Dancer’s Pleasure

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Female Ejaculation

I spent several summers with my grandparents in Montana and I used to hear conversations about my aunt who lived in the area. This story is based upon those conversations.

She had been known to have women visitors overnight. That was the rumor. But she was also seen to bring home the occasional man. They were never people from her own community or people her husband knew. Rather, she preferred the company of outsiders – people whom she met while traveling.

Her name was Sue. Her preferences waxed and waned, but she always showed the same face. She never pretended to be someone she was not. People knew this all too well. Her behavior was intriguing to some, disturbing to others. But she was pleased with herself.

Sue had just finished changing the oil in her truck. She knew she wasn’t supposed to dispose of it by dumping it in the yard, but she never knew where else to put. So she had dumped it in the grass and hoped she wasn’t doing too much damage to the ground water. “Oh well, everything is fucked up anyway. What difference does a bit more oil make?” she told herself. But she still felt badly.

She walked into her kitchen, opened the sink cabinet, fished out a bar of lava soap and began to wash the oil from her hands. As the rough soap rasped over her palms she thought about the coming weekend. There was going to be a dancing contest in Denver, with prize money. She couldn’t wait. Dancing was a favorite activity of hers. She loved the opportunity to meet new people from different tribes and old friends. Living alone was okay, but she still wished for company. The problem was, no one in her town was relationship material. Most of the people there were afraid of being involved with a married woman.

Sue grabbed her hanger with the plastic bag covering. She packed her truck, checked to make sure everything was in order, and then jumped in. In 5 hours she would be at the powwow. She took a swig of Coke, patted the dashboard and whispered words of encouragement to her vehicle before turning the key in the ignition. “Come on baby, you can do it.”

The truck made a deep noise, finally turned over, and rumbled down the dirt road to the sound of Deep Purple: “Smoke On The Water…” The tape droned on. She couldn’t change it because it was permanently stuck in the tape deck. She had grown to like it, although she didn’t know why.

After several hours of being on the road Sue finally arrived at her destination. She was going to stay at the same Days Inn motel she had always stayed at. Just in case she had put a pillow and blanket in her truck. If necessary she would sleep inside her vehicle. Nothing could keep her away from a good dance.

The dance was being held inside the Western National Arena, a large facility. It was packed with people that evening. Sue walked in wearing faded blue jeans, cowboy boots, and a long sleeved plaid shirt. She was tall and slim, with long dark hair. Despite her clothing she didn’t look particularly masculine. Her ample breasts and round ass gave her more than enough curves to work with.

She found the nearest bathroom and changed. The metal cones on her jingle dress clattered as she pulled it on. It was a rich natural elk skin with silver cones and colored ribbon. The ribbon provided a exciting color combination, it was eye-catching. She had a wide, black leather belt with silver conchos on it which she girded snugly around her slender waist. She always loved this belt. It had helped her to catch some tough male fancy dancers, and once or twice she picked up a very nice woman with it too. Maybe tonight it would bring her something nice, something better than a weekend fling. She chuckled as she considered the possibility of actually finding a long term partner. “Eh, not likely,” she thought. But she could always hope.

Out on the arena floor she scanned the crowd of dancers and onlookers. There were lots of dancers. But there were also lots of spectators. Her blood was particularly hot tonight. She was very excited about this evening.

The M.C. made his announcements and the drums started. Sue strutted and swayed over the polished floor, doing her best to look dignified while checking out the other dancers. She was a Plains Indian. Her people were actually from the northwest corner of Wyoming. She had made the jingle dress with some help from her mother and sister. The dress was a design that had been in her tribe for generations, very little was changed in the design of the dress. Learning and practicing the jingle dress dance was all part of the growing pan-Indian movement so it really didn’t matter where she was.

There was a nice looking grass dancer in the corner, colored yarn hanging around his muscular thighs in a most enticing way. In front of her was another jingle dancer, clothed in blue and yellow satin. She looked promising, but her steps weren’t so good. Nah. She knew she could dance better than most of the competition tonight, but others should arrive that could dance well.

She bursa escort danced well that night. She even managed to flirt with a few people. But it didn’t look as if she would find anyone. The M.C. called an intertribal dance. She walked back into the dance area as feathers, sequins, fringe and flash all filtered down the bleachers onto the floor. As everyone danced their way around the circle she decided that it was not a night to find someone to have dinner and a drink with. Some men had looked at her, but she wasn’t interested in them. They weren’t good dancers. She firmly believed there was a correlation between dancing and sex. Her own experiences had confirmed it for her: bad dancers = bad sex partners.

And then she saw another dancer, a swirl of color and energy. Sue stared at the woman with the purple shawl and orange fringe. My god, she was beautiful! She swirled and darted, a hypnotic piece of moving art. Her shawl arced and swooped as her feet barely touched the ground. This was the best dancer Sue had seen in a long time. She couldn’t resist staring at this display of grace. She jingled her way slowly through the others, approaching closer to the space occupied by the purple and orange butterfly goddess. The woman didn’t notice Sue. She seemed to be in a dance trance. No, thought Sue, she’s in ecstasy. Her concentrated look and unfocused eyes were a dead giveaway. She would be oblivious to Sue, and everyone else. Sue danced alongside her until the drums stopped. The purple and orange beauty halted, pushed a few stray hairs out of her face, and walked away from the floor, still in a daze.

“No way. She’s such a good dancer, with the moves of a willow. “She’s was also very beautiful.”

The purple and orange woman was slipping out the door. Sue jingled after her. “Hey, Purple And Orange! Where’s the fire? You were wonderful on the dance floor. Where are you from?”

Purple And Orange paused and looked over her shoulder. “Who wants to know?” she asked.

Sue walked over to her side. “I saw you dancing. You’re really good! I haven’t seen anything like that for a long time. Actually, I’m not sure I ever saw anything like that!”

The woman smiled. She was of medium height, slightly stocky, with light brown hair, coffee skin and greenish gray eyes. She had very nice round breasts, pushing tightly against the front of her dress. Her lips looked warm and moist as she said “Thank you. You’re not so bad yourself.”

So she had noticed! “I’ll be damned,” thought Sue.

The woman continued to head towards the exit.

“Hey, what’s your name?”


“Well, Mary, what are you doing tonight? You heading out for a night on the town? Know any good restaurants or clubs in Denver? Do you have a place to stay?”

Sue knew she was asking way too many questions. She looked like a guy on the make. Mary might not even like the company of another woman tonight. Although, even if she didn’t, it didn’t mean her mind couldn’t be changed. Sue had done that before. She smiled with satisfaction as she remembered the night she went out with female dancer in Houston…such a delicious memory!

Mary grinned. This woman was trying to hook up with her! She was sure of it! “Well, I don’t know. I came here with some people and we were going to hang out this evening, maybe have dinner and a few drinks. But I’m really not into drinking. Can’t be a good dancer if you’re drunk, you know?”

Sue knew the women was right, drinking is not good if you want to dance good. This was it. “I’m not much for drinking myself. How about we go out for dinner? I’m not from here. But maybe you know someplace good?” Sue pointed out her old truck and said “it doesn’t look like much, but it has gas and it does run.”

Mary smiled coyly. “Yeah, I know a good place to eat, great Mexican food. I think tonight might be a busy night, but we could go check it out. Of course, we would have to change first. It’s a casual dress place, nothing to formal.”

No problem, thought Sue.

Sue agreed to meet Mary outside in 15 minutes. She hurried into the bathroom to change back into her jeans. As she was pulling on her boots she remembered she had a cowboy hat in her truck. She would be in her element at the restaurant this evening.

She walked outside to her vehicle. As she crossed the gravel parking lot to her truck she could hear groups of people talking to each other about where they were going for the night. Everyone had plans. The truck door squeaked open. She tossed her dress and moccasins onto the passenger seat and grabbed her cowboy hat from the floor. It was a black hat with a silver concho on the front right side. She liked silver ornaments.

No sooner had she opened the door than Mary appeared, with her dress and dance moccasins in hand.

“Hey, I thought that was you. Listen, I think my ride has deserted me for the evening. I’m glad you have your truck and we can use it?”

Sue grinned. altıparmak escort She couldn’t have asked for a better dinner partner. “Sure! Hop in!”

As soon as Sue turned the ignition the engine roared and the Deep Purple tape blared. “Smoke On The Water!…”

“You like Deep Purple, huh?” chuckled Mary.

“This is what I listen to all the time. It’s stuck in the tape player. I drive for hours listening to it and I’ve heard it so many times that I could sing it in my sleep. You know, sometimes when he starts play, “Smoke On The Water” I actually begin to see what he is playing.

They both laughed.

Sue hand brushed Mary’s knee and it felt so good to have someone else to have dinner with tonight, especially someone as pretty as Mary. As she turned off the engine she ran her hand along Mary’s thigh, noting that Mary did nothing to stop her.

It was a large place, much nicer than Sue had anticipated. Sue was concerned about the price, she had a budget for the trip. She was hungry after the long drive and the evening of dancing. She ordered a soft drink as the two women looked the menu over, trying to decide what looked good. Sue was relieved to see the prices were not expensive, she would be able to stay within her budget.

The women stared to talk about dancing and their tribes. Mary was from Idaho and was carrying on a family tradition of jingle dancers. She had learned to dance from her mother and grandmother, both had been very good dancers when they were younger. They were soon talking about their families, kids and husbands. Sue’s husband never joined her at the dances, he seemed to have no interest in dancing. He would always stay home with the kids, work on the car and watch TV. Mary had a similar situation, her husband was a horse trainer, so he worked so many hours, he seemed to never have any interest in her dancing. He kids were old enough to take care of them selves, but she worried about their friends.

As they talked they discovered that they had many things in common, beyond their love of dancing. Both had made their own dance dress based on their tribes history. They laughed at Sue’s truck, but Mary said it was almost like theirs, in need of some work. They talked about having to pinch money so they could travel and dance, but they agreed that it was what they wanted to do. Both women felt very comfortable with each other and the conversation became slightly more personal and feminine. They stared to discuss their husbands and the lack of interest in their personal lives. Both women had a similar home life, their husband seemed to have his interest and her’s were not part of his concerns. Mary told Sue that she knew her husband had an affair with one of her friend’s at one time, but she didn’t think it was still going on. Sue expressed a similar experience, her husband had the average man’s eye, looking. She also knew that he had also had affairs but she had come to terms with it.

The food arrived after what seemed like a very long time. Both women ate with little conversation, possibly due to the dancing and they were hungry. The food was very good and the amount was more than adequate. Neither woman wanted desert, they had actually ate more than they normally would have.

They sat, continuing their previous conversation. Their hands touched and neither seemed anxious to remove her hand. Sue thought how wonderful it felt to just touch Mary’s hand, it made her feel warm and comfortable. They moved their hand into each other’s hand. Their hands moved to their sides, still in each other’s hand, but not on the table. Sue could feel her pulse increase, her mind was racing so fast, it was an experience that she now yearned for.

“Hey, listen. I don’t know if I’m up for a one night stand,” Mary said quietly. “I’ve had one before and I loved it. The problem is that I seemed to get attached. My heart’s been broken so many times by my husband that it looks like a jigsaw puzzle. I know we seem to hit it off so well, I am really very anxious about doing anything.”

Sue didn’t like one-nighters either. But given the choice between that and nothing, she preferred the former. She didn’t become attached to very many because she wouldn’t let herself. She knew she had to return to her husband, even if he didn’t have much interest in her. But here was someone who wanted more, or nothing at all. Sue felt there was something about this woman that she liked. She was willing to cross the social boundaries and experience something with this woman. She felt that she had arrived at a point in her life that she could handle this event.

“Hey, that’s fine. Look. I don’t like cheap thrills either, but a long time ago I decided I would never stray in my marriage, even if my husband did. But I realized that I do need more in my life than I was receiving. I want more, too. But I just haven’t found it yet. If it’s a relationship you want, I promise not to leave you alone in our relationship. görükle escort Maybe we could even get to know each other.” Sue smiled, trying her best to look friendly and convincing. She really meant it.

Mary sighed. “I can relate to what you are saying, all to well. I have such mixed emotions, but I also have this burning need that is not happening in my marriage.”

They both laughed.

As they exited the restaurant Sue said, “Got anyplace to stay? Have a room at the Day’s Inn, it is not bad and it has an extra bed. If you haven’t found a motel room yet you are more than welcome to share the room with me.

Mary smiled. “Yeah, actually I do need to find a motel, we went straight to the dance and didn’t stop to get a room.”

They went to the motel and opened the door. The room, towels, and bedding looked clean and neat, offering them a good night’s sleep. There were two queen beds in the room. They put their powwow gear on the small table and the dresser top. Sue sat down on the corner of the bed and clicked the remote control to see what was on TV.

“Hey, do you want to flip and see who gets the shower first?”

Sue laughed. She liked Mary’s humor?

“Uh, no, it’s okay. You can have the shower first, I don’t mind. I will watch TV a little and get my dance dress hung up. Sue had kicked off her boots and was now tracing her finger nervously over the design on one of them. “She felt something in her stomach, a desire that she was not that familiar with, but she didn’t want to turn back at this moment.

Sue could tell that the woman was upbeat and happy. Mary said, “it might be a good time to bathe. I’m going to take a shower. I’ll see you in a few.”

Inside the shower Mary thought about her situation. This woman wasn’t going to run away. No way. There was something different about Sue, she needed a companion, someone to share her feeling with. Obviously she was interested on some level, otherwise she wouldn’t have come this far. She allowed her mind to bring back memories of the woman dancing. The natural elk skin dress, its jingle cones in neat rows, seductive sways. Absentmindedly she began to rub her breasts as she remembered the movements of the woman’s hips and the way her breasts bounced around. She moved her hand between her legs and sighed as the warm water coursed over her body. Sue was a very nice woman, very attractive and seemed at ease as she talked. Mary wanted to finish herself off and masturbate in the shower, but decided against it. She had been ignored so much at home, she wondered if there was something unattractive about her. Mary shut off the water, dried herself and emerged from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body. She was still in a state of arousal, and wondered if Sue would notice. To her surprise, Sue was laying on the bed on her stomach in her panties and bra. Did this woman know what she wanted? Or was she just being naive? Whatever it was, she was a very nice person and she liked her.

Mary’s breasts were large and round. Her hips were wide and shapely. She had a small waist, and nice muscular legs. She laid on her side, propped on one elbow, the towel covering some of her body. Sue said “I didn’t think you’d ever come out of there. I was beginning to think you drowned.” She laughed and started to prepare to take her shower.

Sue took off her clothes, wrapped a towel around her. Then she has second thoughts about the towel, she threw her towel over her shoulder as she headed for the shower. “Like what you see?”

She knew she had a nice body. Tall and slender, like a race horse. But well endowed, too. She hoped she was Mary’s type. But if not, she had other ways to please.

Mary looked her up and down, not bothering to disguise her appraisal. Smiling, she beckoned to the bed again.

Sue lay down next to her and played with her hair. “You have nice eyes. Such an odd smoky green color. Very attractive.”

Mary didn’t say anything. She suddenly seemed distant. She allowed Sue to run her hands over her breasts and kiss her neck. But she didn’t move, didn’t try to reciprocate.

“Hey, if you don’t want to do this no one is forcing you. Earlier I thought you were all for it. But if you’re going to keep changing your mind then maybe I should just sleep on the floor.” Sue was becoming frustrated. Either someone beckons you to the bed or she doesn’t, she thought. She didn’t like games.

Arlene stared at her a few moments and then took a deep breath. “Sorry. It’s like I said, I don’t like one night stands. But I always fall into them for the sex. And this evening, uh, I think I overstepped my own boundaries. I haven’t… that is, I never… not that I don’t want to… I mean I’ve kissed some women but.. ” she didn’t finish her sentence, but she didn’t have to.

“You have never slept with a woman?” That would explain her behavior, thought Sue. Although it was surprising that Arlene had seemed so confident earlier.

“Well… no. I have come close a few times, had a few offers and messed around a little. But I never went through with it. It’s not that I don’t look at women, I do. But, and I know this sounds stupid, I always felt like it was something a girl was not supposed to do. I have recently had the urge to at least try it.

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