exercise. I found myself wishing I could put my hands on both sides of her waist … “just to reaffirm with my hands the ‘slenderness’ of what my eyes were seeing,” I thought to myself. It just seemed so damn inviting to do so! Her hips flared out just enough to give her the ‘finishing touches’ of a very feminine figure. The front of the dress she was wearing was flat against her tummy and curved inward from her ‘mons pubis’ to just between her legs as though anyone noticing couldn’t help but ‘imagine’ what lied in between those well formed thighs.

Her legs were shaped like those of an athlete … “a runner no doubt,” I thought silently in my mind. Well formed thighs that cascaded downward in perfect womanly curves to calves and ankles that seemed to be the work of a very talented sculpturer. Our initial ‘introduction’ only took a few minutes … yet over the next three months it was replayed in my mind over and over again as though a video recorder was stuck to the ‘replay’ mode. It was the first vision I saw in my awakening mind in the morning … and the last thing I thought of as I fell asleep at night.

As I walked back to my car, I thought of how I would surprise Penny this morning, greeting her with her ‘favorite flavor’ latte. I knew Penny would be at the office at six a.m. sharp. Both she and I had keys to the office but she almost always opened up the office for the day arriving three hours before anyone else. “Yes,” I thought to myself, “this was Penny’s first day back from a four week vacation. And I would be there a little earlier than her so I would be the very first one to see her.”

Penny was returning today from her trip to the outback. She and her husband loved to camp, to go out in the ‘outback’ … to ‘bush bash’ with her ‘four wheel’ vehicle as she said many times in her sweet … oh goodness, her so sweet Australian accent and that always made my heart skip a few beats at the first sound of her voice. I also knew this was the time of the year that Penny ‘strut her stuff’ (another one of her sweet Australian terms) along the beaches getting her dark early summer tan. She had shown me pictures of her ‘trip’ last year … and I couldn’t wait to see her in ‘newly’ tanned smooth skin.

I parked my car in the rear of the parking lot so Penny wouldn’t see it when she arrived. I wanted this to be a complete surprise. It was 5:30 a.m. as I let myself into the office. I sat down at my desk and began to think to myself in relation to Penny.

I was 39 nine years old. I, like Penny, was married. I felt much more mature then Penny having been in the tough corporate business world in the United States. My body was also much more mature than Penny’s. My 36C breasts were much larger than hers, and I wasn’t nearly as trim as Penny. But I was always told I was quite attractive and more than once I turned down ‘proposals’ by my ‘business’ associates to ‘grace’ their bed! I went to the gym often, tried to ‘work out’ as much as I could and was confident with myself. Yet … there was something about Penny’s innocent ‘persona’ that always made me feel uncomfortable … that made me feel like she somehow ‘knew’ I had more that the usual feelings about her.

Now nilüfer escort as I sat here at my desk, recalling and thinking back at my preparations this morning, I again felt my arousal building up. I knew my thinking and actions this morning were going to be governed by the aroused sexual state of mind I was in … and I didn’t care! I tried to think back to the first and last time I was with a woman. “Oh God Dottie,” I heard my mind telling me, “it was in college … and that seemed like almost an eternity ago.”

Her name was Deni … beautiful, wonderful Deni. She was almost perfect in very way. She had a perfectly structured face, high cheek bones, sensuous full lips, abundant dark hair that always seemed to be flowing in the wind. She had a petite frame, magnificent breasts and her tom-boyish characteristics captured a place in my heart that is, to this very day, reserved for only her. She taught me everything, how to appreciate nature on long hikes, how to cherish all life on earth in all its forms, how to ski which she did so effortlessly it seemed she, the snow, and the skis were one and the same. And … she taught me how to love her and make love to her which she returned tenfold!

Now, as I sat here for a minute, it seemed I was drifting back in time, back to my first time, back to the time when Deni and I were with each other in bed. The more my mind drifted backward, the more I swear I could remember and hear almost every spoken word.

I had known Deni for only two months at that time, and although I had seen her in bra and panties while we were dressing, I had never seen her naked … not until today. I was sharing a room on campus with Deni on a temporary basis during this period and was beginning to know her better each day. I was just beginning to appreciate and admire her ‘athleticism’ and her ‘excellence’ in everything she did when she invited me to spend the weekend with her at a ski chalet she had rented. She promised to give me ‘skiing’ lessons. I eagerly accepted and now we were here on the slopes. The sun had gone down, it was getting dark and we had just finished skiing for the day. We had gone to her rented chalet and each taken a shower separately. When I come out of the shower, Deni had two hot cups of chocolate and a sandwich made for each of us.

It was a very small one room chalet. An open kitchen with a small breakfast bar separated the bar from the sleeping area. It was while sitting at the breakfast bar, drinking my hot chocolate and eating my sandwich and making ‘small talk’ with Deni that I noticed for the first time there was only one smallish bed in the sleeping area.

I also noticed at the time that Deni had slipped on a very short silk robe that bordered on being transparent. The only thing that kept the robe from being completely transparent was the ‘strategically’ placed solid flower prints that covered her breasts and partly covered her vagina area. “God, she looks so sexy,” I remembered thinking to myself more in an ‘admiring’ frame of mind than an explicit ‘sexual’ sense. The robe Deni was wearing seemed to be saying to anyone looking at her, ‘see what you can and just imagine what is behind the flower prints.’ In a word … it was tantalizing!!!

I had put on a white terry cloth robe after my shower. “I should have brought something better,” I thought to myself after seeing Deni’s robe. However, at the time I had opted for comfort rather than appearance.

Deni was the first to get up from the breakfast bar. We had just finished our chocolate and sandwich and she put the cups in the sink. “We’ll leave these go until morning,” Deni said as she headed for the bed in the other part of the chalet.

I didn’t argue and followed Deni. Even though I had shared a bed with other girls in an emergency and felt a little comfort in remembering the times when I shared a bed with my sister at a younger age, I still felt uncomfortable with the ‘sleeping’ arrangements here in the chalet. After all, I had not known Deni that long and the thoughts of sharing a bed with her caused me a little uneasiness. Yet, I didn’t want to seem ‘unappreciative’ at accepting Deni’s invitation for the skiing lessons, and since Deni make it seem like the most natural thing to do, I decided not to embarrass myself by acting so apprehensive.

I got my overnight bag and put it on the chair by ‘my’ side of the bed. I purposely kept my eyes straight ahead as I walked to the chair but out of the corner of my eye I could see Deni take off her robe, linger for just a moment as though she ‘knew’ I was looking her, and then get into bed pulling the blanket up over her.

I had just opened my overnight bag when I heard Deni’s voice.

“What are you doing Dottie?” Deni said.

“Oh … ah, I’m getting my jamies,” I replied to Deni.

“Why?” Deni asked in a very low tone of voice.

“Why … why … why,” Deni’s question hit my brain like a ton of bricks. “How do you answer a question like that,” I thought to myself. I knew what that ‘why’ implied! Somewhere in the recesses of my mind I ‘knew’ what that question meant and yet I felt myself struggling to answer. I felt a little shiver go from the bottom of my feet to the top my head. “Easy Dottie,” I said to myself. “Deni is only another girl … just like you!”

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