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Big Tits

Lisa laughed nervously as she held the dress in front of her. “Hey Ella, what about this one?” Ella shot her a look of death over her shoulder when she caught site of the hideous garment. “Do I look like a slut to you?”

“Well… If the dress fits.” She trailed off as Ella made a fake attempt to swat her.

Tomorrow was the reunion and neither of the girls had anything to wear yet. Shopping for days they were having no luck. Things were beginning to look desperate for both of them.

Forge High’s class of 92′ was celebrating its ten year reunion. Lisa and Ella were best friends and remained still to this day. So naturally when the invitations got mailed out they decided to go together. Neither woman had found that “special” someone.

“Ohh..oh.. I found it. Look at this one!” Ella whipped around holding in front of her what appeared to be road kill made into fabric. “You have got to be kidding, no way!” Lisa screeched as she started after Ella. Chasing each other through the department store, they stumbled into a clearance rack off to the side. “I am going to…” Lisa started but paused as she noticed the rack full of clothes. Ella glanced over shoulder.

“Wow, look at these Lisa they are perfect!” Ella picks out two, floor length gowns both similar in design but one was her favorite color, black, and the other was Lisa favorite color red. She gushed in excitement and clutched the dresses to her. “Here hold yours up to you. I think it is the right size.” Lisa examined the tag, size 6, should be perfect.

“What about yours is it the same size? Might need more room up top for that chest of yours.” Lisa laughed out loud. Ella swatted her, “Jealous?”

They were perfect for the event, Lisa mused. The design was a silky shoulder less halter top, with the front plunging low, and the back was completely exposed. The dresses were very sexy, yet formal enough for the occasion. They would defiantly turn heads tomorrow night.

Being friends for over ten years the girls were very comfortable with each other. However lately Lisa was beginning to wonder about Ella. She knew that Lisa was bisexual, and even preferred women to men, when Lisa decided to confide in her a month ago. The girls had always changed in front of each other, they even skinny dipped together on many occasions. But Lisa would never put their friendship in jeopardy. Telling her best friend was the most difficult yet fulfilling thing she had done. However, Ella’s modesty was growing by the day much to Lisa’s confusion. She had already decided that she was going to talk with Ella about this today. She didn’t want anything to ruin her friendship with her. Taking a gulp she looked at Ella. “Hey, is everything okay with you?”

Ella flashes her the winning smile and innocently asks, “Why do you ask Lis, of course I am okay.” Just then a sales associate breaks into thier conversation.

“Would you ladies like to try those on?” Ella turns immediately dodging the conversation. “Of course, thanks.”

The two girls follow the lady to the dressing room where she places them in neighboring rooms. The top is open to allow for conversation between the rooms. Lisa starts again, “Ella if there is something bothering you would you tell me?” There is quiet from the other room. The rustling of the dress stops and Lisa hears Ella clear her throat. “Well… I do have something that is on my mind.” Relief washes over Lisa as she excitedly asks, “What? You know you can tell me anything!!”

Lisa was nervous, but wanted to get this in the open. Ella began “Well… I don’t know how to say this Lis.”

“Say what?” a knot forming in her throat. Her only fear was losing Ella as a friend. bursa eve gelen escort Looking at herself in the mirror, the dress looked stunning. She slipped out into the hall and tapped on Ella’s door. “Do you have yours on?” Trying to lighten the mood.

“Yeah, it looks…amazing. Here come in.” Lisa hears the lock slide open. She pushes the door open and slides into the dressing room. The two girls stand side-by-side admiring each other in the mirror. Ella had two inches on her at 5’7 and her breasts were slightly fuller in a C cup than Lisa’s. But over all the girls maintained the same shape, each were about 110, but curvy. The only difference was the striking color of their hair. Ella sported a striking mane of golden blonde, surfers would be envious, while Lisa’s hair was a tawny auburn, in the light you could see ribbons of red running through her hair.

Each dress hugged its owner’s body perfectly. Glancing down at her feet to check the hemline Lisa catches a look in Ella’s eye. “So, what’s going on?” Lisa looks straight into the mirror catching Ella’s eye.

“Well” Ella begins, “I have been doing some thinking about what we talked about.”

Lisa interrupts, “Ella, you are being very vague with me, what’s bothering you!” Lisa turns to face her friend in the room, “Is this about me and being bi?”

Ella stammers slightly, ” NO, it is about me and my curiosity.” She drops her head in slight embarrassment. Lisa’s confusion is apparent on her face and Ella decides to continue. “I have always wondered what it would be like to be with a woman. The gentle softness of the body, slow caresses, sensual kissing… and when you confessed you had already experienced this, and I think I got a little jealous.” Ella’s description of lovemaking was turning Lisa on so she stepped back in the room, placing her back against the closed door.

“Oh Lis, don’t be mad at me, please. I didn’t mean to be jealous of you.”

“I’m not mad at you Ella. Thank you for telling me what’s wrong. I am going to go get changed, okay?” Lisa starts to turn to open the door and Ella reaches out to stop her. “You are mad.”

“No, just want to go” Ella is confused. “Have I upset you Lis?”

“No, its just the way you were talking was starting to turn me on Ella. And I don’t want anything to come between our friendship.” Ella reaches out and takes Lisa’s hand and places it on her breast. Lisa can feel the tightness of her nipple through the cloth.

“I don’t want anything to come between us either.” Lisa is stunned. Glancing at Ella she stammers, “But are you sure?” Ella reaches over and begins to play with Lisa’s breast through the thin material of the dress. Lisa feels her pussy get wet instantly.

“Lis, I trust you, so will you please shut up and touch me.”

Lisa doesn’t hesitate and reaches for Ella. She pulls her body against hers. She can feel the heat through the thin fabric of their dresses. Their thighs meet, their breasts brush together and Lisa feels her pussy moisten. Reaching up she pulls Ella’s head towards her.

Ella licks her lips.

“I have wanted to kiss you Lis, for so long.”

Lisa flicks Ella’s mouth with her tongue. “Really?”

Lisa leans in and presses her mouth against the softness. Ella lets out a moan. Lisa tickles the outside of her mouth with her tongue and Ella’s mouth opens eagerly. Gently probing her mouth with her tongue, Lisa feels Ella’s nipples tighten against her. Breaking Lisa leans in and presses her mouth against the softness. Ella lets out a moan. Lisa tickles the outside of her mouth with her tongue and Ella’s mouth opens eagerly. Gently probing her bursa escort mouth with her tongue, Lisa feels Ella’s nipples tighten against her. Breaking away from her, Lisa stands back to look at Ella. Her nipples are pressing against the dress for release, her skin is flush, her lips moist with their recent kiss.

“How was that Ella?” she asks tentatively.

Ella looks her in the eyes, “Wonderful, but…” Lisa brings her back into her embrace and runs her hand up the front of the dress, stopping to flick a nipple. Tracing up her neck to her jaw line, then stopping her finger in front of Ella’s mouth. “Shhh. don’t say anymore. Just enjoy.” Sliding her arm around her she keeps her close. With her other hand she slowly traces down the front of the dress, reaching the plunge in the neckline she slides her hand in and cups Ella’s breast. She takes her thumb and rubs it over the nipple, watching as Ella’s body starts to shake.

“Ohhh…Lisa. I am…” Ella gasps. Lisa unclasps the back of the dress and the top falls leaving Ella topless in front of her. She looks down at her breasts. “Ella, you have the most exquisite breasts. They are just the right size, and your nipples are perfect circles of sexy.” Lisa sighs as she fondles them.

Slowly bending over she brings her mouth down to the right breast and begins kissing the nipple gently. She feels Ella’s breath deepen, and takes her nipple into her mouth. She begins suckling on the nipple and feels Ella’s body shiver in response. Lisa slides her hand under the dress and up Ella’s inner thigh; gently reaching her pussy she strokes the dip between her thigh and her mound.

Lisa can feel the smooth bare pussy through the panties and can’t restrain anymore as she slips her fingers into Ella. Ella moans and looks down at Lisa.

“You are so wet.” Lisa gasps and begins sliding her fingers in and out of Ella’s tight pussy. “Oh, Lis, I am so turned on. I want to cum so bad.”

Ella throws her head back in ecstasy as Lisa finds the tight nub of her clit and begins rubbing it with her thumb while continuing to pump her pussy with her fingers.

“I am going to make you cum, like you never have before.” Lisa stands up.

“Turn around and slip out of that dress.”

Ella immediately obeys. Keeping her back to her Lisa runs her hand up the back of her thigh and over her ass. Ella is wearing a sexy black thong. She runs her hand under it and gently tugs it back. Ella moans as she feels the fabric pull tight against her clit in the front. “Oh my…” Ella throws her head back.

Lisa pulls the panties off and turns Ella around. She looks at her. “You might want to sit down, right there.” Pointing to the dressing room bench.

“Why?” Ella asks innocently.

Lisa kneels down and runs her hand back up Ella’s thigh until she reaches her pussy. It is puffy with need and Ella’s cream was beginning to run down her lips onto her thigh. Slowly Lisa licks the outside of her pussy, tasting Ella’s sweet juices. Ella gasps at Lisa and immediately sits.

Lisa crouches in front of Ella, “Good girl, now spread those legs for me, so I can lick your pussy till you cum.” Ella’s legs fall open.

“Please taste me…oh.” Ella moans as she reaches for Lisa breast. Lisa leans away. “Oh, no sweetie. You can have your fun in a few.”

Lisa starts slowly, licking the outer lips before dipping her tongue deep into the folds. Licking slowly to the clit, she brings it into her mouth and begins to suck. A gasp from Ella confirms her enjoyment. Then gently she begins to nibble on her engorged clit. Ella’s reaction is overwhelming when she looks down to Lisa, “Oh my god, görükle escort yes please bite my clit, I want you to bite me!” Lisa is floored, and starts to bite down on the button as Ella’s body begins to buck.

“Oh Lis… bite, I am going to cum…ahhhh!” Ella’s body pushes against Lisa mouth. Lisa taking her queue slips her fingers deep inside her pussy and begins stroking her. Within moments Lisa feels her pussy clenching her fingers as Ella’s orgasm overtakes her.

Sitting back on her heals, Lisa licks her lips as she taste Ella’s sweet cum. Without warning Ella is kneeling in front of her, cupping her head.

“That was so incredible Lisa.”

“I am glad you enjoyed your first time with a woman.” Lisa began, but was cut off as Ella kisses her. Ella licks at Lisa’s lips and slips her tongue into her mouth. Breaking away Lisa stammers “Ella you don’t have to…”

She places a finger over her lips, “Shh, I can taste my cum on your lips, believe me I want more.” Her eyes are wanton with desire as she slides her hand up Lisa thigh and to the edge of her pussy.

“Please, have a seat.” She gestures with her hand to the bench. Lisa moves to the bench and Ella is immediately between her legs. “I haven’t done this, so let me know if it is good, okay?”

She begins to stroke up her thigh and stops at her lips. Very carefully she begins to stroke the slit. Lisa leans back in pleasure as she feels Ella’s fingers slide into her wet folds. “Oh my Ella, yes please.” Her fingers have found her tight pussy and begin to pump, first one finger then Ella slides in two, then three. Pussy filled, her thumb begins to flick at her plump clit. Moans of pleasure slide out of Lisa as she arches her back. Using her dew dropped fingers Ella slides down farther to Lisa’s ass where she begins to gently flick. Lisa looks down, “Ella, you naughty girl, if I didn’t know better I would say you want to play with my ass.”

Ella dips her pinky in, “Would you like me too?” She begins probing deeper as Lisa’s breathing becomes erratic. “Oh yes, you don’t even have to answer, my dirty little slut.” A grin spreads over Ella’s face. Lisa’s body is shivering and pulsing in front of Ella.

Using her other hand to stimulate Lisa’s clit she begins pumping her fingers in and out of her pussy and ass. Watching Lisa arch her back and rub her breasts Ella begins to feel her pussy get wet again. Looking over Lisa’s body, her rounded breasts the nipples tight with excitement, down to her hips. Ella then glances down at Lisa’s wet pussy, Ella watches as she fingers her. Almost instantly Lisa cums as she feels her body pulse, and both tight holes clench down on her fingers. Ella feels the pulsing and reaches between her legs with her other hand and begins to play with her clit. Within a flash she is having an orgasam as her hand is locked in Lisa’s.

Leaning forward she pulls Lisa to her mouth and they kiss. Bodies pressed together the girls begin to become aware of their surroundings. A giggle escapes Lisa. “Oh, dear.”

Ella stands up and admires her flushed body in the mirror. Lisa stands pulling her against her. “Ella you are wonderful, but I don’t want this to ruin our friendship.”

Turning to face Lisa, she kisses her. A slow passionate kiss, their lips hot against each other. Ella’s hands are behind her head, holding her in the embrace. After a pause, she pulls away. “Lisa, I would say this brings our friendship to a new level. You have some teaching to do. I want to go back to your place and clean up, what do you say?”

A glint of desire crosses Lisa’s face, “I could defiantly use a shower, and so could you.” With that she spanks Ella’s ass. “Oh, yeah, we better pay for this first.” Lisa and Ella glance down at the crumpled mess of fabric.

Ella reaches over and flicks Lisa’s nipple. “I want more Lis.”

“We better hurry then.” Lisa stammers as she feels her pussy moisten again. “I will meet you at the register.” And she quickly scoots out of the room.

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